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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 14 Part 3

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

He walked across the street, not waiting for the traffic. Teodor kept his eyes on the youth. A car honked at Teodor as he weaved his way in and out the vehicles. The youth had not moved. Teodor jumped over a snow bank and on to the same sidewalk as the youth.

The youth turned and walked down the street. Teodor stayed behind him, just far enough to see where he was heading. The young man picked up his pace. Teodor caught the young man's scent. He slowed down. He could smell the young man now, he didn't need to stay within eyesight.

The traffic on the street was heavy, but the sidewalks did not have as much traffic. Not every sidewalk had been cleared off. The ones that had were easy enough to walk over, but then Teodor would hit a section covered in snow. The foot traffic had compressed most of the snow by now. Making the walk slick.

Teodor could smell that the young man had changed direction again. He had turned into an empty lot. The snow in the lot had been compressed so much by other walkers, that it would be hard to find the young man's foot prints. Yet, his scent was fresh enough so Teodor could sort it away from the others.

The young man's path lead him between two buildings too small to be an alley, it was full of bikes, garbage cans, and new shovels. Teodor slowed down. The young man's scent became stronger here, but Teodor could not see him.

Teodor entered the walkway. Someone struck from the side. Teodor hit the wall and bounced off. He shouldered the young man into the other wall. The young man threw a wild punch. The fist hit Teodor in the throat. He lost his breath. The young man forced Teodor's head down on his raised knee. Teodor grabbed the young man's lower leg and lifted. The young man and him fell backwards onto the walkway.

A pain hit Teodor's lower back. It burned and stung like only one thing would. Silver. The burning took over his entire lower back. Teodor couldn't move. He tried to roll over, but he could not get his body to respond. The young man scrambled away, kicking Teodor in the face as he got away. Teodor forced his arm behind his back. Every movement sent a shot of pain through his whole body. He couldn't feel were the silver had entered him. He pulled his hand out and saw the blood. He wouldn't heal, not with silver in the wound.

Using his hand, Teodor pushed himself over on his side. Breathing in the cold moist air. He tried to change, to force the silver out of his body. Nothing worked.

Numbness traveled up his spine. Teodor reached out with his hand and found a handhold on the ground. He pulled himself towards the entrance of the walkway. Where's Amanda? He thought.

Teodor reached out again and pulled himself a little further along the walkway. Then a familiar smell came closer. Teodor lifted his head. Brutus ambled down the alley, sniffing at the ground.

The newspaper seller's dog lifted his head and whined when he saw Teodor. Teodor whined back. Brutus padded over and kissed Teodor's face.

“Hey Brutus,” Teodor said, “Can you get me some help?”

Brutus barked.


Brutus licked Teodor's face, and ran off. Teodor heard the barking and howling start up. Even if the other dogs could not do anything to help, the message would get to Amanda.

Teodor laid on his side. He breathed deeply. The pain radiated from the wound to his chest. Teodor coughed. He could feel the silver moving through his body.

Who the hell was that? He thought.

Snow fell again. Teodor looked up. The skies were blue. The snow was being blown off the roofs of the surrounding buildings. Teodor shook, from the silver. The cold did not bother him as much as the searing pain. A few people walked past the entrance of the walkway, but no one glanced into the empty space. Teodor felt the burning pain start to travel up his spine. He tried to move his arm, but it laid along his side.


Amanda ran to his side. She covered his wound, then pulled her hand away quickly.

“It's silver,” Teodor said.

Amanda dug a glove out of her jacket and put it on. She tugged at his wound. She swore under her breath. Teodor felt the pressure disappear. Amanda threw the bloody knife blade into the snow. The pain traveled though Teodor's body. Amanda pulled her glove off, then pressed it against his back.

“Can you move?” Amanda asked.

“No,” Teodor said. His neck felt like it was on fire.

Brutus waddled back into the walkway. He laid down next to Teodor and whined.

“I need to get help,” Amanda said.

Brutus whined and growled.

“Alright, you stay with him,” Amanda said to Brutus.

Amanda ran out of the walkway. Brutus licked Teodor's forehead.

“Can you still smell the guy that did this?” Teodor asked.

Brutus barked.

“I have to find him,”

Brutus howled. The other dogs in the neighborhood picked up the howl. Teodor listened to their conversation. The young man had been seen, walking to the south. The pain pressed against his head. Teodor's eyes felt dry. He tried blinking them, he could not move his eyelids.

The snow swirled around Teodor again. He saw nothing, but white.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 14 Part 2

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

“But she's just a game,” Amanda said.

“What are you talking about?” Teodor asked.

“When you are kids you scare each other with stories of Bloody Mary. You stand in front of a mirror and say her name three times. She supposed to appear in the mirror.”

“She is also a Hag,” Albrecht said, “If you were to say her name in the right location she will appear.”

“So she would reach through the mirror and kill you?” Amanda asked.

“If you were at the right place,” Albrecht said.

“How do you know this?” Teodor asked.

Albrecht crossed his arms. “Because I am a Mage,” He said, waving his fingers, “But anyone that was curious could figure this out.”

Teodor sighed. “A real Mage?”

“I see,” Albrecht said, “Have you met a real Mage before?”

Teodor nodded, “One was with the villagers that went after my pack. But there are people that claim they know magic-” He stopped talking. He knew one more mage, but Albrecht did not need to know.

Albrecht held his hand out, palm up. His hand filled with fire. He shook his hand and the fire turned to snow that fell to the floor. Teodor sat down at the chair. The danger came from Albrecht. Amanda stared at the melting snow on the floor.

“What just happened?” Amanda asked.

Teodor leaned forward, “Mages harness power. A good Mage can call up any power they want at any time.”

Albrecht nodded.

Amanda glanced at Teodor and then Albrecht. She shook her head, then ran her fingers through her hair. “So what you are saying is that this Hag is around here?”

“A little more than that,” Albrecht said, “At one time she lived around here.”

“Steopa asked her, her name,” Teodor said, “But she would not say what it was.”

“That is important, if she doesn't want us to know her name, that is a big clue to who she is.”

“And we could figure out how to destroy her?” Teodor asked.

Albrecht nodded, “What else did she say?”

“She said Baba Yaga was her sister,” Amanda said.

Albrecht looked at his feet for a moment. “In a way, In a way, but Baba Yaga has moved beyond being just a Hag.”

“It has been suggested that she wants an audience,” Teodor said.

Albrecht looked up, staring at Teodor underneath his eyebrows, “That is a very astute assessment. Because her power comes from belief.”

Teodor glanced at Amanda, she shrugged.

Albrecht went behind his desk. “When you did Blood Mary, did you really believe that she would appear?”

Amanda tilted her head, “Once or twice. My friend swore one time she saw Bloody Mary. I saw something in the mirror, but it could have been just a reflection.”

“It was her,” Albrecht said. “But either you did not have enough belief, or the pull to bring her to you was not strong enough.”

“So if no one believes in her, she will go away?” Teodor asked.

“It is not that simple.” Albrecht opened a thick leather volume. “A Hag only exists if people believe in her, but she is aware enough to make sure people remember her.”

“So stories of Bloody Mary, Black Annis, and La Llorona, help keep those Hags around,” Amanda said.

Albrecht nodded. “But usually that is enough, the stories, the little parlor games, but this Hag is manifesting. She is desperate to be remembered.” He flipped through the book, “Or she was awakened?”

“What?” Teodor asked.

“Sometimes things like Hags sleep,” Albrecht said, “If they are forgotten, they fade away. But she is fighting it. She might have been awakened.”

“So she's pissed,” Amanda said.

Albrecht nodded. He smoothed out the page in the book. “Here. A localized revenger spirit will haunt an area where the locals still remember them. They will only be active as long as the belief is still strong. Some rely on objects to focus their powers.”

He closed the book, “She might have some object or place she is really attracted too.”

“She has been terrorizing the kids at the old workhouse,” Amanda said.

“That is a good place to start. It had been owned by Thorson's years ago,” Albrecht said.

“Thorson?” Teodor asked.

“He was one of the founding fathers of this town,” Amanda said. “He owned half of it at one time.”

“And the workhouse?”

“It was his public good work project,” Albrecht said, “Basically he would put take homeless and destitute and give them a place to live. Force the fear of God into them. And work them like slaves.”

“The kids were homeless,” Teodor said. “Could this be related to Thorson?”

Albrecht shrugged, “Possibly, There are a lot of tales about Thorson. The gentle public image and the nastier side too. The tales would be a good place to start.”

“I wouldn't mind going to the library,” Amanda said.

“Historical society would be a better source,” Albrecht said. He put down the book. “Has anything worked against the Hag?”

“Rock salt,” Teodor said.

“That works against any spirits. Anything else?”

“No,” Amanda said. “Look, how could she kept us out last night?“

“How did she do what?” Albrecht asked.

“We couldn't get into the workhouse. Like Steopa-”

Teodor kicked Amanda under the table.

“What! You already mentioned him?” Amanda said.

“Steopa?” Albrecht asked. “That is an odd name.”

“He is a friend of mine,” Teodor said. Steopa will kill him if he shows up with a stake, but... “He is a vampire.”

Albrecht did not look surprised, “There are a few in this town.”

“You're not going to hunt them down are you?” Teodor asked.

Albrecht shook his head. “Everything deserves a place to live. Vampires are just predators for humans.”

Teodor stared at Albrecht. Was this guy for real? He thought. Most Mages in Europe would jump at a chance to kill a vampire. “Alright, it was like what keeps a vampire out of private places. Steopa threw a stump through the window and we were able to get in.”

Albrecht lowered his head again, “That one I will have to do some research on. I have a few theories, but nothing that I want to say at this point.”

