Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fledgling Birthday Party starts Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is April 1st. April Fools Day, but this is no joke.

The month long celebration of Fledgling Birthday begins!

Two of the contests start tomorrow:

Contest 1: Gift Card

Runs from 4/01 to 4/14

Simple, enter your email into the feedburner box on my blog. A random person will be chosen to win a $25.00 gift card to Amazon. US residents only, please.

04/01 to 4/30
Contest 2: The Naming

Special one for those of you that have read the book: Send me a link to your review or rating of Fledgling. This review can be on your blog, Amazon, Goodreads, etc. It does not have to be a long review. A rating of x out of stars works just as well. If you haven't reviewed it yet, please do. Yes, even a "bad" review will count.*

What will you win?
Your name as a character, that gets killed off in Patriarch.

Email me  – mariminiatt (at) Gmail dot com Subject: Review Entry. A link to your review, and if you would allow me to put a copy on this blog.

The winner will be chosen at random.

Now for some of the nitty gritty:
  • Contest 1 is only for United States residents, sorry.
  • Odds of winning, depends on the entries.
  • How I determine the random draws. Each entry is assigned a number. I will go to to generate the random wining number.
  • The winners will be announced, only after I have contacted them and they have sent me their contact information (depending on the prize).
* "Bad" reviews count because bad is a subjective term. Not everyone is going to like the book, and I understand that. 

    Tuesday, March 29, 2011

    Heads UP: Major contests coming to this blog soon!

    Starting April 1st. I will start a month long "birthday" party for Fledgling.
    There will be 4 different contests; 4 different prizes

    Here are the prizes:
    1. $25.00 gift card to Amazon
    2. The Guardian Poster: A new piece of artwork, done by Matt. With all the vampire characters on it. The poster will be available in the zazzle store in May, but the winner gets it first!
    3. Fledgling Book Bag
    4. Your name as a character, that gets killed off in Patriarch.

    As the month progresses, I will post all the contests as they start. Come back to check the rules, how long they run, and who won!

    At the top of my blog, you see the page Fledgling Party. That is for anyone that can make it to Syracuse, NY at the end of April. Why have a normal, quiet book signing, when we can have a birthday party?. There will be music, food, and door prizes. If you are in the area, stop by. It will be a blast..

    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    Quality or Quantity

    Everyone else on Twitter has their rant post, here is mine. :)

    A couple times a week I do something I call "fishing for followers". It's simple. I load up tweepi (at and click on follow. I enter a persons twitter name (someone who I like to follow) and look over their list of followers. And either I strike gold, or wonder if I hit a spam factory.

    I do follow back about 90% of the people that follow me. I don't auto follow. When someone follows me, I check out their profile and if something catches my eye. I follow. But there are some profiles I will never click on. No profile pic, no bio are the quickest ways to lose me. After I click on your bio; if it's all links, I'm gone. If its a few lines of random things like: "can you hear me now" "Rather than go with all the rigmarole" "Charlie went through the door", Bye. Nothing but quotes, you lost me.*

    I have come to the conclusion, that some people only want the high follower numbers and not quality followers. This has happened to me more than once. I check out the follower list of someone I have enjoyed following. And most of the people following them, are people I would not. For the reasons listed above. I have unfollowed a few because of that discovery. Because to me, they are after the high numbers. They don't care if spammers make up most of their list.

    I have made exceptions for my rules. There are a couple of people I engage with that don't have profile pictures. One admitted she is too lazy to put one up and never put a picture up on any of her social sites. I do follow some link filled profiles, but they are specialized links. Such as a horror film site I love. A couple of people will put up quotes, but again they are specialized. And one person I follow makes up his quotes (his way of getting back at the quote-bots), so I get a giggle out of them.

    So I look for quality when I go fishing. I want someone that is engaging. I want someone that has the same interests as I do, or might find my books interesting. I want to have the chance to make a online friendship with this person. The growth of my followers, might not be as impressive as someone else, but I can guarantee reading my feed is a lot more fun.

