Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When you have to go...

Friday night, I was out on a little date with my hubby. He had been promising me a cup of bubble tea, and finally got him to agree to get one. At the tea shop, I checked my emails. And there is one from the store I had did the signing at the weekend before. "We are going to Pagan Pride, want to come and sell your books?" Do you think I said "no"

It went pretty good, considering I had a few hours to prepare and nothing for an outdoor show.

So to help you out; Start buying these supplies now, so you have them.
  1. Folding table. A MUST. I got away with a small computer table. But it was a bear to put in the car.
  2. Folding seat. Canvas one preferred. I brought a small chair, but did not fold. Same issue with the table.
  3. Money box. I used a locking plastic box.  But a metal one would be better.
  4. Display for your wares. I have one book. My hubby whipped something up with foam core that worked. When I have more to sell, I will invest in actual book display cases.
  5. Table cover: I didn't need it, but it would have been good to have.
  6. A sign display. My hubby came to the rescue again and fixed me up one with foam core and poster board. It's reusable, but if I do more of these things, I will get a stronger sign.
  7. Three or four fine line markers.
  8. TAPE
  9. Business cards.
  10. A good gazebo.  I got to share someone else's, but you should get your own. Look for a sturdy one, that can be weighed down.
  1.  Portable credit card machine. NOT the sliding type. My friend had one that she got from her bank for a low monthly rent. It could connect wirelessly with her bank.
  2. Back display. I am not sure what you would call this, but something like a cubical wall or a wire display from retail. You could hang your sign up there, or display your books.
  3. Extra batteries.
  4. A radio. A booth next to ours was playing some really nice CDs for the atmosphere. Relaxed us too.
  5. Your own food. Yes most of these events will have food, and some even feed the vendors, but if you are busy you won't be able to get away. Unless you brought your go-fer with you.
  6. Calculator with paper print out. Doubles as a receipt.
  7. Bags, if you have more than one item to sell offer bags. I'm thinking next time I will bring a some reusable ones and giving them out with the sales as a free bonus.
I am sure there is more. But remember you have to set up and tear down your stuff too. So unless you do not mind getting very elaborate, the basics will do.

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