Sunday, April 24, 2011

#SampleSunday - A bit of my current WIP about Trolls

Unedited: so read at your own risk.

Story so far. Cheri had fell into a stream, almost drowned. She woke up in the troll realm. Her real family is taking care of her and trying to help her understand what she is. They are planning a pig roast in her honor. Ber is her twin brother. Rosa is her real mother. Halvard is a friend of Ber's.

When Cheri woke up, the room had darkened. She sat up, not feeling as dizzy as before. Cheri felt the bump on her head, no change. She opened the door.

In the next room, Rosa sat in a rocking chair knitting. Linnea had her hands folded on her lap, her head bowed to her chest. Cheri could hear her snore. Rosa looked up.

“Do you feel better?” she asked.

Cheri's stomach growled. “I'm hungry.”

“That's a good sign. I kept a plate warm for you.” Rosa put her knitting down.

“Where are the rest?” Cheri asked as they entered the kitchen.

“Outside tending the pork. By now they are probably drinking too.”

Cheri smiled. “Typical.”

Rosa pointed to the table. Cheri sat down. Rosa put a plate down in front of her. She pulled her hand away, almost dropping the dishcloth that she had used to protect her hand.

Half a chicken, a large potato, and carrots sat on the plate. Cheri picked up a fork. She took a bite of the chicken. It might have been her hunger, but it tasted perfect. She ate more of the food, while Rosa poured her a cup of water.

The outer door opened. Halvard and Ber walked in laughing. Ber slammed his stone mug on the counter. Halvard sat down opposite of Cheri. His hands were stained with blood. Blood also covered the apron he wore.

“She's awake?” Halvard asked, chuckling and staring at Cheri.

“No. I'm sleep eating,” Cheri said.

Ber giggled. Halvard leaned over the table. “You know you are not supposed to eat any food here.”

“Really?” Cheri asked. “I thought you were trolls, not faes.”

Ber filled his mug. “He is.”

“Ber!” Rosa shook her finger at him.

Halvard locked his dark eyes on Cheri. “You're not a troll.”

Rosa snapped the dishcloth in Halvard's face. “You mind your manners too.”

Cheri picked up the chicken with her fingers and made a show of taking a bite of the leg. Halvard chuckled. Ber slid a full mug over to Halvard.

“Drink up, we have to go finish that side,” Ber said.

Halvard picked up the mug, he tipped it in Cheri's direction. “Maybe you want to come and help? But you probably don't want to get bloody.”

“She is resting,” Rosa said.

Halvard downed the contents of his mug. Cheri noticed his muscles. He had biceps that some of the lawyers she worked for would spend hours in the gym for. When he wiped off his mouth with his forearm, his long nose bent against his arm. He put down his mug.

“Are you going to eat that potato?” he asked.

Cheri picked it up like an apple and took a big bite. Ber snickered. Halvard stood up. He held out his hand.

“Sorry about scaring you,” he said.

Cheri watched his eyes. A slight twinkle made her pause. But she held put her hand in his palm to shake. Her palm hit something wet and sticky. Halvard laughed.

“Don't worry, it's only pig's blood.”

Rosa grabbed Halvard by the back of his hair. “Get out and finish with that boar.”

She pushed Halvard out of the house. Ber followed, chuckling. Cheri grabbed the dishtowel and wiped her hand off.

“Is he always that nice?” Cheri asked, throwing the dishcloth into the sink.

Rosa sighed. “He's trouble. But him and Ber are inseparable.”

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