“Are the kids from the workhouse safe, now?” Amanda asked. “Most of them ended up at foster homes.”

Albrecht shrugged. “If they find a good home, yes. But some might go back on the street.”

“I have been wondering,” Teodor said. “Why are there so many children on the street now. I didn't see this many kids on the street in Stalingrad.”

Albrecht looked up. “I have noticed that too. Two years ago, there were a few, but lately there are more kids than adults on the streets.”

The noise of someone knocking on the front door made Albrecht turn around. “Oh,” he said, “I forgot my delivery was coming. Excuse me.”

Albrecht left them in the office. Teodor turned to Amanda, “What do you think?”

“He's strange.”

“I know.”

“How's does Bilge know this guy?”

“I don't know,” Teodor said. “But he could have hurt or killed us by now.”

“He doesn't seem that dangerous,” Amanda said, blowing a strand of hair out of her face.

“Depends how powerful he is,” Teodor said, “A real Mage can do amazing things.”

Amanda shook her head. “I don't believe any of that, age of Aquarius type shit.”

Teodor shook his head. “Amanda, you are a werewolf, we have been fighting a Hag, and you are having trouble accepting that Albrecht is a Mage?”

Amanda shrugged. “Magic always seemed to be full of charlatans.”

Albrecht came back into the room with a cardboard box under his arm. “So what do you want to do now?”

“I want to find that Hag,” Teodor said.

“Then you have to find out who she was. When you do, come back here.”

“Aren't you going to do anything?” Amanda asked.

Albrecht placed the box on the desk. “I have my own issues to deal with. But I will assist when I can.”

Teodor stood up. “Well, thanks for your time."

“Say hello to Bilge for me,” Albrecht said.

Amanda stood up, “Is there anything we can do to protect the kids that we know?”

“Be there for them. The Hag wants the kids alone. Don't let them be.”

Amanda nodded. Teodor put his arm around her and the left the shop. Outside Teodor and her walked down the street. The plows had been out, leaving the street and sidewalk separated by tall snow banks. Teodor glanced across the street. The young man that had been hanging outside of the Pit stood at a street corner. The collar of his coat pulled up around his face. His knitted hat pulled down past his ears. All Teodor could see was the youth's eyes. A soft growl escaped his throat. Amanda glanced at him.

“What is it?” she asked.

“That kid,” Teodor said.

“What about him?”

“He's been hanging around the Pit.”


Teodor dropped his arm, “I think I am going to talk to him.”

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 14 Part 1

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

It was late when Amanda and Teodor returned to the Pit. Bilge met them downstairs. They told him what had happened.

Bilge nodded. “I saw, the news was all over it, the boys saw it too.”

Teodor sat down on a bar stool and let his shoulders fall. “We couldn't reach them.”

Amanda laid her head on Teodor's shoulder. “We tried.”

“That Hag was going to skin them all.”

Bilge reached for a bottle of whiskey.

“What happened to the kids?” Teodor asked

Bilge lined up three shot glasses. “According to the news. They are all going to the hospital tonight, then foster homes.”

“At least they will be safe,” Amanda said.

Bilge poured the whiskey out. He slid a glass to Amanda and one to Teodor. Teodor looked at the amber liquid. “What is that supposed to do?”

“You need it,” Bilge said.

Teodor picked up his shot glass and sniffed the whiskey. He had been around alcohol enough. Steopa would drink vodka, even though it did nothing to a vampire. Teodor could never figure out why, it had no smell or taste. The whiskey had a stronger smell, but it wasn't unpleasant. Teodor sipped.

Bilge chuckled, “One go,” he said and downed his shot.

Teodor threw his head back. The whiskey burned as he swallowed and hit his empty stomach. Teodor coughed. Amanda slapped him on the back.

“It's okay,” she said. Amanda drank her shot. She wiped her mouth on her sleeve.

“What happened?” Bilge asked.

Teodor picked up the shot glass and studied the light bouncing off the inside of the cup. “We failed.”

“We couldn't get in,” Amanda said.

“What do you mean?” Bilge asked.

“We couldn't get in,” Teodor said, “Something was keeping us out.”

“The Hag?”

Teodor shrugged.

Bilge poured out another shot for himself. He tilted the bottle towards Teodor. Teodor shook his head.

“Tell you what you two are going to do,” Bilge said. “I am gonna send you over to a friend of mine's shop, tomorrow. He will know what you are, but since I am sending you, there won't be any problems. You tell him everything.”

“Why?” Teodor asked.

“Because the Hag tried to keep you away from the children. I think she is frightened of you.” Bilge drank his shot.

“Frightened of us?” Teodor asked.

Bilge nodded. “You are a flipping werewolf.”

Teodor sighed. “It did nothing tonight.”

Amanda nodded. “Come on, Teodor. Let's get some sleep, okay.”

Teodor patted her hand. “Yeah, I guess.”

They went to their new apartment. Bilge left them a couple of sleeping bags on the floor. Amanda undressed. Teodor stood in the middle of the room, looking at the floor.

“Teodor, lay down,” she said.

“Maybe my dad was right,” he said. “Being the runt means I can't do shit.”

Amanda kicked her pants away. “You're father was an asshole.”

“He would have killed the Hag by now."

Amanda took off her bra. “And then what?”

Teodor looked up. Amanda looked beautiful. But he sighed. “He would have eaten the kids.”

“You are better than him, remember that.”

Amanda came over to him and ran her fingers through his short beard. Teodor wrapped his arm around her. He kissed her neck. Amanda stroked his chest.

“We should do what Bilge said,” Amanda said.

Teodor nodded, not taking his lips off her neck.

“Perhaps we need to find out more,” she said.

Teodor lifted his head. “Stop talking.”

Amanda smiled. She pulled away from him and slid into the sleeping bag. Teodor stripped and joined her.

They didn't leave the Pit until the afternoon. The address that Bilge gave them sat in the shopping area near the University. They passed by the store twice before Teodor saw the door.

The bookstore did not have any large signs outside. It didn't look open. The windows covered and filled with old junk, just a small sign in the corner of one of the windows read open. They walked in. Books were everywhere. In the bookcases, piled on the bookcases, piled on the floor, and strewn over the tables. The place smelled of old paper and leather. In the front of the shop had a small rack of new best sellers, near a counter. Teodor looked up. There was an upper balcony that carried on the jumbled mess upstairs.

A man coughed. Teodor looked. Walking towards them was a tall, thin, gray haired man. His hair was long and pulled back into a ponytail. He looked as young as Teodor did, but his eyes looked far older. Teodor felt the hair on his neck rise. There was danger here, but Teodor could not sense where.

The man stood behind the counter. “Can I help you?”

“Albert? Bilge sent us,” Teodor said.

The man glanced around the store. Then he walked to the main door and locked it. “Follow me. My name is Albrecht, not Albert.”

“You don't sound German,” Amanda said.

“My mother loved Albrecht Durer's artwork."

They followed him to the back of the store. Albrecht unlocked a door and held it open for both of them. Inside the little office, was the usual desk and files, but along one wall were two chairs. They sat on either side of a small round table, covered in a red velvet cloth.

“Are we going to have trouble or do I have to get my silver cane?” Albrecht asked.

“Bilge said you weren't going to give us any trouble,” Teodor said.

“I'm not as trusting as he is.”

“No problems,” Amanda said.

Albrecht motioned with his hand to the two chairs. Amanda sat down, but Teodor did not. He pulled the chair out and stood behind the chair.

“So you are hunting the Hag?” Albrecht asked. He leaned up against his desk, but did not take his eyes off Teodor.

“Yes,” Teodor said.

“Hags are tough. Basically, they are ghosts, but they have more power than your regular spirit.”

“She's a ghost?” Amanda asked.

“Yes, a ghost haunts one small area, but a Hag can go anywhere in a larger area. As long as that area mets certain requirements.  A ghost will not harm you, a Hag will kill.”

“What makes them so different?” Amanda asked.

Albrecht rubbed his hands together. “Because they become famous.”

“What?” Teodor asked.

“Are you familiar with Bloody Mary?” Albrecht asked.

Teodor shook his head.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 13

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

Teodor did not care how cold it had gotten. He went back to his human form as he approached Steopa.

“What the hell was that?” He asked, shaking more with anger than the cold.

“What?” Steopa asked.

“Why couldn't we get in?”

“I was not invited inside,” Steopa said.

“But Amanda and I had been in there before.”

“I do not know.” Steopa said.

Teodor kicked the snow. “Fuck!”

He stood in the cold snow for a moment, breathing in the icy air. He raised his hands behind his head and took a deep breath. This was not the time to get angry. That time had passed.

Steopa took off his overcoat and handed it to Teodor.

“Thanks,” he said. He pointed to Steopa's throat. “How's the neck?”


Teodor wrapped the coat around him. “I have to call the police.”

"What will you say to them?" Steopa asked.

"I heard screaming." Teodor walked toward the road. He sunk in the snow drifts. The snow came up to his upper thighs. It would be easier to travel on the snow like a wolf, but he wanted to feel the icy wetness.

Steopa walked on top of the fresh powder. He caught up with Teodor. “Does she skin all of them?”

Teodor paused in the snow. “I think so."

“What does she do with the bodies?”

“Does it matter?”

"Yes, she left them.”

The cold made his body quake. Teodor changed into his hybrid form. “She hasn't before.”

Steopa glanced back at the workhouse, his brow wrinkled. “And it is only children she attacks?”

“What are you doing?” Teodor asked. “There are kids killed in there and you are asking twenty questions.”

Steopa tilted his head and stared at Teodor. “You are right, call he police, let the humans handle this.”

