Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Update: well strange things afoot.

First off, an apology. I still have not got the file up for the Kindle version of Killer. I don't want to bore you with the long torrid tale, but it involves a crashed motherboard, and switching operating system. I am sure once I look around the Linux community I can find what I need to get the file in the correct format and up. But I just have not had the time.

The short story challenge; Great start. I got the first one done! I am getting it critiqued! Yay! The second one, not so good. The first theme: Prehistory. My mind went blank. Nothing. Nada. I had one idea, but I couldn't articulate it. So I went to the next theme: Marionettes. I have ideas. Now I just have to filter out which ones.

Two projects are starting to come together. I can't talk about them yet. But one I hope will help make more people interested in my writing. The other is still in the brainstorming stage. When a more solid idea is formed, and everyone I need is on board. I will make an announcement.

As for Patriarch. I know it's going to be a thicker book. When you start delving into Steopa's past, you have a lot to work with. Best change so far. Perun comes into the story earlier.  Who is Perun? He's a force of nature. And when I told my husband he is making his appearance earlier, my husband clapped. I can guarantee you, you are either going to love him or hate him. There will be no middle ground.

So that is the update. More insights into my mind later.

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