Monday, November 29, 2010

Am I Insane?

A personal contest, maybe.

I have decided to try a personal writing contest. I have won NaNoWriMo for three years in a row. I have two books indie published, and more on the way. I can do novels. Short stories, I haven't messed around with much.

Maybe it won't be personal, I would be willing to have anyone do this, with me, you know, for support. For a month, a few months, heck even the whole year.

So starting on December first, I will write – two short stories a month.

The numbers break down to this:
Average short story length: 5000 words.
Total words for the year: 120000
Daily average to hit: 330 words

After doing NaNoWriMo, 330 words a day is a cake walk.

What to write about?
For me, I went to Duotrope and picked out 24 open submissions that interested me. I don't know if I will actually submit the stories, but the themes and deadlines have given me a goal to work towards.

What if I hadn't done that? I would have pick a theme for each month and kept to it. So this might have been my list:

January = New Beginnings
February = Love
March = Madness (ie March Hare)
April = Rain
May = Flower
June = Weddings
July = Explosions
August = Lazy Summer
September = Back to Learning
October = Ghosts
November = Thanks
December = Gifts

Or I would have gone to a place like Story Starter or Seventh Sanctum and pick a random one there.

What are my goals doing this?
1.Take a daily break from my novel writing and editing.
2.Think outside my comfort zone in writing.
3.To see how fast I can do it.
4.To build up a stories that I could submit. If I needed one in a hurry.

So that is my crazy idea. Anyone else want to join me? And if you do, What the heck would should it be called?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday - a short story

My Thanksgiving gift to all of you!
If you are entering the contest. Please leave your twitter handle in the comments as well. I will pick a winner on Sunday 11-28-2010

GoGoRach won!

If you have to place this story in the time line of my series. After Killer and before Patriarch. It's a little view into the reactions to some of my characters as they are dragged to a Black Friday Sale.

Andi's pigtails blew in her face. “Thanks for coming with me. Silvia has Chuck on the other side of town, I can't let him see what I am getting him.”

Vincent stared at the line outside the store. He rubbed his goatee. “Um, what is going on, again?”

"Black Friday,” Rebecka said. She wrapped her arm around Steopa's waist. “The busiest shopping day of the year.”

Steopa and Vincent looked at each other with confused expressions. Andi giggled. “You know, for Christmas.”

Vincent turned his head so he could take in the whole line. “What does this have to do with Christmas?”

“Best time to get great deals on gifts,” Andi said. She grabbed Vincent's arm.

Rebecka scoffed. “Yeah, if you don't mind being mobbed. The last one I was dragged to, I ended up with a black eye.”

“Sounds horrible,” Steopa said.

“It's not that bad, if you have a plan,” Andi said. “I want to get one gift for Chuck. But if it's gone, I have other ones in mind. I am heading to electronics and picking up the game. Then we are done.”

Vincent looked up at the sky. A few hours ago he had gotten up. “Another question, why so early?”

“It's part of the fun,” Andi said.

“Madness,” Rebecka said.

“They are standing in line to buy gifts?” Steopa asked.

“Yeah,” Andi said.

Steopa shook his head.

“Didn't you do anything like this for Christmas?” Andi asked.

“We would clean the house and have a large dinner, but that was on Christmas Eve,” Steopa said. “On Christmas proper, we would celebrate.”

“I would get an apple and a new pair of pants,” Vincent said.

Rebecka sighed. “Well, if we are going to do this, we better get in line.”

Andi bit her lower lip. “It is long, isn't it?”

“What are you buying Chuck?” Vincent asked.

“Time War Unleashed. It supposed to be this amazing game.”

Vincent put his arm around Andi's shoulder. “You know, I had nothing else to do tonight, so why not have some fun.”

Andi turned her head so she could see Rebecka and Steopa. “You don't have to come.”

Rebecka shrugged. “Why not? I'll just sit at the snack bar.”

Vincent walked with Andi to a spot that was close to the front of the line. He smiled at the middle aged woman, who gave him a stern look.

“I didn't think we would make it, thanks for waiting,” Vincent said.

Her eyes clouded over. “I was worried too,” she said. She turned to face the door.

The couple behind Vincent whispered to each other, glaring at him. He turned around. “Sorry, we forgot your coffee. My friend will buy you some inside.” He pointed to Steopa.

Their eyes clouded as they stared at Steopa.

The man smiled. “That's no problem,” He said as his eyes continued up Steopa's large frame.

