Monday, December 20, 2010

Sometimes the Fool is the sanest one.

Last Thursday, I met a man. He had a "unique" view on the world. He wasn't violent, or angry, or threatening in anyway. He was intelligent, but had a strange way at looking at the world. He asked me about my books. We talked for a while, and the conversation went to this question:

"Are there real vampires?"

I used the historical argument. That vampires were the lack of understanding about how the body decomposes and how disease works. How they were a manifestation of our fear of death. He cut me off.

"I know that, but are there real vampires?"

Because of the conversation I had with him already. I realized that he would not take any answer other than "Yes."

Have you ever talked to someone that is a little off? Your gut tells you that if you say the wrong thing, they might go off on you. That is what I was facing.

So I asked him. "If there are, would they want us to know?"

He got excited. "That sounds like you met them."

Luckily, I was saved by a friend. She interupted us and asked me to come with her. I have never been so relieved.

But it got me thinking. What if they were real? How would we know? I doubt a 1500 year old vampire would go online and claim to be exactly that. I think they would be the ones going around "Change me please!" and when someone agrees. They would show up and smile! The rest you can leave up to your imgination.

Would a real vampire spend their time in high school? I would say no, but Musings of a High School Vampire might change your mind. At least it made me think it could be possible for a vampire to hide out as a high school student. But I would think that the vampire, if they wanted to bother with the school scene, would pick college. An art school might be the best. Or pretend to be an out of work actor. There are so many more interesting things they could do, other than go back to high school.

Would a real vampire take weeks to stalk someone? I think it would depend on how bored their were, and who they were stalking. I could see a realy bored vampire finding a serial killer and seeing if the killer would recognize that they were being hunted too.

Could they survive in sunlight? Depends on the vampire. Movies make us believe that they explode in the sun*. But in the folklore can go any way. There were some that could not stand the sun, some that could not stand the moonlight, some change appearance depending on what time it was, etc.

What about appearing legal? Getting the right paperwork together, so they didn't have that hassle.  Either they won't care, or know "the right people"

Have I met a vampire? Only the ones in my head.

But there was that one time...

* If you look up how hot the human body has to be in order for it to burn, vampires must be made out of flammable tissue paper


  1. Will Killer be available for Kindle?

  2. That is moving up on my list of things to do. Aiming for the end of January

  3. Great blog, Mari! I agree--why would a vampire go back to high school? Whether you are living or undead, I have no idea why anyone would want to go back to that period. College would be much more appealing. I clicked on that link and could not stand to read much of it--as you know, with the Internet, anyone can claim to be anything. I thought you would mention Vampyres, and these are living vampires who do consume human blood. Yes, I have dealt with people that you have to walk on eggshells or they will flip. I am glad your friend rescued you.