Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: A view into Killer (rated R)

I have been teasing people on Twitter all day with short lines from my three works. Fledgling (You can buy that), Killer (out hopefully in October), and my Work In Progress (slated for 2011 release).

Here are the first 1,000 words (about), for Killer: And like always, things may change, it's in rough draft, so enjoy warts and all.

The blood flowed like molasses away from the body. It laid across the back hallway, limp, lifeless, and headless. Swen shook his head. Vincent nudged the unattached head closer to the body.

“Sorry, man,” Vincent said, handing Swen a rag.

Swen took the rag with a sharp flick of his wrist. “If you were to spray this place down with luminol it would glow like a goddamn disco.”

“It was a slaughterhouse,” Vincent said. He shook the spray bottle.

“You're the slaughterhouse.” Swen blotted the blood on the wall. “Who was this?”


Swen motioned with his head toward the dead body. A dripping noise started at a slow rhythm, then sped up to a steady stream. The blood trickled down the grate.

“Small-time drug dealer.” Vincent fingered the bullet hole in his vest. “Asshole shot me.”

Swen grabbed the spray bottle. “I took care of the last one.”

“I know, I know.” Vincent stood up. “Don't worry, I'll get this place clean before the band shows. Where is the pressure washer?”

Swen pointed to the body. “Take care of that, first.”

Vincent walked over to a large grate set in the floor. The grate had been one of the original parts of the slaughterhouse. The cast iron was twisted into ornate shapes that were too fancy for its purpose. He pulled it out as easy as pulling out a drawer. He kicked the body down the hole, threw the head down, then replaced the grate.


Swen flung back his long braided ponytail and stood up. “Lorelei is gonna kill you.”

“He tried to kill me.”

“Like he could have.”

Lorelei came down the hallway, she stopped. She placed one hand on her hip and the other she pointed at Vincent. “What the hell?” Her finger hitting the air with each word.

“It was a drug dealer.”

Swen took out his pocket knife. “Oh, look, there is the bullet.” He used his knife to dig the bullet out the drywall.

“He shot you?” Lorelei came closer. She put her hands on Vincent's shoulder and turned him around. “You should change.”


“It ripped up your back.”


Swen slapped the bullet in Vincent's hand. “You better hold on to that.”


“Where should I tell Grady to look for this one?” Swen asked, motioning with his head to the grating.

“I don't know yet.” Vincent said.

“At least we can block this off,” Lorelei said. “We finally get a full house this season and you have to play guillotine.”

“It's not-”

She held up her hand. “Just change. I would throw that silk shirt out. It's ruined.”

Vincent ran upstairs and changed his clothes. When he got back down, he could hear Swen running the power washer. He walked into the main floor of the Burgundy Rathskeller and smiled.

All the tables that usually sat in the middle of the floor had been moved into the back store room. The only seating left for the night was the permanent booths along the walls. The candelabras had been moved up into the ceiling and secured. The place looked ready for the band.

Lorelei had her cell phone hooked between her shoulder and ear. Her red and blue hair matched the custom case on the phone. She laid a tray of clean glasses on the counter and started to line them up under the bar as she spoke.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

She stopped and reached for a pad of paper and a pencil. After taking down some notes, she motioned to Vincent with her thumbs up. She put her phone down. “We're sold out.”

“That's probably why that guy was hanging around,” Vincent said. He walked to the bar. “I went outside to make sure the parking spaces were saved for the bus, and he hits me up to buy some coke.”

“His first mistake was thinking you were a coke head,” Lorelei said.

She looked around the bar, moving a few items, then she disappeared behind the bar. Vincent glanced at the clock; the rest of the staff should be here soon. Lorelei popped back up. She leaned on the bar, flipping open a notebook.

“Could you take this list and make sure it's all in the lounge?” she asked. She ripped a piece of paper out of the notebook.

Vincent took the paper. It listed almost every type of alcohol they carried at the bar. He grabbed a cart from the back hallway and unlocked the liquor store room. The band had ordered the typical assortment of wines, whiskey, and vodka. Someone had requested hot pepper schnapps. He would have to give the cleaning crew a bonus after tonight.

As he loaded up the cart, the bar became quieter. He could hear Swen cursing and the sounds of a hose hitting the wall. Vincent had most of the bottles loaded when Swen walked by, pulling the power washer. He shook his finger at Vincent.

“No more bodies tonight, all right?”

“I can't promise,” Vincent said, but he flashed Swen a grin.

Swen snorted. He flung the hose over his shoulder and continued down the hall. Vincent double-checked the list, then left the store room.

In the lounge, Vincent pushed the cart of alcohol in as John sat down a platter of food. His dredlocks were back in a thick, short ponytail. He pushed up his glasses when Vincent entered. “Hey, you gonna help?”

Vincent held up the piece of paper. “Lorelei wants me to double-check.”

John chuckled. “Good, you got the booze.”

He pulled another platter of food out from the tall metal rack. He unwrapped it as Vincent loaded up the mini bar in the lounge.

“At least this band eats healthy,” John said.

Vincent glanced at the table. There were sandwiches, fruit, two platters of vegetables. He then looked at the list in his hand. “Except they drink shit.”

John took the list and then shook his head. “No taste.” He handed the list back.

“I'm missing the mixed drinks.”

“I'll get them,” Vincent said.

He went back out to the bar. Andi had just come in. She was wearing a t-shirt that had a single rose bud coming out of a pool of blood.

“Hey!” she said, smiling. Her ponytails glowed blue in the lights behind the bar.

“That is a nice shirt,” Vincent said.

“Janice let me borrow it.” Andi stuck out her chest. “She says it accents my tits.”

Vincent laughed. Andi pulled the shirt down. She shrugged. “I don't know about that, these get noticed no matter what I wear.”

“Those are why you get the tips.”

“And I thought it was due to my great personality.”


  1. Really enjoyed reading this. Flowed really nice and I dug when they threw the body down the hole.

    Great stuff!

  2. Enjoyed this a lot, too! You have an easy to read style and I'd love to read more :)