Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in review: Most popular posts: #1

Drum roll

Number One was:
Black Friday: A short story

Who wouldn't want to go shopping with my vampires? I was shocked this was my most popular post. I whipped up the story pretty fast. But it was fun to do. Taking my characters on a little trip outside the novels.

Overall it's been a fun, crazy, and sometimes frustrating year. And I can't wait to see what next year has in store.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year in review: Most popular posts: #2

Number two was a little post showing love to the Great Bela Lugosi
I Want to Start a Movement

I promise to expand on this soon. I missed the December birthdays. BUT in May there are 2 days in a row that have 3 horror greats birthdays. Watch this blog.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year in review: Most popular posts: #3

Number three is Teaser Tuesday Artwork Addition

I know that should be Edition. But no one seemed to care. This was the unveiling of the cover of Killer. I got only one No on it.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Year in review: Most popular posts: #4

My fourth most popular post was this How to Make up the Character That You Need Now!

My advice as a panster to writers that need a little shove. It really does help if you need to come up with character quickly.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010

#SampleSunday Opening of Patriarch

*This is the first 700 words to Patriarch. It is in an early stage of editing. So this is a really rough, really bad stuff here. If you are brave: continue.

A white van turned the corner, making Steopa jump back onto the curb. The car that the van had cut off, swerved and hit their horn. Steopa reached back and laid his hand on Rebecka's shoulder.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

Rebecka patted his large hand. “You were nearly run over, not me.”

He turned his head to watch the white van as it drove away from them. He took Rebecka's hand and walked down the street, following the van. People moved out of his way as he began to pick up his pace. His statue, all seven feet, would make anyone want to avoid being run down by him. But the people on the street did not see him.

Steopa and Rebecka had blurred. Shadows covered both of them as they stayed on the white van's path. Its path was erratic. Turning down one street, then another. The darkened windows had piqued his attention. A shroud covered the van. Someone in that van wanted to die.

The van rode low to the ground. So low that if it hit a large bump, it would get stuck. The blackened windows did not allow anyone to see how many people were inside. From the interior you could feel, before you heard, the heavy bass lines echoing from a hip hop song.

Steopa strained to hear, over the bass and engine, the heartbeats of  the occupants. He heard three. The strongest, a steady beat, with a slight irregularity, almost drowned out the other two. Those beats were fast. Two of the occupants were frightened.

The van slowed down. Steopa paused on the street. He pulled out a  hair tie from his overcoat's pocket and tied his long black hair back. Rebecka motioned with her head to across the street.

Across the street, a group of seven men, all wearing the same shade of red, watched the van roll pass. The van turned down another street and the group of men followed it. Steopa raised his eyebrow. Rebecka grinned.

Steopa faded into the shadows, Rebecka did the same. They jumped across the street, then followed the men. The van turned into a parking lot of an old factory. It drove through a set of open double doors and shut off its engine. The music still echoed. The group walked into the same building. Two of them turned around and shut the double doors behind them.

Steopa looked up. The factory had four floors. The third floor, set back a little ways from the edge of the building, had the most windows. Most of them were broken, at one time it may have been the only light source in the building.

He jumped and landed on the small ledge around the windows. Rebecka joined him. He leaned over the empty window frame and studied the scene below. The van had pulled into the middle of the factory floor. The group of men surrounded it. One of them walked up to the driver's side door.

Rebecka put her arm through the empty window pane, then pulled it back. Steopa gave her a single nod. Even if a place was abandoned, it didn't mean they could walk inside. This old factory did not have the barrier. Nothing would stop them from entering.

“It is abandoned.” He whispered.

“You never know,” she said.

The driver got out of the van. Unlike the other men in the factory, the driver wore a suit coat over blue jeans. The one that had walked up to the van and the driver walked over to the large side door. They were engaged in an animated conversation.

Steopa could hear parts of the conversation. They discussed a payment. Money, exchanged hands. The driver opened the side door. Steopa grabbed Rebecka as she lunged forward.

The children were bound and gagged on the floor of the van. Steopa growled. Each of the men grabbed one of them and pulled the children out. Two of the red hooded men came forward and took the children.

Rebecka pried Steopa's fingers off her arm. Steopa grabbed her wrist. Rebecka glared at him. Steopa whispered. “Wait.”


“When I come back, get the children.” Steopa jumped down to the ground.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sometimes the Fool is the sanest one.

Last Thursday, I met a man. He had a "unique" view on the world. He wasn't violent, or angry, or threatening in anyway. He was intelligent, but had a strange way at looking at the world. He asked me about my books. We talked for a while, and the conversation went to this question:

"Are there real vampires?"