The four of them, squeezed their way between the middle aged woman and the couple. Vincent leaned against the cold bricks. “So everyone here is..., is buying something?”

“Yeah, there are some great deals.” Andi pulled out the store's ad from her purse. “If I have time, I want to get John and Loreli a new stereo.”

“Don't bother,” Rebecka said.

“Why not?”

“John already bought a new one.”

“Really? He said that he was still looking.”

“Was Lorelei in the room?”

“Yeah she was.” Andi rolled her eyes. “It's a gift for her, isn't it?”

Rebecka nodded.

“Could I see that paper?” Steopa asked.

Andi handed him the ad. Steopa opened it and flipped through the pages.

The woman in front of them checked her watch. “One minute. Come on open the doors.”

Andi squirmed. “Okay, I am heading straight for electronics.”

Vincent looked at the line in front of them. “You will have to be quick.”

Andi shook her head. “Maybe I could kick them?”

“Where is electronics?” Vincent asked.

“Middle of the store, I think.”

Vincent straightened up. “I'll meet you there.”

Andi smiled. “Remember it's called, Time War Unleashed.”

A manager came to the doors and unlock one. Most of the crowd groaned. When he opened the door. The lined surged. The crowd shuffled in, but as soon as they made it passed the door. They ran.
Vincent slipped ahead of them and blurred. Andi giggled as she moved forward.

“Where can we met up?” she asked.

“Snack bar,” Rebecka said. “I'm finding a seat, and I am not moving.”

“I have to see something,” Steopa said. He had folded the ad back to one page. “I will meet you there?”

Rebecka nodded.

Andi cleared the doorway. She bolted down the aisle. Steopa turned and walked away. The crowd clearing a path in front of him. Rebecka sighed.

She walked over to the snack bar and sat down. The cashier looked up.

“You get a little break before you get crazy?” Rebecka asked.

The cashier nodded. “For a couple of minutes.”

Vincent made it to the electronics area before the rest of the shoppers, behind him he could hear the footfalls. It sounded like a stampede. He saw the game sitting on the counter next to the cashier. He grabbed one.

As he pulled his hand back. A woman tried to take the game out of his hand.

“Whoa! Hey! That's mine!” Vincent said, grabbing the game back.

“I'm sorry, but I need that for my son.”

“Then take one from the counter.” Vincent turned away and shook his head.

Andi ran up to Vincent. “You got one!”

Vincent glanced back at the counter, the rest were gone. Andi hugged him.

“Chuck's going to be so happy!”

He handed the game to Andi. She put it on the counter, smiling. As she opened her purse. Vincent looked around. One person shoved another away from a collection of dvd players. One man grabbed an item out of a woman's cart as she looked away.

“I've been to riots with better manners,” he said.

Andi laughed as she grabbed the bag. “Its not that bad.”

Closer to the front of the store, Steopa leaned over to look at the jewelry in the cases. He rubbed his chin as he studied each piece.

“Can you check in the back?” a woman said.

Steopa glanced up. A young cashier looked around. “I'm sorry, but all the TVs that were on sale, were out on the floor.”

“I know you hide one or two. Just check in the back.”

“I'll call someone, I can't leave-”

“Look! I want that TV!” The woman shook the ad in the young cashier's face.

Steopa tapped the glass with his fingers. He watched the woman's face turn red, then a strange shade of purple as she yelled at the young cashier. The cashier glanced at him. He looked down at the necklaces in the case, then at the woman.

He stood up, smoothing out his coat as he did. He walked over to the cashier. The woman yelled. “I can't believe you would not have enough stock-!”

“Excuse me,” Steopa said.

The woman did not look at him. “I was here first!”

The cashier craned her head. “I will be with you as soon...”

Steopa placed his hand on the angry woman's arm. She spun around. Her eyes did the familiar motion of starting at his chest, then traveling up.

“Excuse me,” he said. “But I do not think this young woman makes the purchasing decisions.”

“You can't tell me you think it's fair that-”

Steopa held up his hand. “I do not like to be kept waiting when I want to make a purchase.”

“I was here first!”

“But you are buying nothing. You are only making this young lady's morning difficult.”

“How dare you! I'll get a manager and have you thrown out!”

Steopa raised his eyebrow. The cashier turned her face away, she snickered.

“You should leave,” Steopa said.

“I will not!”

“LEAVE!” His voice echoed for a short time. It became drowned out by the crowd and the racks of clothing.