“I am going to."

“After the police come, then what?”

“They will take the kids from here. They will be safer somewhere else.”

“And the Hag?”

“To hell with her."

Steopa crossed his arms. “You are giving up?”

Teodor's shoulder's fell. “I couldn't protect them, I tried, but she killed them. She doesn't care who sees her kill.”

“Then she is not afraid of being found out,” Steopa said. “I have to hunt carefully. I have to make sure that my kills looked like accidental deaths. But the Hag is not that cautious.”

“What are you implying?”

“She wants an audience.”

Teodor glanced back at the workhouse. “Why?”

“I think to frighten the children. You remember the tales of Baba Yaga and Muma Padurii. I had nightmares when I was little.”

Teodor scoffed, it was hard to imagine Steopa as a little child.

“But those stories had their purpose,” Steopa said.

“I know. They kept me inline. That and my dad would beat the crap out of me.”

Steopa rubbed his chin. “Yes, call the police. If she wants attention, we should give her some.”

“Go back and tell Amanda."

He raced down the snow drifts towards the road. In the distance he could see the lighted sign of a gas station.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 12

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

The snow buried the old workhouse. A faint light came from the windows in the old cafeteria. Teodor and Amanda hurried over the snow. Teodor kept his nose down. The snow covered most of the smells. He didn't smell anything new. But he wouldn't be able to smell the Hag anyway.

As they got closer to the old workhouse, he caught a whiff of vodka. Teodor lifted his head. Steopa stood in a grove just below the building.

Teodor approached Steopa. Steopa glanced at Teodor. “She is here.” he said in a low voice.

Amanda changed into the hybrid. “Where?” she growled.

Steopa nodded in a direction Teodor sat on his hunches and looked in the direction that Steopa pointed out. Across the snow, in the trees, shadows moved. A human would not have been able to see the subtle differences from the shadows from the trees, to the ones the Hag casted. To a werewolf, she was a slightly darker shade of gray. She had the same aura that Steopa had, but hers was lighter.

Amanda whined. Teodor shook his head. Steopa moved a little closer to the Hag. The Hag stopped. The shadows flowed around her like a long dress. She stared at Teodor, Steopa, and Amanda.

“What are you?” she asked. Her voice sounded as if the wind sucked it away.

Amanda stepped forward. “Stay away from those children.”

The Hag floated closer. “They have been thrown away. They are mine.”

Amanda growled.

“You are not Baba Yaga,” Steopa said.

The Hag stared at Steopa. She had no eyes, only black holes. “That is my sister.” She hissed, “How do you know her?”

“I do not know you."

“My name is my own." The Hag floated closer. Teodor realized that she tried to move between them and the workhouse. Teodor padded over to the side, blocking her advance.

“Smart dog,” the Hag said.

Teodor tilted his head. Does she not know what I am? He thought.

The Hag glided closer to Amanda. “Do you claim those children as yours?” she asked.

Amanda growled. “I will not let you harm them.”

The Hag laughed, a high screeching laugh, snow fell from the trees as she laughed. “You cannot protect them all.”

“What do you want with them?”

“All lost children are mine, or my sisters,” she said. “It has always been that way.”

Amanda growled and jumped. The Hag disappeared. Amanda hit the snow and rolled. Teodor saw the Hag reappear on the other side of Steopa. He jumped. Teodor felt the Hag's rags in his mouth. He could taste leather and acid. He closed his jaws as he landed. The Hag screamed. He pulled. The Hag screamed again.

Steopa ran over and tackled the Hag. She clawed at him, dragging deep furrows in his flesh. She brought her hand back, and shoved her claws though Steopa's neck. He hissed. With one of his hands he shoved her claws away from him.

Amanda raked the Hag. She fell on Teodor as her claws went through air. The Hag's fingernails tore into Teodor's hide, yet he could not see her. He yelped dropping the leather.

Steopa fell to his knees, holding his neck. Amanda howled and ran towards the workhouse. Teodor whined, jumping between Steopa and Amanda.

“Go!” Steopa choked.

Teodor bolted toward the workhouse.

Amanda yanked on the door handle.“I can't get in!” She screamed.

Teodor ran up to the door. He bounced off something that he could not see or smell. The children inside screamed. He knew that scream. A scream of pure terror. Teodor howled in frustration and ran to the large windows.

Through the window he saw the Hag. One skinned body laid at her feet as she picked up another child. Teodor threw his weight against the window. He bounced off it as if he had hit a wall. Steopa caught up with Teodor. Teodor changed to his hybrid form. He tried again.

“We can't get in!” He shouted to Steopa.

One of the children's bodies hit the window. It left a bloody trail as it slid down the glass. Steopa ran up to the windows. He bounced off the same invisible barrier. Steopa ran back to the forest.

The Hag picked up another child and sliced her skin open. Steopa yelled something, that Teodor could not make out. He spun around in time to duck. Over his head, flew a tree stump. Steopa skidded to a stop. The tree stump hit the window and broke the glass. Teodor covered his head and rolled out of the way. He hit the wall with his shoulder. The barrier was gone.

The Hag screamed. Teodor jumped, changing into his wolf form as he entered the workhouse. The Hag spun around and hissed at Teodor. Teodor rushed her; growling, snarling, and barking. The Hag dissipated. The children that were still alive crowded together at the old stage. The stump laid against the other side of the room.

There were five skinned bodies laying on the floor of the workhouse. Teodor whined. Tasche patted his thigh. “Come here, boy."

Teodor padded over to Tasche. He hugged Teodor. “It's okay boy, you tried to scare her away.”

Amanda pushed the door open with her muzzle. She howled when she saw the bodies. Teodor tried to come over to her side, but Tasche would not let him go. His body shook as he cried. Teodor glanced out the window. Steopa stepped back into the darkness outside.

Teodor wiggled away from Tasche. He padded over to Amanda. He glanced over his shoulder. Tasche had turned to the rest of the children and made them move on to the stage. Some of the youngest ones screamed and cried.

Amanda padded over to the window. She placed her paw on the broken windowsill and howled.

Teodor came up to her and whined, “Stay here.”

Amanda licked his face then went over to the children. Teodor climbed out of the building. He could see the shadow of Steopa at the tree line.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 11

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

A few hours later, Bilge gave Teodor some money, and he braved the now weakening storm to get some pizzas from a nearby pizza parlor. As Teodor walked back to the bar, he saw an older youth standing in the alley across the street. Teodor felt the hair on the back of his neck rise. There was something wrong about that young man. Teodor sniffed the air, all he could smell was snow, the faint odor of gas, and an unwashed human.

The young man pulled his coat closer to his body. Teodor studied the young man. He reminded Teodor of one of his brothers; a tall, thin youth, with a strong build. His youngest brother had the same frame, he liked to scout for the family.

Teodor turned down the alley and took the back way into the bar. The wind died down. As he turned into the alley, Teodor could not feel any wind. Teodor opened the back door. As he walked inside, he glanced down to the street. The young man walked by. Teodor ducked inside the building.

The boy on the couch hadn't moved. Amanda redressed his wounds, as Teodor entered. Trucker sat in front of the old TV. His face and hair were clean. He rocked back and forth on the floor. Gunner moved to the old armchair in the living room, and snored, still wrapped up in the blankets.

Teodor brought the pizzas over to the table. Trucker bounced up and ran to the kitchen. Bilge shook his head. “Settle down there."

Gunner opened his eyes, “Smells good,” He said.

Bilge handed out the pizza slices. Trucker took his full plate back to the living room and ate, while watching a program with puppets.

Teodor opened the last box for Amanda and him, sausage, pepperoni, hamburger, and ham pizza with no cheese. Amanda sniffed at her slice, then tore off a large chunk of it.

The boy on the couch groaned. Amanda took her slice with her as she walked over to the boy.

“How are you feeling?” she asked.

Teodor grabbed a plate and sat down at the table, next to Bilge, “So do you think-”

A plate crashed to the floor. Teodor looked up. Amanda's plate laid at her feet in four pieces. She held her hand to her side. Her shoulders rising and falling with each breath. The boy stood up, a bloodied knife in his hand.

Teodor left the table, his chair flying out behind him. Trucker had scrambled across the living room floor and pressed himself against the wall. Teodor grabbed the boy, knocking the knife out of his hand.

Amanda raised her head, her eyes were yellow. She had controlled herself and stopped the changing. She pulled her hand away from her side, the wound healed.

Teodor twisted the boy around. “What the hell?”

“Let me go!” the boy shouted. He tried kicking Teodor.

Bilge ran up to Teodor and wrapped his arms around him. “Calm down, son,” he said. “They saved your life.”

“Fuck them!” the boy shouted.

Teodor raised his hand to strike the boy. Bilge shook his head. “Alright, We will just let you go out into the street as is. It's freezing. And you probably haven't eaten anything.”

“Fuck you!” The boy struggled to get out of Bilge's hands.

Gunner walked over, standing between the boy and Trucker. “I know you,” Gunner said. “You're the one that always is the lookout for the dealers.”

“What about it?”

“How many times has the Woman chased you?”

The boy stopped struggling. The boy glanced down at Amanda, then back at Gunner. “You've seen Her?”

“She tried to kill me last night,” Gunner said.

The boy's eyes went wide, “No one survives her.”

“Well, we have two here that are living proof that you can,” Bilge said.

“I saw her a few nights ago,” the boy said.

Amanda glanced up, her eyes had changed back to their crystal blue. “Why did you stab me?”

The boy didn't answer.

“Because when you run with the River Rats,” Gunner said, “An adult over you means trouble.”

“Yeah,” the boy said.

“What's your name?” Bilge asked.

“T-Boy,” the boy said.