    Other than an interesting stream, why do I take the extra time? Because if people find me interesting, they are going to pass my name on. If they like my books, they will tell others. You are not going to get that interaction with a spammer or a self centered twitter that only talks about themselves.. And it goes both ways. I will gladly retweet and recommend someone, just because I like them. But I have to get to know you. Random lines, quotes, excessive links, and spammy retweets, won't get you that.

    This is why a site like tweepi is so important. When I get that list of people, it not just names. I can search by when the last time they used twitter. How many links have they sent. If they rt a lot (can be a good thing, but might be a bot) and the Klout score. I might miss a couple of people, but I can avoid the twitters that I do not want to deal with.

    *There are tons of auto twitter programs out there. The random lines and the quotes are a good sign that someone is using one of these programs. One I stumbled upon will even take random lines from blogs to make it look like the fake profile has been tweeting. I use automatic tweets too, but not for all my tweets. I use mine to promote my books or to help me promote something special (such as the fund raising for Authors for Japan). If that profile looks like it is all automated, stay away.

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    I Have to "Kill My Darling"

    There's killing a character in a story, then there is making them disappear...

    While editing/rewriting Patriarch, I added characters, I added situations, I expanded the story to almost twice it's rough draft size. But now after I rested and thought about it, I know I have to make some cuts. And the biggest will be a character named Shawn Nugent.

    He's an interesting vampire. For him becoming a vampire meant that his food changed, nothing else. He has found a way to work and still interact with humans, and use his vampire powers to assist with his work. A bit on the crazy side (a few of my characters are like that, must be the drone of immortality), but a good guy at heart.

    I had to make cuts somewhere. Someone tweeted a few weeks ago: "writers if I need a scorecard to keep track of characters you have too many." That is the problem with Patriarch. I sensed it when I wrote the rough draft. As I finished the first draft, I knew that was one of the major problems.

    So Shawn had to be cut. He really didn't add to the story. The scenes he was in were fun to write, but there are some other characters that can take his place in the same scenes and it will still make sense.

    Why was he there in the first place? Not to give too much away (because it makes sense in the novel, won't here), he basically was an example. X happened in the story, and Y,Z, AA, BB, and CC are the results. As you can see, I have plenty of examples. He was handy when I needed some extra muscle, but I have characters already for that.

    Sorry Shawn, you are cut from this production.

    But what to do with him? He has been in development for a few years now. I don't want to throw him away. Here are somethings I could do:
    • Work him into the series at a later date. That could work. I can mention him, so he doesn't come out of the blue. Easiest thing to do, since he was made with this series in mind.
    • Take him out of the series and develop a story around him. That is tempting too. One of the reasons I cut him, is he took attention away from the main characters. He might be too big to be a minor character. And it would be fun to write about vampires outside of the Coiree Series.
    • Let him sit in my idea folder. Back to limbo. I don't want to do that, but might be forced to. I don't think he will stay there for long.
    So when I start the second rounds. Shawn will be removed. Rest in Peace, Shawn, I hope its only temporary.

    Sunday, March 13, 2011

    #mythbeasts Irish Beasties

    This Tuesday, 03/15/2011 at 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time, on twitter, we will be discussing Irish folklore monsters.

    Some of the ones we may discuss:

    The female spirt that foretells death with her mournful screaming or singing.


    This jolly shoemaker didn't always wear green or sell breakfast cereals.

    A shapeshifter that started horrible, but later became an imaginary friend to Jimmy Stewart in Harvey.


    The horse in the water.

    Seals that can transform into humans for love, mainly.

    The Cat Sìth:
    My cat impersonating a Cat Sith

    The large black cat that haunts the countryside.

    Irish mermaids.

    From Legacy of Kain. The original ones from myths looked like crows.

    Sprits of the restless dead.

    To follow on Twitter; search for #mythbeasts. It is better to use another site like Tweetchat.