The woman's eyes clouded and then opened wide. Then she grabbed her purse off the counter and turned around. When she had disappeared into the crowd, the cashier sighed.

“Thank you,” she said.

“You are welcome. Could I see the lockets? In the case with the pocket watches.”

The cashier smiled. “Yes. The gold ones?”


At the snack bar, Vincent sat down next to Rebecka.

“Where's Andi?” Rebecka asked.

“In line, on the way back, she found some other things that she had to look at.” Vincent looked around. “Where's the big guy?”

Rebecka pointed. Steopa's long black hair could be seen over the mass of people that were gathering at the cash registers. A few people walked into the snack bar and sat at the empty tables.

“Have you done this before?” Vincent asked.

Rebecka nodded her head. “But why bother? Look at them, they are insane. Fighting over something because it's on sale, or because it's the hot item this year.”

“You sound bitter.”

“I never understood this madness.” She pointed to a man pushing out a cart with four TVs on it. “Look at that, do you really need to give someone a TV?”

“It's nuts. I did love Christmas when I was a kid. I would get one toy, an apple, and some candy. That was it. But all the family would come over and we would party. I got drunk when I was twelve.”

Rebecka had a small smile. “I liked it when I was a kid too. Dad would always get John and I a great gift. Then we would go sledding. One year when it was warm enough, he took us out on the Harley.” She sniffed. “After he died. Mom went nuts, she would buy us junk. Just because it was the big toy that year. Everything had to be perfect. We couldn't even rip off the wrapping paper.”

“That's the best part.”

Rebecka nodded. “Try buying her a gift. If I got her earrings, she wanted a necklace. If John had made her a cutting board, she would say the one at Macy's was nicer. Thanks to her, I hate giving and getting gifts.”

Vincent patted Rebecka's hand. She pulled her hand away. Steopa walked over to them. He glanced at the small chairs surrounding the table, then stood by Rebecka.

“Did you buy anything?” Vincent asked.

“Yes,” Steopa said, he glanced at Rebecka.

Andi bounced over to the table, with a large bag. “Alright, I found stuff for Chuck's dad too.”

She put the bag on the table and pulled out a robe. She held it up. “What do you think?”

Steopa nodded. “I think he will like it.”

Her cell phone rang. She answered it while she folded up the robe. Vincent leaned over to Rebecka.

“You really don't like getting gifts?”

She nodded. “Like I said, Mom made it seem like a chore.”

Andi put her phone away. “That was Silva, we are going to meet up for breakfast.”

“I'll go with you,” Vincent said.

“It's not far.”

“That bag is bigger than you are, I'll go with you.”

“We should join them,” Steopa said to Rebecka.

Rebecka shrugged.

They left the store. People were still streaming inside. The line had disappeared from the front of the store, a line of red lights of cars leaving the parking lot replaced it. They had to walk around the outside of the parking lot to avoid the heavy traffic.

Vincent turned to Steopa. “Rebecka told me that she doesn't like to get gifts.”

“Is that true?” Steopa asked.

“Sometimes,” Rebecka said.

Steopa stopped. He patted his pocket. “Are you sure?”


“I did not want to give you this like this,” Steopa said. “But if you are sure that you do not want a gift-”

“What is it?”

Steopa pulled out a small black box. “It is not complete, I have to have the inside done.”

He handed Rebecka the box. She opened it. Vincent peeked over her shoulder. Andi gasped. Rebecka picked up the locket and held it up.

“It's pretty,” she said.

Steopa opened it. “You see, nothing inside. I wanted to have the interior painted.”

Rebecka pointed at his locket. “Like that one?”

“Except your portrait would be inside.”

Vincent watched the expression on Rebecka's face change. Her lower lip trembled. “That is...”

Steopa motioned her closer. He looped the chain around her neck and closed the clasp. “Do you like it?”


“I wish Chuck would give me something like that,” Andi said.

Rebecka threw her arms around Steopa and hugged him. “Thank you.”

Steopa kissed her forehead. “You are welcome.”

Andi opened her mouth, Vincent put his finger to his lips. She grinned. She moved away from Steopa and Rebecka. Vincent went with her.

“I thought Rebecka was going to cry,” Andi whispered.

“I think she is,” Vincent said. He glanced behind him. Steopa had picked up Rebecka as he kissed her.

“I know it was crazy in there, but it was worth it.” Andi asked.

Vincent nodded. “Yeah it was.”