Teodor glanced at Amanda. How come everyone they had met lately had nicknames? Teodor thought.

“T-Boy,” Amanda said. “You had a nasty knock to the head, you should rest for awhile.”

“I have to get back.” T-Boy said, “They are gonna come looking for me.”

“Who?” Teodor asked.

“The River Rats,” Gunner said.

Bilge let T-Boy go. “Then you better leave.”

Amanda stood up, “I don't think so.”

Bilge shook his head. “Let him go, Amanda.”

T-boy picked up his knife and ran towards the door. He slammed the door behind him.

“Good riddance,” Gunner said.

“Are they really that bad?” Amanda asked.

Gunner and Bilge nodded.

“I had them trash my place just after I opened,” Bilge said. “Because I wouldn't let them drink here.”

Trucker tugged on Gunner's blanket. “Do you think they found the others?”

Gunner shrugged, “I don't know.”

Amanda turned her head to Teodor, “We should go and see.”

Teodor nodded. “Yeah.”

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 10 Part 4

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

Teodor looked up and down the street. He didn't see anyone. Teodor changed his hand into the hybrid form, the part wolf and part human. He spanned his fingers across the furrows. He could not cover the hag's span.

He heard the clinking of glass behind the building. Teodor pulled his jacket around him tighter and walked to the alley way. He peeked around the side, the wind scraped across his cheeks.

A young boy pulled the empty bottles out of the garbage and threw them in a gunny sack. At first Teodor thought it was Trucker, but this boy had red hair. He wore a stained and torn army surplus jacket.

“What are you doing?” Teodor asked.

The boy looked up. He grabbed his sack and turned to run. Teodor stepped into the alley, just as the boy slipped on the ice and fell backwards. The sack crashed on the blacktop. The boy's head hit the pavement. He didn't move. Teodor ran over to him.

A pool of blood formed on the ice underneath the boy's head. Teodor cradled the boy's head and lifted him off the ice. He took the boy inside.

Bilge blew into an empty shotgun shell at the bar. He looked up. “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, another one?”

Teodor nodded, “He slipped on the ice out there, banged his head.”

Bilge shrugged, “Take him upstairs, I should start a day care.”

Teodor carried the unconscious boy upstairs. As he brought the boy inside Blige's apartment, he glanced at Trucker and Gunner. Both of them looked at the boy in Teodor's arms and then at each other. Gunner looked like he could kill the boy with his eyes.

“What's he doing here?” Gunner asked.

Amanda ran over with a dish towel. “What happened?”

“Slipped on the ice outside,” Teodor said.

“Lay him down,” she said.

Teodor placed the boy on the couch, then turned to Trucker and Gunner. “You guys know him?”

“Yeah, he's a River Rat,” Gunner said.

“They aint supposed to be in this part of town,” Trucker said.

“They don't care about that,” Gunner said to Trucker, then he turned to Teodor. “Call the cops, he's gonna steal anything not nailed down.”

“Can you get me another towel?” Amanda asked.

“He's not doing much now,” Teodor said, grabbing a dish towel off the counter.

“Those kids are into some really bad stuff,” Gunner said.

Teodor handed Amanda the dish towel. “They can't be that bad.”

Gunner stood up, wrapping his blankets around him. “Maybe not, but they work for some of the gangs, and others.”

“They're always trying to get us to join them,” Trucker said. “If we don't, they beat us.”

“Do you think these are the kids that stabbed Jazz?” Amanda asked.

Gunner's face went white. “You know what happened to Jazz?”

Amanda glanced at Teodor, with a panicked look. Teodor braced himself. Gunner's stance changed. He tensed. He squared his shoulders and stared at Amanda. Gunner let the blankets fall open, “What happened?”

“We found him begging," Teodor said. "Someone had stabbed him in the side. But the hag killed him.”

“And you couldn't stop her?” Gunner asked.

“She's quicker than us.”

“But you scared her away,” Trucker said.

“Maybe they didn't,” Gunner said. “They didn't tell us about Jazz, either.”

“How would we have explained it?” Teodor asked, returning Gunner's stare.

“Did you even try to help Jazz?” Gunner stepped closer to Teodor.

Teodor placed his hands on his hips. “We did, he didn't want our help.”

“Gunner, they saved your life last night.” Trucker said, his voice sounding quiet and far away.

“Maybe they are saving us for the Woman.”

“What?” Amanda threw down one of the bloody rags.

“What the hell?” Teodor asked.

“You two appear at the same time the Hag comes to our place,” Gunner said.

“We were looking for Trucker,” Amanda said.


“We wanted to make sure he was okay.”

“Bullshit,” Gunner said.

“Hey,” Teodor said. “Believe it or not, some adults don't want to hurt you.”

“Oh, so we are your charity cases now?"

“No. Look, you may not believe me, but I had a bad family too. I can relate.”


“I'm a werewolf, we're not supposed to be nice,” Teodor said.

“How many times did you dad beat the crap out of you?” Gunner asked.

“He wouldn't beat me, he's send one of my brothers to teach me a lesson,” Teodor said.

“Big fucking deal."

“Yours used his fists, or maybe a belt? Mine used claws, teeth, fists, and knives. So stop playing hurt little boy.”

“Teodor!” Amanda stood up.

“I watch out for the rest of the kids, asshole,” Gunner said.

“And the Hag is hunting you down like small animals, and you're scared.”

Gunner clamped his mouth shut, his body shook either from his temperature, or his anger. He glanced over his shoulder at Trucker. “Yeah, I'm scared."

“I'm sorry about Jazz,” Teodor said, “I am sorry you are getting hunted, but Amanda and I will help you.”

Gunner wrapped the blankets around him. “What about that one?” He asked, motioning with his head towards the couch.

“I couldn't let him freeze to death out there. Maybe they are being hunted, too?”

“They have adults watching them."

“Yeah, but you made it clear, they don't care about the kids.”

Gunner nodded, he turned around and sat back down at the kitchen table. “Yeah, if they aren't bringing enough money in from begging or stealing. They are turned over to some other people.”

“What sort of people?” Amanda asked.

“Bad. Trucker escaped from them.”

Trucker nodded, his face turned ashen. “They wanted to sell me to this guy, who...” he said. His eyes start to water.

“How old are you?” Amanda asked.

Trucker bit his lip and swallowed, “Eleven.”

Amanda covered her mouth. “Horrible.” She whispered.

Teodor put his arm around Amanda.

Bilge walked into the apartment. He paused. “Did I miss something?”

Gunner pointed to the boy on the couch, “That's a River Rat.”

Bilge looked at the kid, “One of those, he's not going to be trouble in the state he is in now.” He walked into the kitchen. “Trucker, go take a bath, I got some clean clothes for you.”

Trucker slid off the kitchen chair and left the room.

Bilge sat down at the table. “Guns are loaded,” he said, pulling out a pack of his thin cigars, “If she comes back, I'll shoot her again.”

Gunner reached for one of the cigars. Bilge slapped his hand away.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 10 Part 3

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

Teodor picked up Trucker. He snored in Teodor's ear, as he carried him upstairs. Trucker seemed so light for a child his age. Amanda went up the stairs ahead of them to Bilge's apartment.

This apartment had never seen a woman's touch. A small pile of dirty dishes sat in the sink. The kitchen wrapped around the edge of the room. A bare table, except for salt and pepper shakers made out of beer bottles, sat next to the kitchen counter. The living room had a couch, a TV, and a small bookshelf.

“Gunner's sleeping in Bilge's bed,” Amanda said.

Teodor put Trucker down on the couch. Trucker rolled over and curled up. Amanda covered him with an afgan from the back of the couch.

“He tries to be tough,” Amanda whispered.

Teodor put his arm around her, “All of them try to be,” he said. “Living on the streets does that to you.”

“Does he even have a family?” she asked.

Teodor shrugged. “Not anymore.”

Bilge came into the apartment, he put his keys down on his small table. “I got some more blankets and such.”

Amanda took Teodor's hand, “We could stay at our new place.”

Bilge shook his head, “I want us all together, I don't think that bitch is done with us.”

“Um, could you not use that word,” she said.


“Because I am really one.”

Bilge lit one of his slim cigars, “Yeah, I don't want to offend you.” He grinned.

Teodor walked over the window and looked out, the snow covered the street. The wind would blow the snow around in small little whirlpools. Teodor ran his fingernails down the glass. That Hag is out there, he thought. The next time I see her, I am gonna bite her.

"You coming to bed?" Amanda asked.

Teodor turned around. "Yeah."

"You got the guest suite," Bilge said.

Amanda rolled her eyes. "Its a closet, but nicer than our bed at Chaser's."

Teodor took her hand. "See you in the morning, Bilge."

He woke up with his arm around Amanda. She had curled her body around his as they laid on the blankets on the floor. He smelt coffee brewing, and pancakes cooking. His stomach growled. He smiled. Sometimes its nice to be able to eat human food, he thought.

“I could make a smiley face if you want?” Bilge's voice drifted from the kitchen.

“Make a mean face,” Trucker said.

“What about yours?”

“Just plain,” Gunner said.

Teodor sat up and shook his head. His black hair fell into his eyes, he flung it back. Amanda rolled over. Teodor tucked the blankets around her and walked into the small kitchen.

Gunner sat at the table, wrapped in a blanket. Trucker drank a large glass of milk. Bilge stood at the stove, flipping pancakes with an expert flip of his wrist.

“Smells good,” Teodor said. He sat down and nodded at Gunner, “You feeling okay?”

“Hungry and cold,” Gunner said.

“You sure you want some pancakes?” Bilge asked Teodor.

“After the kids eat,” Teodor said.