    #mythbeasts transcript 03/08/2011

    @leapetra It's 6:30 EST. Time for the 1st official chat. #mythbeasts -6:30 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra For International Women's day, I thought it would interesting to talk about the female monsters that are in folklore and myths. #mythbeasts -6:31 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @BookLover73 RT @leapetra: It's 6:30 EST. Time for the 1st official chat. #mythbeasts -6:31 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra Medusa would be a good one to start with. We all should be familiar with her #mythbeasts -6:32 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @BookLover73 Medusa is my favorite. I think every woman can relate to her. Bad hair day and all. ;) #mythbeasts -6:34 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Pyris @leapetra ok so this is the first chat I've actively tried to follow is there anything special I should do? #mythbeasts -6:34 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @BookLover73 The worse hair day #mythbeasts -6:34 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @theapatra @leapetra i love the notion of medusa actually #mythbeasts -6:34 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @Pyris make sure you use the hashtag. or your comments might get lost. #mythbeasts -6:34 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @BookLover73 Seriously, she was the one violated and she was the one punished! #mythbeasts -6:35 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @theapatra what do you love about her? #mythbeasts -6:35 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @theapatra @leapetra not sure. i think that her power was in her hair...kinda like samson #mythbeasts -6:36 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @BookLover73 A lot of the monsters I mentioned, follow the same path as Medusa. Their forms are punishment #mythbeasts -6:36 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @theapatra Interesting point. #mythbeasts -6:37 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @theapatra @leapetra i just always liked the idea of snakes coming from her head. never knew why. i'm not scared of snakes, so maybe that's #mythbeasts -6:38 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra My first introduction to her was Clash of the Titans (original) I remember being scared and sad she died #mythbeasts -6:40 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Pyris I have always strongly identified with Medusa, as a scorned and punished woman that retains so much power she is feared. #mythbeasts -6:40 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra In Japan there is the Harionago a woman with barbs in her hair. She will attack young men and rip them apart. #mythbeasts -6:41 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @theapatra @leapetra wow. love that one #mythbeasts -6:42 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra I couldn't find her background story. But another one with horrible hair. #mythbeasts -6:42 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @BookLover73 @theapatra She was a priestess to Athena, I think. Posideon violated her. That's when she was turned as punishment. #Mythbeasts -6:42 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @ObsidianMiss @leapetra but the Harionago won't attack without provocation #mythbeasts -6:43 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Pyris Nods @leapetra, same here although I was sad and sympathetic rather than scared. #mythbeasts -6:43 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @theapatra @BookLover73 oh. i had no idea. thanks for the info #Mythbeasts -6:43 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @BookLover73 @theapatra She and her sisters, actually. They were all turned into Gorgons. #mythbeasts -6:43 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @ObsidianMiss But she does try to trick men. she works as a warning to young men? #mythbeasts -6:44 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Pyris Saw you mention the Harionago a couple days ago and wondered if that myth inspired the porcupine woman from Nightbreed #mythbeasts -6:44 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @Pyris I wonder, or could that have been a Native American myth? i will have to look into it #mythbeasts -6:46 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @BookLover73 Not up on the Harionago. What is she about? #mythbeasts -6:46 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @BookLover73 Ooops, didn't see previous tweet. :) #mythbeasts -6:47 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra japan has another woman, disfigured, The Slit-Mouth woman. unlike the rest, she has caused panics up until 1970's #mythbeasts -6:49 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra The Slit-Mouth woman covers her mouth, asks if she is pretty, if you say "yes" she will reveal her ripped face #mythbeasts -6:50 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Pyris Taking Medusa and the Harionago both, the focus seems to be on hair with is often seen as a sign of power, virility and beauty #mythbeasts -6:50 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @theapatra @leapetra wow. way cool #mythbeasts -6:51 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @Pyris a response in my blog said it was that hair was the crowing jewel of a woman #mythbeasts -6:51 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Miniatt So, who else thinks Hollywood is out of ideas when it comes to mythical beasts, male of female. #mythbeasts -6:53 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @theapatra @leapetra i'm sorry. i can't get past the slit mouth woman. that's just ... mind blowing. where did that one come from? #mythbeasts -6:53 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra All of them still retain their beauty. although in twisted forms. Why not make them totally monsterous #mythbeasts -6:53 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @theapatra @leapetra great point. i know some vry beautiful women who are just evil #mythbeasts -6:54 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @Miniatt they haven't touched all the cultures yet. #mythbeasts -6:54 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @BookLover73 How about the Banshee? #mythbeasts -6:54 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @theapatra @leapetra or totally breathtaking and evil? #mythbeasts -6:54 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @theapatra @BookLover73 another of my favs! #mythbeasts -6:54 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @tribal_gothic @BookLover73 I dated a Banshee once - or, at least she screamed like one ;) #mythbeasts -6:55 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @theapatra original story, was that she was disfigured by her samuri husband. #mythbeasts -6:55 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @BookLover73 the banshee another beautiful, but monstrous woman. yet she has a purpose too. #mythbeasts -6:56 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @BookLover73 I believe she had a comb of gold or silver continually combing her hair. #mythbeasts -6:56 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Pyris ach now slit-mouth woman is clearly derogatory in a cautionary way like a lot of folklore/urban myth #mythbeasts -6:56 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Pyris Don't be too vain little girl or this will happen to you, you will become such a thing #mythbeasts -6:56 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @TattooedWriter @leapetra because the contrast between their beauty and monstrous