I used the historical argument. That vampires were the lack of understanding about how the body decomposes and how disease works. How they were a manifestation of our fear of death. He cut me off.

"I know that, but are there real vampires?"

Because of the conversation I had with him already. I realized that he would not take any answer other than "Yes."

Have you ever talked to someone that is a little off? Your gut tells you that if you say the wrong thing, they might go off on you. That is what I was facing.

So I asked him. "If there are, would they want us to know?"

He got excited. "That sounds like you met them."

Luckily, I was saved by a friend. She interupted us and asked me to come with her. I have never been so relieved.

But it got me thinking. What if they were real? How would we know? I doubt a 1500 year old vampire would go online and claim to be exactly that. I think they would be the ones going around "Change me please!" and when someone agrees. They would show up and smile! The rest you can leave up to your imgination.

Would a real vampire spend their time in high school? I would say no, but Musings of a High School Vampire might change your mind. At least it made me think it could be possible for a vampire to hide out as a high school student. But I would think that the vampire, if they wanted to bother with the school scene, would pick college. An art school might be the best. Or pretend to be an out of work actor. There are so many more interesting things they could do, other than go back to high school.

Would a real vampire take weeks to stalk someone? I think it would depend on how bored their were, and who they were stalking. I could see a realy bored vampire finding a serial killer and seeing if the killer would recognize that they were being hunted too.

Could they survive in sunlight? Depends on the vampire. Movies make us believe that they explode in the sun*. But in the folklore can go any way. There were some that could not stand the sun, some that could not stand the moonlight, some change appearance depending on what time it was, etc.

What about appearing legal? Getting the right paperwork together, so they didn't have that hassle.  Either they won't care, or know "the right people"

Have I met a vampire? Only the ones in my head.

But there was that one time...

* If you look up how hot the human body has to be in order for it to burn, vampires must be made out of flammable tissue paper

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bed Bugs and Vampires

Bed bugs are real. We have spent the last three years fighting them in our apartment. With the landlords help, right now I will say there is an armistice. My personal feelings are, between them and cockroaches. I will take cockroaches. You clean the house and lay down some poison. The cockroaches leave. Bed bugs, hide and hibernate until they can strike again.

They are blood suckers. They have evolved to feed off humans. You won't find them on animals. They might hitch a ride, but they will not be feeding. They come at night. So you can see the connection to vampires immediately.

But my theory has to do with the bite marks that vampires are supposed to leave. Most lore mentions small marks on the neck. It bothered me. If you seen a dog bite, or even a human bite, you know that the marks are not small. They are not dots. They look horrible. The skin bruises and the wounds are ragged.

So why small marks?

It wasn't until last summer when I got bitten on the neck by bed bugs, did I see the connection. There on my neck were small wounds. Right along the jugular. I had my own vampire bite. Some people wondered if I had done the bites to myself because of my books. I was embarrassed by them, more than anything.

Not me, but a good example of what the bites look like.

So what do you think? Would some people wake up in the morning, feeling a bit tired (they can wake you up if they are really hungry), and see the marks on their neck, think a vampire came in the night?

Only I don't think a vampire bite will itch and last for days.  Stupid bugs.

The only saving grace of these little vampires, is that they do not transmit diseases. Whereas real vampires, being dead, might be full of stuff that could make you sick.  But that being said. I would rather have the real vampire. At least I can put garlic around the house and they will leave. Not like the bed bugs. Grr stupid bugs.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Update: well strange things afoot.

First off, an apology. I still have not got the file up for the Kindle version of Killer. I don't want to bore you with the long torrid tale, but it involves a crashed motherboard, and switching operating system. I am sure once I look around the Linux community I can find what I need to get the file in the correct format and up. But I just have not had the time.

The short story challenge; Great start. I got the first one done! I am getting it critiqued! Yay! The second one, not so good. The first theme: Prehistory. My mind went blank. Nothing. Nada. I had one idea, but I couldn't articulate it. So I went to the next theme: Marionettes. I have ideas. Now I just have to filter out which ones.

Two projects are starting to come together. I can't talk about them yet. But one I hope will help make more people interested in my writing. The other is still in the brainstorming stage. When a more solid idea is formed, and everyone I need is on board. I will make an announcement.

As for Patriarch. I know it's going to be a thicker book. When you start delving into Steopa's past, you have a lot to work with. Best change so far. Perun comes into the story earlier.  Who is Perun? He's a force of nature. And when I told my husband he is making his appearance earlier, my husband clapped. I can guarantee you, you are either going to love him or hate him. There will be no middle ground.

So that is the update. More insights into my mind later.