Gunner reached over for a cup of coffee, his hands shook. He took the mug in both hands and lifted to his lips. Bilge flipped the pancakes on to a plate and handed it to Trucker. Gunner put the cup down, he looked at Teodor.

“Did you guys get her?” He asked.

Bilge paused in flipping his pancakes. Teodor shook his head, “Just scared her off.”

“What ever you did, thank you,” Gunner said.

Bilge put a plate down in front of Gunner. “Looks like we are snow bound today, schools, work, everything is shut down.”

“I have to go soon,” Gunner said.

“Not in your state,” Bilge said.

“He's right,” Amanda said.

Teodor looked over his shoulder. Amanda brushed her hair out with her fingers. “Look, you had mild hypothermia, you are still recovering. You stay where it is warm and dry.”

Bilge motioned to the window with his hand, “Look out there, it's not fit for man or beast.” He winked at Teodor.

Amanda sat down at the table, “Who was that woman?”

Trucker shoveled more pancakes in his mouth and shrugged.

Gunner put his fork down. “I don't know. All I know is she is killing more and more of my friends. And no one will help us.”

Amanda reached over and patted his hand. “You just needed to find the right people.”

Trucker looked directly at Teodor. “Or other things.” he put down his glass of milk. “Don't you recognize them?”

Gunner shook his head.

“Trucker I don't think-” Amanda said.

“They're the wolves,” Trucker said.

Gunner studied Teodor's face, “I thought I dreamed that.”

“You're not freaked out?” Teodor asked.

Gunner shook his head, “I've seen freakier shit.”

“I find that hard to believe."

“Live on the streets for a while, you'll see.”

“How long have you?” Amanda asked.

He thought, “Four years now.”

“What about your parents?”

Gunner shook his head, “Just my mom, and she's the one that threw me out, so you tell me.”

“Sorry,” Amanda said.

“Teodor,” Bilge said, wiping his hands on a rag. “Can I talk to you?”

Teodor agreed. They walked to the other end of the living room. Bilge lit a thin cigar. “Do you think she will be back?”

"Yeah, I do."

“Well it's gonna be hard for her to come in here.” Bilge smiled. “We have to salt the sidewalks.”

Teodor chucked. “That's a good idea,”

Bilge grinned, with the cigar between his teeth, “While you go do that, I am gonna make sure my gun is loaded.”


Teodor found his jacket on the floor and put it on. Bilge followed him down stairs. The rock salt next to the back exit. Teodor opened the door, a blast of wind pushed the door and out of Teodor hands. He grabbed the door and forced it close.

He shook out the salt on to the snowy sidewalk. The wind blew most of the snow away from the front door, but left an icy patch right in front of the bar. Teodor pulled his collar around his neck. He glanced at the windows around the door. Four deep furrows, where the hag had dragged her fingers across the window. Teodor reached up and ran his fingers along one of the depressions. His finger sunk down to his first knuckle.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 10 Part 2

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

Teodor jumped and aimed for the Hag's neck with his teeth. But she was gone, dispersed by the wind as it roared by the bar. Teodor howled in disappointment. He heard stray dogs take up his howl. Good, he thought, they can look for her too.

He turned back around, kicking the door shut with his back paw. His clothing was in shreds, but he didn't care. That damn Hag showed up here and tried to kill the children. That bitch, he thought.

Teodor turned back to his human. Bilge came up to the door, holding the shot gun in the crook of his arm.

“You alright?” He asked Teodor.

Teodor nodded.

“You're a bit naked."

Teodor looked down. He pulled up what remained of his pants. “Sorry.”

He glanced at Amanda, she had turned her attention back to Gunner. Trucker bit his fingernails, hiding behind Amanda.

Teodor held out his other hand to Bilge. “Thanks for not shooting me.”

“It wouldn't have worked anyway.” Bilge said, taking Teodor's hand. “I don't have any silver.”

Teodor chuckled. They shook. Bilge looked out the window. “I thought it was her, but I wasn't certain.”

“You knew about the Hag?”

Bilge nodded. “It would have been an insult to my family if I didn't.”

Amanda looked up. “Can I move him somewhere warmer?”

“Yeah,” Bilge nodded. “Let's get that boy into my apartment. I got an electric blanket.”

Amanda nodded. “That would be good.”

She picked up Gunner. Teodor watched Bilge's face. Normally a woman the size and build of Amanda would not have been able to pick up a nearly full grown teenager. But Amanda had been strong before she became a werewolf. Teodor grinned at the look of slight shock on Bilge's face.

“Are all of you that strong?” he asked.

Teodor laughed. “Actually, Amanda here is a Midwestern farmer's daughter. She's used to throwing hay bales around.”

Bilge chuckled. “I have heard stories about farmer's daughters, but...”

“Guys, please.” Amanda said, sharply.

Bilge chuckled and ran to the back of the bar. Amanda followed, leaving Teodor and Trucker alone.

Trucker looked up at Teodor. “That was so cool.”

Teodor raised an eyebrow. “That was?”

“Yeah, you looked so mean."

Teodor chuckled. “Look, I have to find some pants.”

“I don't think Amanda minds."

“Yeah, but I am freezing my ass off.” He walked by Trucker and tossed Trucker's hair.

Trucker laughed.

Teodor went to the back of the bar. Bilge ran down the stairs. He threw a pair of sweat pants at Teodor.

“Just don't rip them out.” He said.

Teodor changed behind the bar. Bilge put the shotgun back in its compartment next to the wine bottles.

“I have to ask you,” Teodor said, as he tied the cord on the pants. “How did you know about the Hag?”

Bilge leaned on one of his knees, opening small locked cabinet behind the bar. “I saw her when I was a child. As soon as all the same things started to happen around here. I knew she was back.”

He opened the cabinet. Inside there were shotgun shells, a few trimmed twigs, a couple of small bags, and baggies of herbs and seeds. Bilge threw the empty shot gun shells in the cabinet and locked it up.

“I have always been prepared,” he said.

“What was all that?” Teodor asked.

“Trinkets. Weapons,” Bilge said getting up. “Stuff to fight off the real nasties.”

“But not werewolves?”

“Why? I have never had an issue with your kind.”

“Then you haven't met many of us.”

Bilge shrugged. “Perhaps. You are the first.”

“Then you lucked out.”

Trucker climbed on a stool. “Is Gunner gonna be okay?” He asked.

Teodor nodded. “Yeah, Amanda is amazing.”

“Is she a nurse?” Bilge asked.


Bilge opened a can of soda for Trucker. “Here you go,” He said to Trucker. Then to Teodor. “So what are we going to do?”

“About what?”

“About you and your girlfriend,” Bilge said. “I'm not going to have issues during full moons, am I?”

“It doesn't work that way.”

“Too bad, I thought the next full moon we could hunt down that bitch hag.”

“What is she?”

Trucker looked up. “Yeah.”

Bilge poured himself an orange juice. “My dad would have called her Black Annis, but Black Annis does not leave Leicestershire. Over the years I have found out she doesn't have just one name.” Bilge leaned against the bar. “I was six or seven, when I saw her. A friend of mine ran away from home. I found him by the old Strake's Canal. As we were talking, she came.”

Bilge took a long drink. “She ripped his skin off in front of me.”

Teodor glanced at Trucker. Trucker's face was one of the best poker faces Teodor had ever seen. He concentrated on drinking his soda, acting as if he had not heard anything.

“She came after me,” Bilge said. “But my dad showed up. That scared her.”

The wind hit the building harder now. The creeks and noises started to sound like the Hag came back. Teodor shivered, but not from the cold.

“She wants children that are alone,” Teodor said.

Bilge nodded. “Easier to get.”

Trucker put down his soda. “Your Dad chased her away?”

Bilge shrugged. “The shells were filled with rock salt. The only thing that seems to hurt her.”

Teodor tilted his head. “Really?”

Bilge nodded.

Amanda walked into the bar. “He's asleep and his temperature is rising,” She said as she sat down next to Trucker. “And those scratches aren't deep.”

She pointed to Bilge. “And you frightened me.”

“Sorry about that,” Bilge said. “You really thought I was going to shoot some of my favorite employees.”

Teodor reached over and took Amanda's hand. “Most of the time when guns are pointed towards us, we get shot.”

“Same here,” Bilge joked.

Trucker yawned.

Bilge nodded. “Yeah looks like we are going to have a sleep over tonight.”

Trucker laid his head down on the bar. Teodor smiled. “One big sleep over.”

Bilge finished his orange juice. “I'll lock up, you take him upstairs.”

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 10 Part 1

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

Winter came to stay, a few days later, announcing it's presence with a storm. The wind came first. The type of wind that buildings shook. The sleet and ice came next, covering the roads with a thin enough layer of ice to make walking more like skating.

Amanda and Teodor were safely inside The Pit. Trucker had also sought shelter there. Bilge kept the place open, but did not expect anyone to come. Instead, he sat at one of the tables watching the TV above the bar. Amanda cooked a frozen pizza in the small pizza oven. Teodor was teaching Trucker how to play cribbage.

“Okay, you have to count your points,” Teodor said, pointing at Trucker's cards.

“Hey Trucker,” Bilge said from his table. “Don't let him skunk you.”

“Skunk?” Trucker asked.

“Don't worry about it,” Teodor said.

Amanda brought over the hot pizza, she placed it on the table with a few paper plates. She sat down next to Trucker. “Eat.”

He grabbed a piece of pizza. “You guys not eating?” he asked, stuffing his mouth full.

Amanda shook her head. Teodor moved his peg on the board. The picture on TV above the bar, began to fade out, then went snowy. Bilge got up and moved the antenna around, before giving up.