side is all that more compelling and horrifying #mythbeasts -6:56 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @theapatra @leapetra i c. i imagine it's a metaphor for what comes out of a woman's mouth...seen and not heard sort of thing #mythbeasts -6:57 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Miniatt Didn't some one trick the husband into thinking his wife screwed around? #mythbeasts -6:57 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @theapatra @Pyris yes #mythbeasts -6:57 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @ObsidianMiss @BookLover73 the comb is a crossover between mermaids and banshees #mythbeasts -6:58 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @Miniatt That is one of the stories, so she came back and demanded him to tell her she was beautful #mythbeasts -6:58 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Miniatt What was the motive for doing this? #mythbeasts -6:58 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @theapatra in the last panic, if you told her you were busy, she would apologize and move on. #mythbeasts -6:59 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @BookLover73 @ObsidianMiss Hmm, I can see that. All these women either have their power in their hair or their voice. #mythbeasts -6:59 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @Miniatt revenge or punishment, seems to be the theme #mythbeasts -7:00 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Miniatt That one Russian woman tickles you to death. #mythbeasts -7:00 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @Miniatt you beat me to it!!! Rusalka! #mythbeasts -7:01 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Pyris There are all sorts of riffs off the Banshee. @ObsidianMiss dun forget Sirens #mythbeasts -7:01 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @ObsidianMiss @BookLover73 true a banshee is technically a fairy woman who fortells your death. I don't think she's a monster though #mythbeasts -7:01 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra Rusalkas live in the water and if they like a young man, they will (cough) "tickle him to death" #mythbeasts -7:02 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra  of all the ways these female monsters kill, tickling seems the least leathal #mythbeasts -7:03 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @ObsidianMiss @Pyris I haven't I just don't put them in the same category banshees warn of death sirens lure you to your death #mythbeasts -7:04 PM Mar 8th, 201
    @BookLover73 @ObsidianMiss I think the Fae can be just as monstorous as any mythical creature out there. #mythbeasts -7:04 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Miniatt "Tickle" as a stand in for"f***"...interesting. #mythbeasts -7:04 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @theapatra don't forget the succubus #mythbeasts. I'm writing about one now -7:05 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra there is a sexual overtone with all of the monsters #mythbeasts -7:05 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Pyris So we have revenge & punishment but what about justice oris there any way to 'redeem' these monsters? #mythbeasts -7:05 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @ObsidianMiss @BookLover73 very true but I think in terms of the other monsters we've seen where they kill you she seems friendly :) #mythbeasts -7:06 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Miniatt Many of them have passed on. So, I'm not sure. #mythbeasts -7:06 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Pyris It depends on the type of banshee, there are at least two common origins for them drowning as mentioned or death in birthing #mythbeasts -7:06 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @Pyris I can't think of any of them that could be redeemed, their monstrous form is forever. #mythbeasts -7:07 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Miniatt They appear as wraths, ghosts, and the like. #mythbeasts -7:07 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra Although some Rusalka will stop pestering men, if it is found they were killed, and the killer brought to justice, #mythbeasts -7:07 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra but nothing said if that will really put the Rusalka to rest. #mythbeasts -7:09 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra A final one, a real horrible one. is in their form because of the type of death. The Pontianak #mythbeasts -7:10 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra Pontianak have died in childbirth. They come back as a vampire like being that eats intestines #mythbeasts -7:11 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra The Pontianak did not do anything wrong, but are punished. #mythbeasts -7:13 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Pyris Ew, what is the ethnic origin of the Pontianak? #mythbeasts -7:15 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @Pyris Indonesia #mythbeasts -7:16 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra Wow the Pontianak brought everything to a stand still #mythbeasts -7:19 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @BookLover73 @leapetra Do their families have to do anything special to allow them to rest? #Mythbeasts -7:19 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Pyris *scratches head* I would expect that the punishment of a Pontianak has to do with either a lack of fortitude or perhaps gluttony #mythbeasts -7:20 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @BookLover73 nothing is said in anything I read, but being a vampire, there are probably precautions. #mythbeasts -7:21 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Pyris @booklover73 oh, that's a good point! maybe the woman did not do anything wrong but their family did? #mythbeasts -7:21 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @Pyris Very good point #mythbeasts -7:22 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @BookLover73 @Pyris Curses often times can effect a whole family even a whole village. #mythbeasts -7:23 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Miniatt The Pontianak are associated with the aroma of the Plumeria. A Colorful flower with a milky poisonous sap. #mythbeasts -7:24 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Miniatt Sap that irritates the eyes and skin. #mythbeasts -7:26 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra So the Pontianak might be a caution against abandoning a woman during childbirth, like a scorned lover?? #mythbeasts -7:26 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra Times almost up. I hope the first chat went ok for everyone #mythbeasts -7:28 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra Next week, for St. Patricks Day. we will talk about Irish monsters. #mythbeasts -7:29 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Pyris @leapetra I was already thinking of that and another legend, La Llorona #mythbeasts -7:29 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @BookLover73 @leapetra I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot. :) #mythbeasts -7:30 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @Pyris The weeping woman, I want to spend a day on her later. #mythbeasts -7:30 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @BookLover73 Great it was a lot of fun to host too #mythbeasts -7:30 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @Pyris Yay, Celtic monsters \o/ #mythbeasts -7:31 PM Mar 8th, 2011
    @leapetra @Pyris And I am sure before next week I will have more than banshees and leprechauns to talk about. #mythbeasts -7:32 PM Mar 8th, 2011

