Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Teaser Tuesday- Minstrels Fight in the Alley

Another very rough, very unedited part of my minstrels story. The main thing to remember is that Carey left a religious order that is not well liked. They have very odd ways, including killing anyone that tries to leave.

Carey stopped at a booth selling shaved meat. The server piled the meat on a half loaf of bread. She handed it to Carey. He paid her, then looked at his meal and tried to figure out how to eat it. A nearby building had cider, he sat at one of their tables.

A waitress came out and handed him a tankard. He paid her. He sat back on the chair watching the crowds walk by. He ate the meat with his fingers. No one seemed to care. With a tankard in front of him and the food filling him up. He was feeling good.

He drank two more. The sun had made its way closer to the horizon. Carey stood up and swayed. The cider had gone down too smooth. He belched and chuckled. This time of day, they would have been heading to supper. It seemed so long ago. But it wasn't.

He wandered through the stalls some more. The sun had gotten lower. Carey looked around, he had no idea where he was. He had been a country child. Cities were not something he was used to. The sun had been moving over their camp. He walked in the direction it was setting.

A drum caught his eye. Carey studied for a moment, then continued on his walk. He noticed a man in a black cloak following him. Carey felt his stomach tightened. It could just be a thief, or it could be a follower of Byleth.

Carey picked up his pace. He glanced around him. Two more men in black cloaks. His heart skipped a beat. He looked around. In the main streets there were too many people around, too many witnesses. He stayed on the main streets. It would be quicker to cut across, but he didn't want the men on his trail to have a reason grab him.

The crowd started to thin out. Carey looked around. He had to stay around people. He counted the black cloaks, he had four of them following him. He took a deep breath. He could take on two of them, if they did not have weapons. But four?

He saw a larger crowd forming on the other side two buildings. He turned quickly down the alley. Two black cloaks walked into the alley from the front. Carey turned around, the four were already inside the alley.

Please let them be thieves, Carey prayed.

"Former Brother Carey." a deep voice rumbled from inside one of the cloaks.

"Damn," Carey said.

"You are guilty of heresy."

The black cloaks surrounded him.

"And of leaving the Brethren."

Carey focused on the speaker. He lowered the neck of his shirt. "It came off, and I am still alive."


Carey tensed. "I know what you are going to do. Come on then."

They attacked. Carey had speed on his side, but they had numbers and experience. He blocked, kicked, hit and dodged. He couldn't block all of the blows. He knew that. He protected the more vital areas of his body, while letting the other hit slip through.

One hit his side. The sharp pain made Carey drop his hand, leaving his neck exposed. Another blow to his lower neck, blocked him from breathing for a moment. He slid down and rolled.

One of them tried to pick Carey up. He smashed his elbow against his attackers face. He glanced up and saw a young man looking down the alley in horror. Carey's vision blurred, blood dripped down from his face.

The group stopped pounding him. The stepped back. Carey brought himself to his knees. They only beat him this far to make sure he did not run.

"No one who follows Byleth, leaves alive."

Carey spit blood on the speaker. "Who says?"

The speaker pulled out a large knife, almost as long as a short sword. The tip of it was wider then the handle. Carey knew what the blade was made for. It would cut though his neck in one movement.

Carey closed his eyes. I failed, he thought.

Then something exploded. Turning the darkness of his closed eyes into a red glow. He took a deep breath. His head was still attached. Carey opened one eye. The other had swollen shut.

Morvana held her hand out. "Can you walk?" she asked.

Carey shook his head and fell over.

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