“Damn weather,” he said. “You got a place to stay tonight, Trucker?”

Trucker shook his head.

Teodor glanced out the window. The bar's windows were high up and very small, but even these were getting covered with snow. “We are almost ready to move into our apartment. We may have to stay there tonight, you could join us.”

Trucker stuffed another piece of pizza in his mouth. “Sure.”

The station on the TV started to come back in. Bilge grabbed an orange juice from the bar and went back to his table. “That would be a good idea,” he said sitting down.

The door flew opened, pushed open by the wind. On the other side stood Gunner. He was not dressed for the weather, just a T-shirt and his pants on. He looked around the room wildly.

“Help me!” His cry, almost drowned out by the wind.

Trucker sat frozen, pizza slice halfway to his mouth. Bilge jumped over the bar and slammed the door shut behind Gunner. “Kid, you okay?”

Amanda ran to his side. She felt Gunner's face. “Bilge get me some thick blankets, now.” She used her nurse voice. The command surprised Bilge. He jumped and ran to the back of the bar.

Teodor grabbed his jacket off the chair and wrapped it around Gunner's shoulders. Amanda checked Gunner's fingers.

“Gun... Can you touch your nose?”

Gunner looked at her oddly. But when he tried, his finger missed his nose and hit his cheek.

Amanda glanced up at Teodor. “His lips and fingers are blue, he's got hypothermia.”

Trucker walked over to Teodor. “What's that?” he asked pointing to Gunner's side.

Teodor looked down. Gunner's shirt, on his left side, had been stained with blood. Amanda lifted the shirt up. There were four long cuts on his side. Just the size that the Hag would have left.

“Trucker, get me some towels from behind the bar," Amanda said.

Trucker ran. Teodor went to one of the windows. He craned his head to look out. The snow blew so hard Teodor could not make out the cars parked next to the bar, let alone the other side of the street.

“I hope these are enough,” Bilge said behind Teodor.

Teodor pressed his face against the window pane. A small crack along the edge of the glass let a small breeze come through. He sniffed the air, all he could smell was the snow. He glanced back at Amanda, she used the towels to stop the bleeding. He turned his head back to the window. The Hag's face was in the window. She laughed.

“What the hell is that?” Bilge shouted.

Trucker screamed.

The Hag smiled, her black teeth glisten in the neon light coming from the window. Teodor growled. He slammed his hand against wall next to the window. He could feel himself change and he didn't want to stop. Teodor felt his teeth and face lengthen. His claw dug deep furrows as he clawed at the wall.

“Teodor!” Amanda yelled.

Teodor spun around. Trucker hid behind Amanda. Bilge's face was white. Teodor did not have time to worry about their reactions. He spun back around and snarled at the Hag.

She grinned at him, with her sharp, black teeth. The Hag raised her hand and clawed at the window. The high screeching noise her black fingernails made across the glass, made Teodor howl. He heard Amanda scream behind him, but he didn't turn around to see why.

“Open the door,” Bilge yelled.

Teodor tilted his head. He caught a glimpse of the shot gun in Bilge's hand.

“Don't shoot him!” Trucker yelled.

“Not him.” Bilge yelled. “Her.”

Teodor yanked the door open. The Hag screamed and billowed in on the wind. Teodor rolled to the side. The explosion of the both shotgun shells rang in his ears. The Hag looked down at her torso in surprise. She screamed something in a guttural sounding language. To Teodor's surprise Bilge answered her, in Scottish. Teodor heard the click of the shotgun and another round fired into the Hag.

The Hag screamed. Teodor growled at her. He noticed a strange belt around her waist. It looked like a collection of tanned leather hides. Then he realized it was skins, the skins of the children she had killed.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Interview with Sasha.

I do not have any information on this picture. But it could  be a picture of Sasha.

Welcome can you tell us about yourself?
My name is Sasha. I am a vampire.

You look young. How old were you when you died?

How did it happen?
It is not a nice story. I got my first job on a whaling vessel. We left port. A day later one of the other sailors attacked me. I was stabbed. they buried me at sea.

 I don't understand. How did that make you a vampire?
The attack didn't, except to kill me. You see, I had seen my mother die when she was thrown from a horse. That night, she sat up. So when I died, I opened my eyes underwater and knew what happened.

You were a vampire?
Yes, I had to get the tarp off. It wasn't until I hit the surface I realized I had become a vampire in water. It has given me certain advantages.

Like what?
The folklore that we cannot cross running water? I live in the water. I like to hang around busy harbors. It is easy to find victims, drunks are my favorite.

You are Steopa's grandson, correct?
One of them.

Why are you in the novel?
I felt my grandfather became injured. I had to see what happened.

Do other vampires know about you?
No, I try to keep myself a secret. Outside of my family, very few vampires view me with trust.

There must not be a lot of food in the water?
That is why I stay around the coasts and in the rivers. When I do have to come out of the water. I like the larger cities. I have no trouble finding food then. Women like me, that helps.

What do you think of the events of the book?
It was nice to see Grandfather again. I like Rebecka too. But those hunters, and those legions. I hated them.

Anything else you want people to know?
I have heard about the deaths in La Crosse, WI along the river. That was not me. I have not traveled the Mississippi.

A theme song for Sasha.

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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 9 Part 2

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Trucker's eyes went wide, then he bolted. Teodor rant after him. “Hey!” He grabbed Trucker by his shoulder.

Trucker tried to shake his way out of Teodor's grip. Teodor would not let go.

“Trucker. Stop running.”

Trucker did stop, he pulled at Teodor's hand. “I knew it was you two. I saw you.”

“What did you see?” Teodor asked.

“You two are werewolves,” Trucker said.

Teodor let Trucker go. The boy did not sound frightened. “How do you know?”

“I saw you guys change. In the woods, the day after you chased me for the records. I was there.”

“You saw us?” Teodor asked. Amanda and him had done more that night than change into their human forms.

“Yeah, I stay there when it's not too cold. And you two come in followed by those dogs...” his voice trailed off.

Amanda walked up to Teodor. She looked at Trucker. “Aren't you frightened?”

Trucker shook his head. “No.”

“That's very brave of you.”

Trucker scoffed. “I've seen The Woman, two werewolves aren't as scary as she is”

“So why'd you run now?” Teodor asked.

“I didn't know what you would do."

“Fair enough."

Amanda lowered herself to Trucker's eye level. “Can you keep a secret?”

Trucker tilted his head. “Depends."

Amanda glanced back at Teodor. “Are you going to tell the other kids about us?”

Trucker shook his head. “They won't believe me.”

“Good, because we don't want the kids any more frightened than they are."

“You seem like you are nice werewolves.”

Teodor nodded. If it had been Teodor's family that Trucker had seen, Trucker would be a meal now. “Nicer than most."

Trucker glanced in the direction of the old work house. “I gotta get back.” He turned to run, but stopped and came back. “Do you guys get fleas?”

Amanda giggled. Teodor nodded. “Yeah, we can get fleas.”

Trucker laughed then turned around and ran off. Amanda glanced at Teodor. She smiled. “There is a great kid under all the tough guy act."

“You're falling in love with him aren't you?” Teodor asked.

“Well, he is a good kid. What type of parents would let a kid like him run away?”

Teodor took her hand. “There are some people in the world that should not be parents. Take mine for example.”

She thought for a moment, biting her bottom lip. “But you never ran away.”

“Oh, I would have,” he said. “But Father also paid the werewolf hunters well. I would have been on the next list, if I would have left.”

“He would have killed you?”

“Hell, he tried himself three times.”

She looked shocked. Teodor tried to giver her a small reassuring smile. “Some of us are lucky enough to have parents that love and care for us. Some of us have to deal with real horrible people. Unfortunately, that means kids like Trucker feel safer on the streets.”

Amanda shook her head. “If I find out they hurt him-”

“No, hurting them won't do anything. Best thing for Trucker now is for us to help him.”

“Which means we have to find The Woman.”

Teodor nodded. “Yeah, we have to figure out how to kill a hag.”

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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 9 Part 1

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

Even before the chldren came to the door. Teodor could sense something was wrong. He pawed at the door. A moment later the door opened. One of the older girls petted Amanda's head as they passed.

Teodor smelled fear. It wasn't the same fear that he had smelt the night the old woman had attacked. He shook his head. Old woman was not a good description, hag fit her better.

As Amanda and him entered the old cafeteria, he noticed that the younger children had made their beds in the middle of the room. The older children were off to one side, huddled in a circle. Teodor padded over to Gunner. He laid down beside him. It gave him a great view of the conversation.

“Are you sure none of you saw Jazz today?” Gunner asked.

A girl in a pink shirt and snarled ponytails bit her nails. “I did.”

“Where?” Gunner asked.

“Over by the river,” she said. “Talking to those other kids.”

“The River Rats?"

The girl nodded. “I asked him later why'd he go over there. He said they had some jobs for him.”

Teodor watched Gunner's face. His face went still as he clenched his jaw. “We have nothing to do with those kids. If Jazz comes back, he will have to apologize.”

“What if they do have jobs for us?” The girl asked.

Tache took in a sharp breath. “They work for some nasty people.”

Gunner stared at the girl. “The last girl that went over to them for a job, ended up in a movie. Not a movie you would want to show your friends.”

A black haired girl nodded. “She killed herself afterwards.”

The blond girl suddenly found her feet interesting. Gunner reached over and scratched behind Teodor's ears.

“Anyone seen the Woman?” he whispered.

All of the children in the circle shook their heads. Gunner looked at Teodor. “I think the dogs help,” he said. “But if they are really wolves. We can't tame them.”

The black haired girl spoke. “I heard that she took a boy in Konakove, two nights ago. Reached right in to where he was staying and pulled him out.”

