Monday, October 25, 2010

Writer first, no matter what path.

I posted in frustration a week ago, in twitter, about this "us vs. them" attitude some writers develop. Indie writers are no go! Traditional writers are sell outs! I was sick of it.

"We are all writers! It doesn't matter how we are paid!"

The main reason I was sick of the fight, was not the stigma that the indie writers get. It was because I have decided to take my minstrel story along the traditional path.

I've been selling a book a week (pretty good since I started this madness in April, and no name recognition, or marketing budget.) I have self published two books already, so why the hell did I decide to take my minstrel story down the other path.

Because this story is different. This particular niche in fantasy is not saturated. Unlike my vampire books. Those of you who have read them, know they are different, but they are still "another vampire book."  AND I think being indie helped me develop survival instincts.

Look what I have developed since April.
  1. A thicker skin - The first person to turn me down for a review, hurt. But now I look at the email and shrug. Then I send out my request to the next one. So the #300 agent that turns me down, will make me want to sent the query to #301.
  2. A platform in place - you're reading my blog, probably came here from Twitter, Facebook, or Google Connect, you are on my platform. With the changes in publishing, this is a necessary step in being an author.
  3. Crash course in marketing. In college I would fall asleep in business classes. I wasn't a business major, so what was the point? But now I have a product to sell, I have had to learn to sell. I have work in retail for a decade, this is different! This is not an hourly wage job, This is something I want to share with the world.
  4. It's a dress rehearsal. My husband is an actor, we have actor friends. As much as they hate rehearsal, you need to practice to get your best work out. The minstrel story is a lot better than the vampire stories. (not just my opinion) But I would not have polished it, without working on the other stories. And learning from my mistakes.

I am not giving up on being indie. I still have two more vampire books in the series that are scheduled to come out. My fans would hurt me if they don't. Those will come out under my author imprint. Steopa's is planned for next year.

I have given myself a year to hook an agent. If this fails, I will publish it myself. But think of the experience I will have! Maybe some writers think that is too short of a time. But if you get a years worth of rejections, I think you have contacted every agent by then.

There are some disappointed people that know about my decision. My husband, he really wants to illustrate the minstrel novel.  A few people I consulted on the book now have to wait longer for the final product. But it will come out, be patient.

I think I hear some snickering. But I am willing to try it. Look at it this way, if I do make it as a traditional published author, I won't be one to look down my nose at the self published authors. I know what torture it's like!


  1. Great post! It's people like you that I admire... you trudge along regardless of what everyone thinks, determined to do it, one way or another. You are an inspiration! Keep up the GREAT work!!
    Best wishes
    Suzy Turner

  2. Thanks. It was a hard decision to go indie with the series and just as hard to decide to try the traditional route with the minstrels. Ultimately it about how you feel would be the best way to get your story out.

    Thank you again