    Monday, March 7, 2011

    Memorable Characters

    A character died.

    Actually, the wonder actor, Nicholas Courtney  passed away. But with his passing, so did Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. Dr. Who fans are dabbing their eyes now.

    It was only the actor, the character can still go on. Yes ,the Brigadier can. And being Dr. Who they might find away around it. But it got me thinking. What makes an unforgettable character?

    Here is a list of fictional characters that are near and dear to me:

    Samuel Vimes: AKA: His Grace, The Duke of Ankh, Commander Sir Samuel Vimes; Commander of the City watch, married to the richest woman in Ankh-Mopork.  From the Terry Pratchett Discworld novels.

    Mr. Dark: From Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes. One of the owners of Cooger & Dark's Pandemonium Shadow Show.

    Hannibal Lecter:  Psychiatrist and serial killer.  From a series of novels by Thomas Harris

    Nanny Ogg: One of the Lancre witches. From Terry Pratchett's Discworld Novels.

    Shaun: from Shaun of the Dead

    What is it about them that makes them stick with you long after you read the book, seen the play or movie?

    None of those characters are perfect. They all are flawed in some respect.

    They have a flaw that they conquer.

    When you first meet Vimes, he is laying drunk in the gutter. What an introduction to a character! He has given up on his life. The City Watch is a joke, and he pictures himself as the butt of that joke. Yet, he fights his battle with bottle. He gets mad about the crime around him. And he doesn't care who commits the crime. In fact I think he loves it when he brings the rich and powerful down. Even though through marriage he is rich and powerful, himself.

