Sunday, May 29, 2011


Here's the thing: Asking nicely and getting good reviews has only gotten me so far in selling books. I need more sales. So I have decided to resort to threats.

That's right. I am going to threaten you.

IF I can sell 100 copies of my books on Smashwords by June 30,2011. I will post a pic of me online dressed as a pirate.
I told you I would threaten you.

So heres the deal: 50 copies sold, I will put a pic up of the costume
75 copies, you get a pic of me in the hat or scarf.
100 copies I will wear the whole outfit.

It has been suggested that I should aim higher. Ok.
200 copies a VIDEO of me wearing the pirate costume walking down my street will be posted on you tube!

SEE I have to get rough, Don't think I will do it! Try me and find out.

But to make it simpler. I have two coupons out.
Each for $1 Killer: code PP46J and Fledgling with code RC23S

#Sample Sunday

Starting today. Every Sunday I will put up the first 300 words to each chapter of Patriarch. 300 words only, so if it ends in mid sentence, sorry.

Chapter 1

A white van turned the corner at high speed, making Steopa jump back onto the curb. The filthy, melting snow splashed onto him. The car that the van had cut off, swerved and sounded the horn. Steopa reached back and laid his hand on Rebecka's shoulder.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

Rebecka patted his large hand. “You were nearly run over, not me.”

He watched the white van as it sped away from them. He took Rebecka's hand with one hand and with the other wiped the slush off his green overcoat. They walked down the street, following the van. People moved out of his way as he picked up his speed. His stature, seven feet tall and broad shouldered, would make anyone want to avoid being run down by him. But the people on the street did not see him.

Steopa and Rebecka blurred as they hurried. Shadows covered both of them as they stayed on the white van's path. Both of them kept pace with the vehicle, speeding past the pedestrians on the street as if the world had froze. Its path, turning down one street, then another and the darkened windows had piqued his attention. A shroud, the dark cloud that vampires could see, covered the van. Someone in that van wanted to die.

The van rode low to the ground. So low that if it hit a large bump, it would be damaged. The blackened windows did not allow anyone to see how many people were inside the vehicle. From the interior you could feel, before you heard, the heavy bass lines echoing from a hip hop song.
Steopa strained to hear, over the bass and engine, the heartbeats of the occupants. He heard three. The strongest, a steady beat, with a slight irregularity,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Empire Avenue


Ignore that, thank you

People that are into social media use different gauges to see how well they are viewed by others. Klout is a good example of that.

I found Empire Avenue. Its a stock market type of simulation. But you invest in other people or brands on line. So the more active they are, the more money you get. Of course you want people to in invest in you.

That is where the game becomes a great way to find out how you are perceived on line. You get scored on how much you are on line. The higher your score, the higher your share, the more likely you will be invested in.

Is it a good idea? More fun than Klout. And when you look at your daily scores you can see where you are lagging. Facebook starts to fall, you know you have to interact more. Twitter shoots up, you might be on there too much. It's the first tool, that lets you have fun too.

End my endorsement! LOL

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture Day

I am writing this four hours before the rapture is suppose to occur. And if my online friends are any indication, England, Romania, and Scotland must be godless, because nothing happened.

I can joke about this with my friends. But the truth is, predictions like this bug me. When I did go to church and hear about this, from someone who really believed on a certain day they were going to be taken to heaven. I was bothered. Why? Why do you want the world to end?

I have known people in the past so convinced the world would end that they would try to save as many as they could. It did not matter if the end of the world was caused by a computer glitch, or that a group of children predicted it at a Catholic shrine. They shared one thing in common; they were so sure of the end that they would alter their life around that belief.

One woman I knew, bought a cabin, stocked it with enough survival gear that she could have survived world war three. She had sold her house, took a second job to pay for all of it. And tried to quit her job the day before. Work refused her request. Y2K passes, nothing happens. She comes to work the next day, not looking at anyone.