“For real?” Tashe asked.

She nodded. “They only found some blood.”

Gunner stopped scratching Teodor's head and reached behind him to pull out the baseball bat. “We need to find more weapons. In case she comes back.”

“I told you I could get a gun,” A red headed boy said.

“No guns,” Gunner said. “The River Rat's use those and we are better then them.”

“Besides,” Tashe said. “The only one of us that got away from her was Trucker. And he knocked a table into her.”

Gunner whistled. “Trucker, come here!”

Trucker had been playing with Amanda. He stood up and walked over to the circle. Gunner patted the floor beside him. Trucker sat down, giving Teodor a strange look as he did so.

“What happened that night the Woman chased you?” Gunner asked.

“She ripped my jacket,” Trucker said. “I ran through an outdoor cafe. Knocked over a table as I ran. She screamed and stopped chasing me.”

“What was on the table?” Gunner asked.

Trucker shrugged. “I'm not sure, Ketchup bottle, mustard, salt and pepper shakers.”

“Maybe she doesn't like mustard,” the red headed boy said.

“Wooden bats do shit,” Gunner said. He tapped his metal bat in his other hand a few times. “Joe had a wooden bat.”

Trucker shrugged. “The table was metal.”

Gunner thought for a long time. He stood up. “Alright, tomorrow we find as many weapons we can get our hands on that are metal.”

“A gun's metal,” The red head said.

“Shut up.”

Teodor padded over to Amanda. She let some of the younger girls brush her hair. Teodor nudged her flank. Amanda rolled on to her feet. She stood up and shook out her fur. The girls moaned.

Trucker ran over to them with the can of dog food. Teodor tried not to gag. Amanda ate it without an issue. Teodor sniffed the food. When I left my family and had to pretend to be a dog those years, I got so sick of this, he thought.

Teodor lifted his head. Trucker sat on the floor watching them. He gave Teodor a smile. Teodor padded over to him and laid on the floor. Trucker petted Teodor.

Amanda lifted her head, licking her lips. Teodor whined and they went outside. They stayed in their wolf forms until they made it back to where they kept their clothing. A light snow fell. Amanda changed quickly, she shivered as she dressed.

Teodor took his time. He heard sounds in the woods that were not normal. Amanda sat on a log and watched him slowly dress.

“What is it?” She asked.

“Just some noises.” Teodor whispered.

Amanda nodded. “I heard them too.” Her eyes went wide. “Do you think it that woman?”

Teodor shook his head. “No, you can feel that hag in your bones, and I don't.”

He put his shirt back on. Now Teodor recognized the sounds. Someone was trying to stand still, but couldn't. Teodor sniffed the air. All he could smell were the children.

Teodor finished dressing. He stood up and glanced back at the old building. He saw a shadow move. It was the size of one of the children. Teodor moved his head, to try to get a better look. He saw Trucker.

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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 8

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

Teodor found Steopa working in one of the old loading docks.

“We saw that thing,” he said.

Steopa threwt down the section of conveyor belt. “Where?”

“Not far from here.”

Steopa started to walk toward the door. Teodor stopped him. “I think it was Baba Yaga.”


“It was an old woman, she skinned the boy alive.”

Amanda joined them. She nodded.

“You saw it, too?” Steopa asked.

Amanda nodded, again.

“That noise. At the work farm had to have been her fingers,” Teodor said.

“It cannot be Baba Yaga.” Steopa said.

“Then who was she?” Teodor asked.

“Not Baba Yaga.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because she is a myth.”

“So are vampires,” Teodor said.

Steopa stared at Teodor.

Teodor sighed. “Fine, it was Muma Padurii, her name is not important.”

“But it was a woman?” Steopa asked.

Amanda nodded. “An old woman, she walked by us before we ran into Jazz.”

“Then she changed,” Teodor said. “Her eyes were white. Her teeth were black.”

Steopa looked off into the distance for a moment, then shook his head. “Where did she go?”

“She just disappeared, there was no smell. I couldn't even follow Jazz's blood.”

Steopa raised an eyebrow. “That is interesting.”

“Oh, this is enough.” Amanda said. “I have to see if the rest of those children.”


“I have to see if they are alright.

“I want to know what that woman is."

“It's obvious you guys don't know, I'm going to the work farm.”

She spun on her heels and walked away.

Teodor turned to stop her, then turned back to Steopa. “I...,” he said.

“Go,” Steopa said. “She is being foolish.”

“She's not foolish.”

“If you find that chicken leg cabin, you tell me.”

Teodor ignored Steopa. He caught up with Amanda. Her face was red, her lips were pressed together and now were white. She growled.

“Amanda,” He said as he came closer.

“You decided to come.”

“Of course.”

“He thought we were being stupid.”

“No,” Teodor said, taking her arm. “Because I jumped to conclusions and said it was Baba Yaga.”

“Who is that?” Amanda asked.

“She is a witch. She travels through the countryside, looking for children to eat.”

“Like a bogyman?” Amanda asked.

“She was more powerful. She could fly through the air, using her mortar and pestle. And her house moved too, it was on chicken legs.”

Amanda giggled. “That sounds silly.”

Teodor shook his head. “When she did find a place that her house would stay. The path to it was lined with the spines and the skulls of people she had killed. There were a few that approached her and got help. But more than likely she would kill you.”

“Could she be real?"

“I hope not.”

Amanda stopped walking after a few moments. “When I was younger, my family moved to Texas. One of my friends was this Hispanic girl. She told me about this woman that would drowned children. You could see her walking along the roads, looking for children. I think she was called La Llorona.”

“Did she eat them?”

“We are not sure she ate Jazz,” she said. “That woman would drown the children, because she thought they could stay with her. She lived in water.” She waved her hands in the air. “All we saw, was her taking Jazz's skin. What if she is killing the kids for their skins?”

“That is still horrible."

“I know, but maybe there is another mythical woman that collected skins.” Her shoulders sank. “Like it's going to help.”

Teodor pulled her close. “It might. The people that were able to walk away from Baba Yaga had to be prepared.”

Amanda nodded. “Let's see how the kids are doing.”

Teodor agreed. They left the old base and hurried to the old work farm.

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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 7

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

When Teodor told Steopa that they would have a new place in a few weeks, Steopa's expression did not change. "If that's what you need to do."

Over the next few weeks they got their new apartment ready. Bilge paid for all the fixtures, but they still had to pay for the paint and carpets. Teodor and Amanda were having fun. At night, they would go to the work farm. Nothing happened for weeks. The kids enjoyed having them around. Teodor and Amanda did the loyal dog routine for them.

The kids would play with them, and rough up their hair. But Teodor didn't mind and he could tell Amanda loved it. Gunner always had food for them. That was the only thing Teodor didn't like, the kids would give up some of their food to feed the “Wolfy-dogs”.

Their new place wasn't quite livable, yet. so they would still have to sleep at the base. They walked back to Steopa's, taking the back alleys.

"Do you think we will have the place ready by Thanksgiving?" Amanda asked.

"When's that?"

"Two weeks."

"Maybe. Why?"

"I would love to cook a real Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, stuffing, and potatoes, and everything."

Teodor chuckled. "That sounds like too much for us."

"Well, for us and Bilge, and Trucker."

Teodor shrugged. He tried to listen for any dogs. But he wasn't hearing the normal communications about who bested who, what new dogs there were, and other such nonsense. He wasn't hearing anything.

The wind picked up, blowing hard as they crossed a street to an alley on the other side. An old woman walked down the road. She held on to her hat with one hand. The other grasped around the collar of her jacket. She swayed with the wind.

Teodor and Amanda ducked into the alleyway. The old woman continued down the street.

“Was she drunk?” Amanda asked.

Teodor shook his head. “I didn't smell any on her,” he said. "I didn't smell anything."

"You're right-"

“You guys got any change.” Said a shivering voice, behind them.

Teodor turned. One of the boys from the work farm sat by the garbage cans. The one called Jazz. He hadn't even lifted his head when he asked for the money.

Amanda dug in her purse. She pulled out a dollar and bent down to hand it to Jazz. Jazz looked up for a moment. Both of his eyes were black and blue.

“What happened?” Amanda asked.

Jazz's bottom lip bled from the cut.

“I fell down,” He said.

Amanda shook her head, “It looks like someone beat you up, Ja..”

Teodor hit her foot with his.

“Ja...junior,” she said. “We could take you to the hospital.”

Jazz chuckled. “No, thank you. This aint the worst.”

He stood up, pocketing the dollar. “Thanks lady, but I can take care of myself.”

He zipped up his jacket. Teodor smelled blood on him. There was a dark, moist, patch along his side. Jazz began to walk to the mouth of the alley.

“Hey wait up” Teodor called after Jazz. “Who stabbed you?”

Jazz glanced back, but ran a way with a limp. He held onto the side of his body with the wound with his hand. Teodor ran after him.

The old woman walked toward Jazz. Teodor picked up speed. Jazz zigged around the old woman, she reached out.

Her hand stretched, her fingers curling over Jazz's shoulder. Her fingernails dug into his flesh. She threw Jazz to the ground. Teodor skidded to stop. He felt it, every part of him that was a wolf wanted to attack. She grinned. Her teeth looked like multiple daggers. She jumped on Jazz, growling. Her skin turned dark blue as her eyes turned white.

Amanda ran past Teodor. She ripped her clothes off, throwing her shirt to the ground. She howled. The old woman turned. She raised her hand. Her black and pointed fingernails elongated. The woman struck Amanda as she jumped. The blow sent Amanda backwards. She yelped in pain.

