Monday, November 1, 2010

Another step to Greatness!

I got my first agent rejection on Friday, actually it was Thursday, but I was promoting my indie books and was not near the computer.

So I expect you think I'm upset. Actually not, I said "Okay," when I read the email. Checked my list of agents to contact (I have fifty more) and realized I have a long way to go.

My hubby asked me how I felt. I told him it as if he went out for an audition. All he was told was that they were looking for drama actors. No hint on what to prepare for the audition. So he picks his best work. A soliloquy from Hamlet. He gets on stage, and just after he says "To be or not to be." The director says "Thank you, next!" You find out later they wanted an actor that could do a Chekhov.

I think because I am learning to separate my feelings from the business end of the writing, I can shrug this off. Don't get me wrong, if I get rejected by the last agent on the list. I will be upset. Not life shattering upset, but upset.

Yet, this rejection is a stepping stone. It means I am toughing up. I am really in the trenches.

But the funny thing was, a few minutes after I read the rejection email. I find a new review of Fledgling. A very positive review posted that morning.

What to make of that? The book proposal I sent to the agent didn't fit what they wanted. What I write is making people happy. So I just have to find the agent that can see that.

Wish me luck, and check back in a year.


  1. Rejections are definitely tough. I used to take them so personally, but after receiving quite a few I realized that I couldn't any more. Making people happy with your writing is the most important thing. If you can't doing that an agent will sign you eventually.

  2. What a fantastic post, love it! I think you have it exactly right. Your first rejection is one step closer.

  3. I know what it feels like when you realize your skin's growing tough. The rejection is not a good feeling, but it feels good once you realize that you are no longer taking things to heart. As you know, I deal with a lot of rejection in my side-business. People saying no does not bother me, it becomes frustrating when no one says YES. But I rarely take it personally, unless someone goes out of her way to be nasty, which is rare.