Saturday, January 1, 2011

OMG 010111

I got up this morning. Not much of a partier the night before. When you get up at 4 am to work and don't nap, midnight is zonked out time.

But as I was waking up and doing my morning routine on the computer I noticed this: Todays date is 01/01/11,
Cool, I posted on twitter that.
@BigWords88 posted "It's binary day!"

So being the geek I am, I worked out the binary of 010111 to 23.

Big deal.


You see there is supposed to be a phenomena that is tied to the number 23. According to Wikipedia The 23 Enigma is that most events are related to the number 23. Including a Jim Carrey movie. The interesting fact is that the author William S Burroughs was the first to point out the oddity of the number 23. If you know about William S Burroughs, you can make of that fact as you will.

Thanks to that Jim Carrey Movie New Line cinema put out this list:

1. Each parent contributes 23 chromosomes to the DNA of a child.
2. It takes 23 seconds for blood to circulate throughout the entire body.
3. In humans, the 23rd chromosome determines gender.
4. There are 23 letters in the Latin alphabet.
5. Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times when he was assassinated.
6. Earth's axis is off by 23.5 degrees.
7. The Knights Templar had 23 Grand Masters.
8. William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564.
9. William Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616.
10. The ancient Egyptian and Sumerian calendars begin on July 23.
11. The Titanic sank the morning of April 15th, 1912 (4 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 1 + 2 = 23)
12. The Mayans believed the world will end on December 23, 2012 (20 + 1 + 2 = 23)
13. Jim Carrey's production company is JC23 Entertainment.
14. John Dillinger robbed 26 banks, but only 23 for money.
15. The distance from the center of Mars to its nearest moon is 23,500 km.
16. 230 people died on TWA Flight 800.
17. Kurt Cobain was born in 1967: 1+9+6+7 = 23.
18. Kurt Cobain died in 1994: 1+9+9+4 = 23.
19. The Number 23 began filming on January 23, 2006.
20. The letters in Joel Schumacher and Jim Carrey's names add up to 23.
21. The letters in Virginia Madsen and Jim Carrey's names add up to 23.
22. Charles Manson was born on November 12th (11 + 12 = 23)
23. The Number 23 opens in theaters on February 23rd, 2007.

There are some older and more interesting examples at The hidden roots of the 23 Enigma
My favorite example from that page is:

"Stahl rides city motorcycle No.23 which bears city licence No.23 And between 2 and 3 p.m. Monday he rode to the headquarters of the local draft board in the Armory of Battery F of the 123rd Field Artillery to see what number had been assigned him. It was No. 2323."

So 23 is not really a bad thing, just something to keep in the back of your mind. Of course skeptics will say that once you start to think that certain events happen in relation to an object or number, you will start to see more and more connections. So? Still kind of cool.

But what gets me is this: As much as the Internet loves to point out strange and weird things like that: No one has made a big deal of this. Personally I think 2012 has overshadowed any other strange dates.

So enjoy the New Year and see if the number 23 plays a part!


  1. Also, 2+3 = 5, which is a bad number in the Tarot.

    Will keep this in mind.

  2. I've had dreams and a life long relationship with 11:11. Nearly every time I look at a clock it's 11:11. It's always in my dreams as a doorway and/or a choice. I had an 11:11 dream night before last where I was an Egyptian writing in coptic these sequences: 1/1/11 1/11/11 11/1/11 11/11/11

    Should be an interesting year.

  3. Awesome connections. However, the twenty three case can be made for allot of other number combinations. It's just a neat thing to think about.

  4. I saw the Jim Carey film and I liked it a lot. I think it tanked at the box office, but I think people got used to seeing him in goofy and over-the-top comedies. I agree, people are all worried about 2012. They ought to remember that 2000 was supposed to be the end of the world, too. No one knows when that is going to happen, so just enjoy life.