Teodor got between Amanda and the woman. She brought her hand back and struck Teodor. The blow felt as if he had been struck by a truck. He hit a set of concrete steps. He yelped in pain and landed over on his back. He rolled and crawled until he could stand.

The old women picked up Jazz. She ran her long black fingernails down his chest. Jazz screamed. She sliced his skin open, then flipped him over.

Amanda turned into the hybrid form and jumped over a car, howling. The old woman de-gloved Jazz in one pull. She picked up his corpse with one hand and threw it over her back. Then she smiled at Teodor and disappeared. Teodor ran over to the spot were Jazz had been killed. Blood covered the ground. No smell, except for Jazz's blood. He heard Amanda cry. He padded over to her.

“Why?” Amanda asked.

Teodor changed back, stretching as he did. “She's hunting those children.”

“What was it?”

“I am not sure,” He said. When I was young, there was a name, a name I havn't heard since I was a child. “It can't be.”

“Tell me.”

“I have to speak to Steopa.”

She threw on her shirt. “Why?”

“Just trust me.”

“She looked like a normal old lady.”

“We look like normal humans, too.” Teodor said.

Amanda shook her head. “But we don't hunt humans.”

Teodor sighed. “We could. It's only because we have decided not to, that we don't hunt humans. But meat is meat.”

“That is horrid,” she said.

“But it's the truth.” He put his arm around Amanda.

She sighed and put her head on his shoulder. “Alright, lets talk to Steopa.”

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#SampleSunday Chapter 17 - Patriarch

Again, only the first 300 or so words

Teodor unlocked the bike lock they had used to secure the basement door. The hunter had been tied to the wall in the darkest part of the basement. Steopa ducked as he went down the stairs. The hunter looked up, his mouth covered with duct tape. He opened his eyes wide, then lowered his head.

Silva sat on a table, studying the hunter. On the table next to her were bungee cords and duct tape. She looked over her shoulder as Steopa approached.

“He's talkative tonight,” she said. “And speaking English too.”

He walked up to the hunter and ripped the duct tape off the man's face. “Who told you about me?”

The hunter lowered his eyes. “If I tell you, I'm dead.”

“You are dead already. Who is Simon?” Steopa asked.

The old hunter chuckled, but shook his head. “Trouble. That's what he is. We should have staked him, not worked for him. Half my crew has died.”

“He is another vampire,” Steopa said.

Silva cleaned her fingernails. “He was cursing that name earlier.”

“Simon claims you killed his sister,” the hunter said. “I think he is lying. He has another reason.”

“I know.” Steopa thought for a moment. “Did he say when or how I killed his sister?”

The hunter nodded. “You found her in Berlin.”

Steopa growled. He motioned to Silva to leave the basement. She ran up the stairs. Steopa walked over to the hunter. He placed each of his hands on a side of the old man's head. His hands were large enough to cover the old man's face. Steopa leaned close.

“He is a liar. His sister disappeared last year. He has only been a vampire for a few weeks. Do you want to know the truth about me? I was attacked on my way home to see my wife. I had been fighting Napoleon's troops. I killed that blond blydischa after she tried to feed off me. Because of her I am a vampire.”

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Big Announcement


That's right folks, I have been invited to be a special guest at EmpireCon! I will be on a panel about self publishing, holding a book signing, and also do a couple of readings. A chapter from Fledgling and Killer. Maybe, if you are good. I will read the first chapter of Patriarch too.

EmpireCon is taking place in Sycacuse, NY on October 8-9, 2011 at the Crowne Plaza.
Here is what they say:

Central New York's new Sci-Fi & Fantasy convention debuts with a full weekend of events featuring:

  • Special Guests
  • Panels & Workshops
  • Video & Table Gaming - including Magic the Gathering Standard Constructed Tournament DCI sanctioned, Prizes pool based on attendance
  • Masquerade & Cosplay
  • Live Performances
  • Live Fighting/Weapons Demos
  • Live Action & Animation Screening Rooms (including Anime Pajama Party & Up All Night Horror)
  • Dealer’s Room (FREE & open to the public)
  • LARP
  • ConSuite 

Saturday 10:00am - 10:00pm (select events to remain open after hours) 
Sunday 10:00am - 5:00pm 
General Admission: $20 Sat / $10 Sun / $25 Weekend 
Magic Tournament Entry: $25 Sun / $40 Weekend (includes con pass)
For more information contact or 315-491-0430

Full website at EmpireCon

Did you see the price there? Cheap for a con!

Its appropriate that I will be a special guest for the first time at a first time event. We will get through this together!

 I hope to see you there.

Heck if I wasn't a guest, I would be going for the LARPing.

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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 6 Part 2

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

Carol stopped the forklift. “Just put it in the office, Dad.” She called out. “Bilge, you want to drive your truck up?”

Bilge nodded. He got up, “Wait for me.”

Teodor sat back on the chair. Mr. Sansard came out of the office. “Your left hand.”

Teodor glanced down. “What about it?”

“You have a claw.”

Teodor glanced down again. Mr. Sansard had very good eyes. It was a family trait. His left thumb nail was thicker and longer than the rest of his nails. Even when he was changed, that claw was always slightly bigger.

“So?” Teodor said.

“I know what you are,” Mr. Sansard said. He made the sign of the cross as he spoke. “You stay away from my family.”

Teodor sighed. “I have no intention of harming your family.”

Mr. Sansard made another sign of the cross. But he was thinking, Teodor could tell as the old man started to chew the inside of his cheek. “Do you only change at night?”

Teodor shook his head. Mr. Sansard did know his lore. The werewolves you had to really watch out for were the ones that could only change at night. They were the ones that could not control their hunger.

Mr. Sansard relaxed. “My Grandfather ran into one of those kind.”

“I am not that kind.” Teodor said. “But you will tell anyone?”

Mr. Sansard shook his head. “They won't believe me.”

Bilge walked back into the warehouse. He waved Teodor over. Bilge lowered the gate to the back of his truck. When Teodor came closer, Bilge asked, “What did Mr. Sansard have to talk to you about?”

Teodor shook his head. “It was nothing.”

“His mind has been going ever since his little stay in the hospital. So take what he says with a grain of salt, ya know what I mean?”

Teodor nodded, but he was certain that Mr. Sansard was in his right mind when he figured out what Teodor was. Not many people knew what to look for when they saw a werewolf in their human form. Teodor was both impressed and a bit frightened at the same time.

Bilge loaded the truck. Teodor jumped in the back of the bed and arranged the cases that Bilge handed him. It took them about a half an hour to load up the beer. Teodor jumped down. Bilge walked over to the office and paid. When he came back he was shaking his head.

“We should go,” he said. “Carol is about to lose her mind.”

Teodor wondered if that had to do with her father telling her that a werewolf was in the warehouse.

When they returned to the Pit, Amanda stood behind the bar, serving the two customers. Trucker sat at the bar as well, in front of him a coloring book and a large soda.

“Where'd you get that?” Bilge asked Trucker, as they brought in the first load.

“I got it for him.” One of the customers said. He hair had been shaved on the sides of his head, leaving one long strip of hair.

Amanda smiled. “Trucker was bored.”

The customer raised his beer mug. “And he looks like my brother, so what the hell.”

Teodor shook his head and placed a case of beer behind the bar

After they unloaded the truck, Teodor sat down at a table with Amanda to take a break. “I ran into an old guy that recognized what I am.”

She looked panicked. “Should we worry?”

“No, he's old,” he said. “And he didn't seem too frightened of me. But Trucker followed us to the factory.”

Amanda nodded. “I thought so, he's a sneaky little bastard.”

Teodor chuckled. Bilge came over to the table.

“I have to show you both something,” he said, leaning on his knuckles on the table.

They followed Bilge to the outside. He unlocked a side door that lead to a set of stairs going up. Bilge walked ahead. They made it to the first landing and he turned to continue upstairs. At the second landing, Bilge unlocked the door.

The door opened to an open wide space. Nothing inside but support columns. Except for a small room with a toliet, and a counter with a sink and range. The place was bare.

“If you want, you could fix this up,” Bilge said. “I'll rent it to you for seventy-five a month.”

Amanda stepped into the room. “Would you knock it off what we spend to fix it up, off the rent?” She asked.

“Yeah,” Bilge said.

“What about utilities?” Amanda asked.

“I'll throw them in.” Bilge said.

Amanda gave Teodor the look that told him, he better not say no.

“Well it's the best thing that came our way, yet.” Teodor said.

“Of course it means I will take full advantage of you living up here.” Bilge said. “You might not get many days off.”

Amanda took Teodor's hand, “This is nicer than where we are staying.” She whispered.

Teodor nodded.

A few hours later the bar was busy, but not full like it had been the night before. Teodor spent most of his time, cleaning up after the customers. When the late news came on, Amanda reached up and turned up the volume on the TV.

A reporter stood in front of an abandoned apartment building. “This is Laurie Johnston with a special report.”

Teodor filled up the mop bucket to clean the men's room. He has only half listening to the report, until he heard Amanda gasp.

The reporter talked to a middle aged woman. “This is becoming a problem, not just because we are talking about children that should be at home, but because winter is coming.” The middle aged woman said into the microphone. “It is very hard for an adult to survive the winter, let alone a young child.”

Teodor turned the water off and listened.

“How many children do you estimate are living on the streets?” The reporter asked.

“It is a few hundred.” The middle aged woman said. “But that amount is triple what it was last year.”

“Any reason for that?”

“There could be many. But we think the main reason is last year the census was taken using only the information that the police could give us. This year we sent student social workers to the places were the children live.”

“It's really heart breaking,” The reporter said.

“Yes, Laurie it is.”

Amanda glanced over at Teodor. She had tears welling in her eyes.