Sunday, April 17, 2011


A little bit of Patriarch. Still being edited. This has been censored for swears. Story so far, Steopa and Rebecka took a new vampire out to show him the ropes. They run into vampire hunters. Gene is one of the hunters.

Steopa saw Rebecka start.

Gene's head snapped up. He scanned the alcoves with his eyes. Steopa faded deeper into shadows. Gene picked up a flashlight. It had two lights on it. A normal white light and on top of it, a blue one. Gene turned it on and shined it over the alcoves. It passed over the alcove that Rebecka stood in. Then over Steopa. The blue light blinded and burned him. Steopa bit his lip and stood still.

The light moved off him. The burning sensation ended. Gene moved the light over to the alcove that Jimmy hid in. The light stayed on the alcove for a few moments. Then Jimmy cried out.

Gene kept the light on Jimmy. Jimmy screamed. Randy grabbed an ax. He ran to the alcove while lifting the ax. Steopa stepped out and grabbed the ax out of Randy's hand. He swung it around and brought it back into Randy's chest. Randy's body lifted up and slid further down on the ax head.

Gene dropped the light and grabbed the crossbow. Steopa pulled the ax out of Randy's body. He tossed it into his other hand and advanced on Gene. Behind him, he heard Rebecka run out of the alcove and over to Jimmy. Steopa felt another vampire coming closer. He paused.

Gene shot the bolt. It hit Steopa in the shoulder. The silver tip burned. The pain started cold then heated until it felt like he was getting branded. Lowering the ax, Steopa reached for the bolt to pull it out. As his fingers curled around it, it exploded.

He dropped to his knees and felt his shoulder. His hand covered the gaping hole where his flesh had been. He heard Rebecka scream. It could have shattered glass. Gene turned his head away, to try to block the sound and load another bolt at the same time. Steopa saw her grab her shoulder, as if she had been hit.

Gene spoke into a small mouthpiece that hung off his ear. “Tell her we found the giant.”

Steopa slammed the ax into the ground, using the handle to push himself up. Exploding stakes, that is new, he thought. Jimmy jumped over him. He raised his claws. Gene pressed the crossbow against Jimmy's chest. Jimmy looked down, surprised.

Rebecka came to Steopa's side. Her face had lost any color it had. She favored the same shoulder that had been injured on Steopa. She tore off her jacket and tied it around Steopa's wound. The other vampire felt closer. Steopa could almost name who it was. “Help Jimmy.” He whispered to Rebecka.

Jimmy did not move. Gene pulled back the trigger. Behind him the shadows dissipated. A shotgun barrel came out of the fading shadows and rested against Gene's head. The chubby vampire holding the gun, shoved the end into Gene's cheek.

“Okay mxxxxxxxxxxx, are you faster than my shotgun?” The vampire asked.

Gene's finger twitched. Both barrels exploded. Gene's body, now headless, fell with a thud on the ground. The chubby vampire wiped the blood and brains out of this cropped hair. His eyes rested on Steopa.

“Steopa,” he said. “Oh sxxx.”

He ran over to Steopa, pushing Jimmy aside. Jimmy stared at the headless body. The bolt in the crossbow exploded, destroying most the crossbow. Steopa reached out with his good arm.


“Shit, you're gonna need a lot of blood to heal that,” Jeremiah said, putting the gun down.,” Jeremiah said, putting the gun down.

Rebecka lifted her head. Her face streaked with bloody tears. “Blood?”

Jeremiah knelt down to help pick Steopa up, “Yeah, damn, I don't know if we could get enough.” Jeremiah pulled Steopa to a standing position. “I don't know any blood banks.”

Rebecka looked back at the memorial. “I have a better idea.”

Jimmy snapped out of his daze. “That head just evaporated,” he said. “Fxxxxxx awesome.”

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