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Character Theme Songs: Andi

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This is the final installment of the theme songs. Please check out the links above if you missed any. The point behind this is to show how music can help define a character when you are writing.

Andi, the cute little waitress. Her song is....

Stupid Girls by Pink

Why this song?

Andi is young, likes pop music. But she also has to deal with looking too young and cute. Men make assumptions about her based on her looks. She can really kick ass, and that is a surprise to the ones that assume she is a small thing that needs protection. You don't need protection when you have a passion for a unique form of martial arts.

Although a minor character in Fledgling, her role becomes bigger in Killer. And this is the song, that I would listen to when she was in the scenes. She has no issue with her looks and the assumptions that people make about her.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Character Theme Songs: Swen

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This week I am sharing the music I use to write, especially the songs that end up to be the ones I associate with certain characters.

Some main characters do not end up with theme songs (poor Ogden I haven't found his yet.) But some minor ones do.

This one is for the berserk bouncer: Swen

Pyre of the Gods by Tarot

Why is this song so fitting for Swen?

Actually, this one overtook a Black Label Society song (Suicide Messiah), when I wrote Killer. The scene where Swen threatens the vampire in the alleyway. This was the song I played constantly while writing and editing.

Look at what he is: he is a former Marine. He is a berserk. He is a biker.

Although this song came out way after his tour of duty. I can see him relating to the lyrics of the song. Especially if you take in his religious beliefs (hinted at, but not fully reveled in the novels).

Besides I can't see Swen listening to mainstream music.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Character Theme Songs: Vincent

Want to catch up the previous posts are as follows:

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This week, while I am feverishly trying to get ahead in my NaNoWriMo entry, I thought I would share some of the music I listen to while I write. Some authors can't have that distraction. I find it helps me focus. And once in awhile a song will become one that I will associate with a particular character.

What can I say about Vincent? First off, he gets two songs.

A Little Less Conversation the Jxl vs Elvis remix.

Possum Kingdom by The Toadies

Why two songs? Because they each cover a side of his personality.

The first one: That is the public face of Vincent. He is the host of the Rathskeller, the life of the party! If someone is having a bad time, he steps in and makes sure they have a good one. I have a feeling he is an Elvis fan, too.

The second: The perfect stalking song for him. If he ever wanted to take more than a snack from one of his victims, I could see him using the same words to convince them to go with him.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Character Theme Songs: Steopa

Inspired by the question you answer when you sign up for nanowrimo. This week I am sharing the songs that have be come the theme songs for some of my characters.

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Steopa is unique in that he gets a classical piece

Montagues and Capulets other wise known as Dance of the Knights by Sergei Prokofiev.

The piece sounds familiar doesn't it. It is often used to set the mood of film pieces that are to take place in the Soviet area.

Why does this fit Steopa?

Knowing his background, he might have met the composer at some point, speculation even for me! LOL!

But I was draw to this piece as his theme music because it fits him. This could be the one that he listens to after he returns to the underground vault. This music fits the way he moves and acts. Hard to explain.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Character Theme Songs: Steopa and Beka

First post: HERE

This week I am sharing the songs I listen to while writing for certain characters. These songs became the characters theme music.

Here is the song for both Steopa and Beka.

Love You to Death by Type O Negative:
Officialvideo here: Please watch it.

Live video:

This became their song when they were just general ideas. The line "Am I good enough, for you." speaks to both of them.

Beka has issues, based on her past, any intimate relationship would be hard. And then her and Steopa are slammed together. One: she has a classical good looking man (vampire) who finds her attractive. Two: It takes her a while to get over the hang ups that blocked her before.

With Steopa: (spoiler alert some of this comes out in Patriarch) He has only loved one other woman in his life. She was the reason he forced himself home after being attacked by the vampire in the pine thicket. Then centuries later, being a vampire desensitized him to the same feelings.

Both of them had shut down their feelings in the area of love. One because of being a vampire. One did it out of self defense.  Yet, they are together. They do feel deeply for each other.  Physically it still maybe in impossible for them. But they don't mind.

Side note: yeah, after watching the videos, those of you that read the books. Yes, physical inspiration for Steopa.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Photo Prompt > Not a poem, but inspired.

One Stop Poetry has a photo prompt on homelessness. I am not a poet, but I will try to get some words down. Because it happened to me, and it can happen to you.

