Monday, October 18, 2010

NaNoWriMo again!

This will be my 3rd year competing in NaNoWriMo. As a pantser writer it is an interesting experience preparing for the contest.

The first year I joined just in time to find out about the local chapters kick off party. I worked like crazy to get ready. I downloaded ywriter, I plotted every chapter out. I read up on super heroes. It was about a place were super heroes did their job, with corporate sponsorship.
I wrote long hand for half of it, copying what I wrote into the computer at night. My son gave me his alpha writer which lasted until the end of the contest, then died. Anyway, I got the story done, just pass 50,000 words on Thanksgiving. And hated it, the story not the contest.

The second year, I was feverishly finishing up Fledgling to get it ready to edit. I was taking a writing class. I thought about doing an erotica piece, but wasn't sure I even wanted to do it. At the last minute I changed my mind. Changed the story (its a prequel to my vampire series) And wrote like crazy with no plan. I finished that one in 20 days. That one, is waiting to get cleaned up and will be self published.

This year. I will try again. I am working on my Minstrel edits and have other plans going on in November that will make it hard, not impossible, but hard to keep up. I had two story ideas. One idea was shot down by friends of mine. The other I am sticking with. Did I plot? Sort of, I wrote down 10 points that have to be brought out in the story and a quick time line. It all fits on one page.

We'll see how this year goes. Will I win? Who cares. I just want to sit in a room with the rest of the writers in town drinking coffee and writing!


  1. Hi...Great to see another NaNoer....This year will be my first. Looking forward to it. I have added you as a buddy.

  2. I've never participated in NaNoWriMo before, but I have a new book idea brewing and think I might give it a go this year.

  3. Go for it, and good luck! This will be my second year on NaNo. I think the trick is to do what you're doing--keep trying different approaches and see which one works for you.