Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Exciting week and a tease!

I got a great review on Amazon:

And a wonderful interview here at Lexi Flint's Author Alcove:

I am also gearing up for my book signing at Seven Rays Bookstore in Syracuse on September 11. Their new address is 222 Walton St. Armory Square, Syracuse, NY.  Irish fest will be going on the other side of downtown, so you could stop in, say hi, then go have some great Irish food.

On the book end. Editing is slow going, but I see the end of the tunnel. Killer will be out in October, I swear!

Here is the tease:
Verina met him a block away from the event. The line had already stretched to where they were standing.

“Hmm.” Vincent walked closer to the crowd. “What do you think?”

“I rather be dancing,” Verina said.

“Come on, they are filming his book at my club,” Vincent said. “Let's see who is behind those books.”

Verina shrugged. They walked past the long line. Vincent passed one of the men, who gave him a 'why me?' look. Verina wrapped her long fingers around the door handle and looked up in surprise.

Vincent could feel it now.
'Another vampire?' Vincent asked.

'Feels like it.'

They walked in. Vincent bought one of the books titled Hot Ashes. A woman glanced at Vincent and him a strange look. He handed the book to Verina. She took his arm. The line snaked through the book shelves. Vincent walked up to a couple of younger women at the front of the line.

“Hey thanks for holding our spot,” Vincent said. Remember, we asked you, he thought. They smiled and nodded. Vincent and Verina got in line behind them.

Five minutes to midnight. The crowd behind Vincent and Verina surged ahead. A man in a business suit came out of the back of the store. He walked up to a podium and coughed. The crowd became silent.

“I want to thank you all for coming,” he said. “I want to introduce you to the man that brought Stephan Ashington back from the dead. Nathan Stout!”

The line surged forward. Verina slammed her pointed heel into the woman's foot that almost knocked her over. The vampire came out of the back of the store. Vincent laughed. Verina rolled her eyes. The rest of the crowd screamed.

Nathan Stout wore long black leather coat, with a tall black top hat. He had pulled the lace down from the brim of his hat to cover his pale face. Vincent admired the red silk shirt, and black leather pants that Nathan wore.

'That must have set him back a few hundred dollars.' Vincent thought.

'More. That coat is an antique.'

'I think I have the same one in my closet.' Vincent laughed.

Nathan Stout shook a few hands of the people in the front of the store. Under the lace, his face glowed like a half moon. His black beard that was trimmed close to his chin. He took off his hat and the women screamed, again. His black braid had a single black ribbon holding it back. Nathan glanced in Vincent and Verina direction and gave them a small smile.

He sat down and waved to the woman at the front of the line. She squealed and walked up to the table, holding her copy of the book like a religious icon. She took off her jacket after she handed Nathan her copy. She wore a low cut shirt. Nathan signed his name on the cover and then motioned her closer with a curl of his finger. He reached up and signed her breasts.

Verina rolled her eyes, again. Nathan caught Vincent's eye and smirk. Then Nathan
gave the crowd a wide smile, showing off his fangs.

“He's got style,” Vincent said.

Verina gave Vincent a blank look. She flipped the book over in her hand and read the back cover. The line moved ahead. Nathan stood up and had his picture taken with an elderly woman. He stopped the photographer, so he could put his hat back on. Then he pulled down the lace and nodded.

Vincent and Verina were next in line. Nathan waved them over, grinning. Vincent held out his hand. Nathan shook it with a firm grip.

“You've never read my books,” Nathan said, low enough so the crowd could not hear. His voice had a soft English accent to it. It was not as posh as Ogden's, Nathan's sounded rougher like he was from the working class.

“No, but your movie is being film at my club,” Vincent said.

Nathan took the book from Verina. He signed it, and gave it back with a wink. They moved on. The girl behind them screamed and almost collapsed.

Verina opened the title page, and read what Nathan had written. “I would like to meet you again. I have not seen many blood suckers around.”

Vincent smirked. “Well, I hope he doesn't do anything to piss me off,” he said.

Verina laughed. “You were the one that said he had style.”

“Yeah, I'm already jealous.”

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