    They can have a conflict that becomes their defining characteristic.

    Hannibal Lector. Highly educated, sophisticated, wonderful taste in art, literature, and, um, food. But he is a killer. Colder because of his background. We should be frightened of him, he is a monster. Yet, we are drawn to him, we want to see what he does. We know he will never fight his urge to kill, and we want to see him do it.

    If they are a villain, they make you want to join them.

    Dark offers you anything you want. He is well read, can argue with the best of them. He does not care who he corrupts, the young, the old, the beautiful, the ugly. Everyone has their failings and he thrives on using that. Even when he is defeated, you want him to comes back.

    Sometimes can seem so out there, that you realize, “Wait, I know someone like that”

    Nanny Ogg. Where to start? Matriarch of the largest family in Lancre.  She is the middle witch, the “mother”. Rude, dirty minded, makes drinks that will clear your sinuses before they hit your mouth. Yet. There is something about her. She can stand up to Granny (the most powerful witch on the Disc) She has a soft spot for Greebo (her nasty tom cat). As you read about her, you realize there are older women you have met, that could be her!

    And lastly. They are ordinary, but do extraordinary things:

    Shaun. Retail drone (I can relate). Nothing special about him. He goes to work, goes to the pub, meets his girlfriend. Rinse, lather, and repeat.  When the zombies come, he rises up. Not like some action hero on steroids. But as a friend that is looking out for the people he cares about (and a few that he doesn't).

    The biggest point about a memorable character is THEY ARE NOT PERFECT!

    The Brig was not perfect either. He was a good soldier, a good commander, but he made mistakes, he scoffed at the Doctor. But he knew when to step back and let others take over.

    Think about all the characters you like. Are any of them perfect? If the are good looking, do they have a personality flaw. If they are a nice person, do they have a temper problem? A good writer knows to put something into that character that makes you want to find out about them. Care about them, even if they are the “baddie”. One dimensional characters are boring. Perfect characters are boring. You don't want to be boring do you?

    Sunday, March 6, 2011

    #mythbeasts: Medusa and Hariongo

    For March 8, 2011

    Medusa the cursed beauty with snakes for hair.

    Harionago the woman with barbs in her hair.

    One is from Greece, the other from Japan.

    Both had been or are beautiful and both can kill with their hair. What is it about these female monsters and ones like them, that are terrifying and tragic at the same time? And why hair? What other monsters take beautiful woman and revel the horrible side?

    Other ones to consider (although not have the hair tricks): Kuchisake-onna the "Slit-Mouth Woman", Gorgons, Harpies, Rusalki, and Pontianak 

    Join us Tuesday March 8, 2011 from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm EST. on Twitter at #mythbeasts

    Wednesday, March 2, 2011


    Just for the heck of it, last night I started to talk about mythic creatures on twitter. It was a lot of fun.

    So I think for simplicity, Every Tuesday from 6:30 pm EST to 7:30 pm EST I will host a chat, all about one of my favorite subjects, monsters.
    So coming up, as of right now, anyway:

    March 08: Medusa and the Harionago
    March 15: Irish Beasties (Banshee, Leprechaun)
    March 22: Dragons (East vs West)
    March 29: Centaurs, Satyrs, and other half humans.
    April 05: Wendigo and other devourers.
    April 12: Shapechangers
    April 19: Phoenix and other creatures that are reborn
    April 26: The deep downs (trolls, dwarves, etc)
    May 03: Hispanic monsters (La Llorona, chupacabra)
    May 10: The Fearsome Critters: American folklore (Jackalopes, Hodags, Agropelters)
    May 17: Stone based: (Gargoyles, Golems)
    May 25: Surprise! Not from folklore. (Ents, Marshwiggles, Tommyknockers)

    Of course I am always open for suggestions.

    So if you want to join in. Use or tweetdeck for ease of use, and find us at #mythbeasts (don't forget the last s) Make sure you follow me too @leapetra