It's easy to ignore the scruffy one, the one sitting smoking the butt of the cigarette that he found on the ground.
It's easy to ignore the noisy one, the one standing outside the shop, stopping you for change as you leave.
It's easy to ignore the loud one, the one screaming to sky, hoping that God hears him, because no one else is.
It's easy to ignore them, because you see them. Even if you try not too, they are there.

But there are the ones: too proud to beg, too proud to let themselves look like they are homeless, and too ashamed to let their friends know.

Some even have jobs, but instead of heading home every night to watch reality TV. They are cramped with their family in one bedroom of the family shelter or living in their car. Mother and Father and kids.

They bathe at the Y. They make excuses if someone wants to visit them. While others are buying too much junk for the Holidays, they have to tell the kids that Santa might not come.

They are not there because they abused drugs, they are not there because they ran. They are there because what they are paid cannot even get them a small apartment. Or the medical bills have wiped out all their funds. Or they lost their home and there are no jobs.

You can't ignore them, because they do not want to be seen with the scruffy, noisy, and loud ones. They want to just have a stable place to call their own. A place where their kids can have friends over. It doesn't have to be a mansion, just a place to hall home.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Character Theme Songs: Beka

One of the questions you are asked when you sign up for NaNoWriMo is what type of music do you listen to when writing. That is a hard question for me to answer because it depends on the story and what is going on in the story.

One of the things I notice that comes up with my listening is that certain songs begin to become the theme songs of characters. I find I am listening to one song constantly when writing about a certain character.

Over the next few posts I am going to share the songs I listen to and explain why they became the theme songs.

Here is the song for Beka:

The Chair by The 69 Eyes

Poor, poor, poor Beka.

What a messed up woman she was. She wanted to be miserable, she wanted to be hurt, and she wanted the attention.

You could say this was the theme song to her human life. She still carried on through all the emotional baggage she had built up around her. Part of her wanted someone to "kick the chair", but there was part of her that stopped her each time.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The price of freedom is dealing with the nastiness.

**Any comments that attack me directly about this post will be deleted. I know its ironic considering want I am ranting about. And I refuse to print the title of the book, because it is free publicity. **

I was going to wait until Monday to post this. I have to rant.

Yesterday, under public pressure Amazon pulled a self published book off it's listing. Because of the subject matter.  Unfortunately I have to take everything I hear about that book, on hearsay, because I never saw the listing. And a lot of the people that complained, also did not see the listing. I am sure some people did look further and my rant is not with them.

This rant is for a particular group of people, read on.

When you publish with Createspace, they  have you sign a Terms of Service agreement. Which means they will not publish certain items. This book did fall into that violation. I think if Amazon would have pulled it earlier, the furor would not have been so bad.

But there is a bigger picture (actually two points) that is making my stomach turn.

A lot of authors, just helped censor a book. Read that sentence again. Authors helped censor a book. The very people that should defend anyones right to free expression, screamed and hollered and got the book taken down. I don't care what the subject matter was, I don't care how vile it was. Because there are a lot of books out there that are just as bad in someone elses mind.

Let me let you in on a little fact. Any book that has been written will offend someone.

But that was a horrible, gross, disgusting, illegal subject, it's not the same.

Let me give you some titles, and you decide.

Mein Kamf: Hitler's autobiography and political philosophy
Lolita:   A man's obsession with a 12 year old girl
The Turner Diaries: A diary about a violent take over of the United States government, Timothy McViegh was reportedly influenced by the book.
The Joy of Gay Sex: The title explains it all

Now it turns out the author wanted all the free publicity he could get. He got it.

Maybe some of you have never dealt with this first hand like I have. I had just started to work in retail. Harry Potter the first movie was coming out on DVD. I was setting up the display.
Suddenly this woman is in front of me. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING PUTTING UP THAT EVIL THING?"

She screamed at me. She did not want our store to sell that book or movie that promoted witchcraft, and devil worship, and child abuse. I tried to back away from her, but she kept on me.

Was she delusional? No, her entire church had started a campaign to stop the sale of the DVD (obviously it failed). In her mind, Harry Potter is just as bad as "the book"

Here is the other: "You see, this is why we should not have self published books, the publishing houses won't allow such filth."
That list of four books, not one of them was self publish. Small press maybe, but not self published.

Do I find that subject matter of that book horrible? Yes.
Do I think Amazon did the right thing? Only if they pulled it because of the Terms of Service, not because of censorship.
Would I ever want a book banned or boycott the place that sell it? No.

All you authors out there that were promoting Banned Book Week and then wanted this book taken down. Look at yourself in the mirror.  Do YOU really understand what censorship is?

