Friday, November 19, 2010

Character Theme Songs: Andi

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This is the final installment of the theme songs. Please check out the links above if you missed any. The point behind this is to show how music can help define a character when you are writing.

Andi, the cute little waitress. Her song is....

Stupid Girls by Pink

Why this song?

Andi is young, likes pop music. But she also has to deal with looking too young and cute. Men make assumptions about her based on her looks. She can really kick ass, and that is a surprise to the ones that assume she is a small thing that needs protection. You don't need protection when you have a passion for a unique form of martial arts.

Although a minor character in Fledgling, her role becomes bigger in Killer. And this is the song, that I would listen to when she was in the scenes. She has no issue with her looks and the assumptions that people make about her.

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