Monday, November 15, 2010

Character Theme Songs: Steopa and Beka

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This week I am sharing the songs I listen to while writing for certain characters. These songs became the characters theme music.

Here is the song for both Steopa and Beka.

Love You to Death by Type O Negative:
Officialvideo here: Please watch it.

Live video:

This became their song when they were just general ideas. The line "Am I good enough, for you." speaks to both of them.

Beka has issues, based on her past, any intimate relationship would be hard. And then her and Steopa are slammed together. One: she has a classical good looking man (vampire) who finds her attractive. Two: It takes her a while to get over the hang ups that blocked her before.

With Steopa: (spoiler alert some of this comes out in Patriarch) He has only loved one other woman in his life. She was the reason he forced himself home after being attacked by the vampire in the pine thicket. Then centuries later, being a vampire desensitized him to the same feelings.

Both of them had shut down their feelings in the area of love. One because of being a vampire. One did it out of self defense.  Yet, they are together. They do feel deeply for each other.  Physically it still maybe in impossible for them. But they don't mind.

Side note: yeah, after watching the videos, those of you that read the books. Yes, physical inspiration for Steopa.

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