Monday, November 29, 2010

Am I Insane?

A personal contest, maybe.

I have decided to try a personal writing contest. I have won NaNoWriMo for three years in a row. I have two books indie published, and more on the way. I can do novels. Short stories, I haven't messed around with much.

Maybe it won't be personal, I would be willing to have anyone do this, with me, you know, for support. For a month, a few months, heck even the whole year.

So starting on December first, I will write – two short stories a month.

The numbers break down to this:
Average short story length: 5000 words.
Total words for the year: 120000
Daily average to hit: 330 words

After doing NaNoWriMo, 330 words a day is a cake walk.

What to write about?
For me, I went to Duotrope and picked out 24 open submissions that interested me. I don't know if I will actually submit the stories, but the themes and deadlines have given me a goal to work towards.

What if I hadn't done that? I would have pick a theme for each month and kept to it. So this might have been my list:

January = New Beginnings
February = Love
March = Madness (ie March Hare)
April = Rain
May = Flower
June = Weddings
July = Explosions
August = Lazy Summer
September = Back to Learning
October = Ghosts
November = Thanks
December = Gifts

Or I would have gone to a place like Story Starter or Seventh Sanctum and pick a random one there.

What are my goals doing this?
1.Take a daily break from my novel writing and editing.
2.Think outside my comfort zone in writing.
3.To see how fast I can do it.
4.To build up a stories that I could submit. If I needed one in a hurry.

So that is my crazy idea. Anyone else want to join me? And if you do, What the heck would should it be called?


  1. Love the photo you posted with this entry. I wish you the best in meeting your writing goals.

  2. Not crazy, just creating a clear path for your goals. The real challenge is sticking to the schedule. Most people can't even get themselves to hash out a battle plan so you're already ahead of the game IMO. I love short stories - have lots of fun with it. =)

  3. I like having plans...does that mean I'm getting old? lol

    Sounds like a good plan. I might join you. Right now, I'm finishing up odd ball stuff so I can free myself up to focus almost entirely on writing. Once I get this planned out, lol, I'll let you know for sure.

    Did you see that million words in a year thing on twitter? I'm considering that too. lol

  4. Cher Dawn - a million words? If I add all my writing up, including blog posts and work. Maybe, maybe 900,000

  5. Short stories are a great way to fine tune your writing in a short time period. We do something similar in my writing group - a bi-monthly competition where we write and submit a story to a specific market in 30 days. Good fun!