Everyone has a right to free expression. No matter how uncomfortable, horrible, stupid, gross, disgusting, evil it may be.  

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fans: I has it

Up until yesterday. I could talk to most of my fans. I knew them by name. I have been selling more books than what I have for friends and family. So what happened yesterday, was going to happen.

I was at the Enchanted Bazaar, picking up my leather jacket, and a customer came in.  Turns out she bought Fledgling a few weeks ago, and was coming in to buy Killer.

"It's so cool I get to meet you!" she said.

That was a surreal moment.

We talked about the books. She told me what she liked "Beka blossoms!" and "Why can't I find a man like Steopa?"

Like I said it was surreal. It wasn't a book signing. It wasn't someone sending me an email, text, or twitter how much they loved the book (which has already happened). This was a random face to face meeting.

Now granted, she would not have known who I was if it wasn't for the employee pointing me out (actually pulling me away from the leather worker). I don't put my picture on my books, so she would not have recognized me on the street. It made me feel strange. But happy. Very happy.

So now I cannot wait for January, when I will be editing the third book of the series, to get it ready for publication (aiming for May or June). I know there are people chomping at the bit to read more, but to see the excitement in her eyes about something I created. That is a charge that I can't really describe.

For those of you curious. The third book will be called Patriarch. It will be about Steopa and, of course, Beka.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

NaNoWriMo, Pantser, and getting sidetracked by a meteor.

I am doing NaNoWriMo again. I love the contest. It fun to see if you can churn out the story in a short amount of time. I have done so for the last two years. So why do it again?

Because each year is different.

First year, it taught me I could do it.
Second year, taught me I could do it while working on other writing projects.
This year, I hope it teaches me how to stay focus on the five million projects I have going and still get it done.

This years entry is a werewolf vs. werewolf story. When I started to write it, it was simple. Rural vs. Urban  werewolves. There was one vampire, and a Renfield type character, as well.

Well, when you are pantser writer, you expect your writing to take a turn. This one did a 270 and went off road.

I did not plan for it to be a brutal as it has become. This story is border line Saw territory. I have keep most of the graphic details out, leaving the reader dealing with the results, but its creeping me out!

The vampire was almost cut, then brought back in as a larger, character.

The meteor! The original concept, is good, for the first half of the story. I have already written things that are changing the plot. More vampires are being added and a larger plot is taking place. So the original plan of keeping it to a few characters is being thrown out the window.

The story is becoming larger, more characters added. My notes are overflowing!  Maybe I should include my notes on the story for the word count too.

As for horror. Not scary, but makes you uncomfortable.

Another sidetrack; Another story idea. This one creeped up on me at work. It's been nagging my brain. Those of you that know my writing style will be surprised. No monster, no fantasy, no thriller. Its a "chick lit" type story. But being me, not about suburban housewives. Working title: Midlife Crisis Weekend. I have to shelve it for now. December first I will hit it running.

So far so good this first week. I missed one write in, due to a substitute bus driver taking his time on the route from work. By the time I got home, I had 15 minutes to fix and eat supper before turning around and going to the write in. Sunday is the first major write in. I will go. I love them.

My break from NaNoWriMo writing is over. I have to get back to the fight in the hunting cabin. See ya.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Another step to Greatness!

I got my first agent rejection on Friday, actually it was Thursday, but I was promoting my indie books and was not near the computer.

So I expect you think I'm upset. Actually not, I said "Okay," when I read the email. Checked my list of agents to contact (I have fifty more) and realized I have a long way to go.

My hubby asked me how I felt. I told him it as if he went out for an audition. All he was told was that they were looking for drama actors. No hint on what to prepare for the audition. So he picks his best work. A soliloquy from Hamlet. He gets on stage, and just after he says "To be or not to be." The director says "Thank you, next!" You find out later they wanted an actor that could do a Chekhov.

I think because I am learning to separate my feelings from the business end of the writing, I can shrug this off. Don't get me wrong, if I get rejected by the last agent on the list. I will be upset. Not life shattering upset, but upset.

Yet, this rejection is a stepping stone. It means I am toughing up. I am really in the trenches.

But the funny thing was, a few minutes after I read the rejection email. I find a new review of Fledgling. A very positive review posted that morning.

What to make of that? The book proposal I sent to the agent didn't fit what they wanted. What I write is making people happy. So I just have to find the agent that can see that.

Wish me luck, and check back in a year.