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#SampleSunday: Patriarch - Meet Perun

Remember Patriarch is its first stages of editing, so this will might be wrought with errors and the like.
Story so far. Steopa feels the urge to find someone. He explains to Rebecka as they run. Perun makes his first appearance.

“Rebecka,” he said. “We must go. I have to explain on the way.”

Rebecka nodded. She let him take the lead. How could she understand? Steopa thought, start at the beginning.

“As you know, I had a daughter,” he said. The feeling felt stronger as long as he faced the east. Steopa used it like a homing beacon.

Rebecka nodded.

“I spent some time with her, after she had married. Her husband was an intellectual. To him, I was just a puzzle of nature.”

They came to one of the high schools. Steopa cut across the football field. Their paths cut through the fog on the field like a knife.

“She had three children. Then one day she was thrown from a horse. A day later she was hunting with me.”

Rebecka stopped. “Whoa, she became a vampire?”

Steopa nodded. “As did two of her sons. Her daughter moved to the United States.” Steopa pulled Rebecka along again. “From that family line, more vampires came.”

“So every time one of your descendants dies, they become a vampire?”

Steopa shook his head. “Only the ones that die in accidents or have untimely deaths.”

An overpass came into view. It showed the unofficial dividing between the city and a large forest called Greenwoods. Steopa paused under the overpass. He stood for a moment and closed his eyes. “I have lost count of how many of my family are vampires now.”

The feeling had became stronger. He could almost sense who they were. This descendant felt young. Steopa got the sensation of water. He or she wasn't drowning, but there was water around them. Soon, Steopa could feel that death would come to them.

Steopa grabbed Rebecka's hand and ran across the road. He followed a deer trail into the woods.

“What does this have to do with us running?” she asked.

“When one of my family dies and becomes a vampire, we can feel it. Somewhere near here, I can feel one.”

“That's where we are going?”

Steopa nodded. “The closest family member tries to come when the change happens.”
He lead the way, using the feeling in his head to guide him. He could feel water surrounding who ever it was. He paused.

“Is there a lake in here?” Steopa asked.

“No, just the swamp.”

“Where is that?”

Rebecka pointed down the path. “We are heading the right way.”
Steopa started to hurry down the path, when a large deer came out of the brush and stood in his way. It had green antlers. Steopa cursed.

“Not now, Perun,” he said.

“What?” Rebecka asked.

The deer lowered its head. Then changed into an average sized man with wild brown hair that had sprouts growing along the twisted masses. His green eyes glowed in the moonlight. He smiled. The width of his grin seemed to split his face in half.

“It has been ten years since you came for a visit and you don't have time to say hello?” Perun laughed. “Ah, you have a woman.”

“I am sorry, but I have pressing matters.”

“You are here for that car crash.”

“What car crash?” Steopa asked.

Perun motioned with his head. “I heard the crash. I was going to see, myself.”

“Show me.”

Perun ran a little further ahead. Rebecka caught up with Steopa. “Um, What's up with his feet?” she asked.

Steopa glanced down as Perun bounced over the ground. He had forgotten about Perun's feet. His feet were stretched out and elongated like a dog's.

“He is a leshy*.” Steopa said.

“A what?”

Perun glanced over his shoulder. “A leshy. I watch over these woods.”

“I've never heard of that, I mean him,” Rebecka said.

“You never told her about me?” Perun asked. “Were you scared she would want me?”

“Perun,” Steopa said.

“Good taste. She's got great tits.”

Rebecka stopped, her mouth fell open in surprise. Steopa grabbed her hand.

“Perun, the car crash.”

Perun giggled. He bounced ahead of them. The path went up a small rise. A strange light glowed. Illuminating the open ground beyond the rise. Steopa smelt gas, oil, and melting plastic. They came to the crest of a drop off. The sides rose up sharply, but not sharp enough to be a cliff. The sides of the ravine were not deep. It surrounded a large bog.

In the middle of the bog, an overturned car's lights glowed through the gloom. The path the car had taken could clearly be seen. Branches had been ripped off the trees. Two large trees showed signs of the car ramming into them.

Rebecka pointed to the other side of the bog. “There is a road over there. My god, how fast were they going?”

Perun shook his head. “That gunk from the car is poisoning the water.”

“I have to get down there,” Steopa said.

“What's the rush?” Perun asked.

Steopa didn't answer. He made his way down the steep hill. Rebecka followed him. Perun changed into an owl and flew over to the car. Steopa stepped on to the moss. He did not sink into the bog. He made his way across the bog using the vegetation. The standing water did not get disturbed as he stepped over the small pools of water.

The impact of the crash had buried the roof of the car into the wet ground. It sank slightly as Steopa approached. Perun flew off and then changed back into his human shape. He stood on a tuft of moss.

Steopa got down on one knee and looked inside. There were three people in the car. The steering wheel and the air bag had pinned the driver to his seat. The impact had forced his head down. The steering column smashed his face. The roof of the car had been crushed in, pinning his head in place.

On the passenger side a woman hung from her seatbelt. Steopa could hear her breathing. When she took in a breath, he heard a gurgling noise. The passenger side window had broken and made a deep gash in her upper arm and upper chest. Her once blue blouse had turned a deep purple with her blood.

Neither of them were about to turn into a vampire. Steopa moved so he could see the back seat. The young man in the back had been tossed to the side. His seat belt had stopped his body from sinking into the water that was filling the roof of the car.

Steopa pulled the back door off and reached inside. He grabbed the leg of the young man. Except for the rib poking out of his chest, the young man looked as if he was asleep. Steopa pulled him out of the car.

He stood up, cradling the young man in his arms. He noticed the young man did have the familiar features that seemed to bless all his descendants that turned at death. The straight hair, the square jaw, and large hands.

“We should get out of the mud,” Perun said.

A voice came from the car. “Hello, we have registered an air bag deploy, is every one alright?”

Steopa stared at the car. Perun looked inside. The voice had sounded like it had came from the radio.

Rebecka smirked. “It's a service some people pay for,” she said. “It monitors your car. They will be reporting his accident soon.”

Steopa jumped with the boy in his arms. He landed at the top of the ravine. He laid the young man down. The young man's breath rattled. A few more moments at the most.

“Do you have any idea who he is?” Rebecka asked. She had gotten down on her knees next to the young man.

Steopa shook his head.

Perun twirled his hair in his fingers. “He's changing.”

Steopa could feel it. The young man's breath rattled, then stopped. Then the only sound in the ravine was the car sinking into the bog below them.

* Leshy: In case you want to know: Wikipedia

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  1. I like the part about feeling when a family member turns becomes a vampire. The shapeshifters are also cool.