Monday, October 4, 2010

When life hands you lemons, look for the vodka.

It's amazing what one little thing could do to mess up your time. I won't tell you what that was, but my life is mess up because of it.

And my writing.

This thing got in the way of normal routines. How bad? I didn't know Killer was up on Amazon for sale for almost a week. That's how bad.

This thing has drained me for new writing. My editing is on fire, but nothing new is coming out. That might not be this things fault. It's getting close to NaNoWriMo, my brain might be trying to rest before that craziness starts.

So what now? I have a book/art show to arrange. Actually most of that is set up, I just have to get the promotion materiel out. Which I was going to do last weekend. Damn thing.

There is a positive side. Saturday night, we all were home. Neither of my boys went out with friends. My husband took me to a new wine bar, to help me forget about that thing. We were home before 7pm. A Saturday night, with everyone home has not happened in a long time.

This is a new week. Hopefully, I can catch up on my writing and promotions.


  1. Hopefully the *thing* is something that will pass. It may be blocking you now, but creativity is ... well, creative. Give it time to settle, and you'll find yourself rejuvenated.

    And yes, vodka will help. Good luck!

  2. I trust you will get through this "thing" just fine! You have many things to be happy about. A night "in" with the family after a nice time at a wine bar...well, just remember that and move forward. I don't drink myself, but I've been told vodka works wonders! I trust you'll tell me otherwise!