Thursday, November 18, 2010

Character Theme Songs: Swen

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This week I am sharing the music I use to write, especially the songs that end up to be the ones I associate with certain characters.

Some main characters do not end up with theme songs (poor Ogden I haven't found his yet.) But some minor ones do.

This one is for the berserk bouncer: Swen

Pyre of the Gods by Tarot

Why is this song so fitting for Swen?

Actually, this one overtook a Black Label Society song (Suicide Messiah), when I wrote Killer. The scene where Swen threatens the vampire in the alleyway. This was the song I played constantly while writing and editing.

Look at what he is: he is a former Marine. He is a berserk. He is a biker.

Although this song came out way after his tour of duty. I can see him relating to the lyrics of the song. Especially if you take in his religious beliefs (hinted at, but not fully reveled in the novels).

Besides I can't see Swen listening to mainstream music.

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