Friday, September 17, 2010

Update time!

The file for Killer is sent, waiting for approval and proof. I almost changed the cover at the last minute, but I was in a mean mood and didn't want to mess around with my files.
Chapter one illustration. And how I felt last night.

Launch party will included an art show! Times have been extended and moved to 1 - 8 pm. So I could run and see Disturbed if I want to after wards. The one artist confirmed does wonderful stuff with blown glass. Now this will not be the all out party that they had last Halloween. Flora wants it a little more laid back.

Arranging a breast cancer fundraiser to go with the launch/art show. Contacted the foundation I want to work with. To make sure everything is ok, when they get back to me, I will post the info.

On September, 28, 2010, my flash story "Legend Tripping" will be on So exited about it. First time I tried flash fiction (harder to write than you think.)

Last but not least,  I have been conspiring with a group of wonderful ladies on a site called Indie Book Collective. Yeah, yeah, I know another site for indie authors. But we are doing things a little different. We are focusing on what happens after you take the plunge and get your book out. Marketing, social networking, you know all those buzz words. It's been a blast to help set up. We are still working out some kinks. But it's worth checking out.

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