We had family members so sure the world would end, they would call me when they had see the "signs". A halo around the sun is not a sign of the end of the world, it means there are ice crystals in the air. But then everything became a sign to them. Pokemon, I am not kidding. They argued that Pokemon was a sign because it taught kids to worship the Earth, which is pagan. That TV show was corrupting millions of children to became PAGANS! And some how that was a sign of the end of the world. It made sense to them.

But if you believe this, my question is this, Why do you hate the world so much you want to see it destroyed? I know this is not a perfect place. I know there is evil in the world. But if you believe God made the world, why do you want Him to destroy His creation? "But it says the the bible..." It also says you won't know.

I feel so sorry for them. Sorry that they are in a place in their lives when all they can hope for is destruction. Sorry, that they have to feel elitist and only want to be around the small group of people that share their beliefs instead of enjoying the company of people who's views are different.

Do I believe the world is going to end? When the sun goes supernova, or if Fenrir the wolf swallows the sun.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mind Fry

It's not that I haven't been busy. In fact, maybe because I have been so busy, that I am starting to forget to do some errands. Worse part. No time for writing right now.

Work is going through inventory, plus corporate in their wisdom, handing me two large tasks that have to be completed before inventory. So on top of the extra work I have during inventory week, I now have more thrown on. So I am stressed, to say the least.

How's that affect my writing? What writing? By the time I get to sit down and do some, other things need to be taken care of.

That's not to say I haven't been busy as an author. Patriarch has begun its trip to the editor. I am working with a web design company. (if everything goes well, will look much different in the future).

This is one week, where I have to take a break from writing. I don't want to, it's usually my sanity saver. But its not writers block I have, its mind fry.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Werewolf. Therewolf

I have been posting a lot about vampires lately, but I have to introduce you to other creatures in the Coiree Series. This week; the werewolves.

In Fledgling; you meet Steopa's friend; Teodor Navarro. A young looking werewolf. You also met another one, briefly, Trucker. In Killer; you almost meet the entire pack.

I wasn't going to put werewolves in the story originally. Teodor was only supposed to be a character that dropped some information. But when i wrote the scene, i realized how close Steopa and Teodor seemed. I didn't want another vampire, so he became a werewolf.

First thing you noticed, they get along. Teodor and Steopa are friends. When I looked into werewolf lore, the werewolf versus vampires wasn't a common theme in a lot of the early tales. You found more tales where they worked together, or they were the same being! If a werewolf was killed, they might come back as a vampire. The enemy idea did not really come into being until Hollywood got a hold of the legend.

How did I fit them into the world of the novels?

1. I based them on actual wolves. You would think that is a no-brainer, but how many werewolves do you see or read about that act like wolves. Real wolves. Most are either the stereotypical "bad wolf" or act like dogs. Wolves have a structured family/pack life. They usually do not interact with humans. When you start to look into how different wolves are from your family dog, you realize most werewolves are not wolf based at all.

2. (small spoiler for Patriarch. Highlight with cursor if you want to see) Teodor family are "good" werewolves. I have set rules in my books. Teodor and his children do not eat living flesh. What that means, they make sure the animal is dead before they eat.  If you think about it, what living flesh could mean to a werewolf, could open up a whole section of horror.

3. They do not go after the same food, so they are not in competition with the vampires. Thank you modern life. Teodor's family buy their meat at the grocery store. They do not have to hunt. If they lived in the country they might hunt for deer or other large animals. But living in the city has made that part of their life easier.

4. Aging. Once a werewolf hits mid twenties, they stop aging. That is why Teodor looks the same age as his kids. When they do reach a certain age, they will grow old quickly. This happens if they are going to die with in the year.

5. Shape-change. This is tied into point 2. But because they eat "dead meat" they change change at will. But they still have issues. Like what to do with the clothes.

6. Born or made. You can be made. Those of you that read Killer know that. There are more ways to become a werewolf than there are to become a vampire. I stayed away from the rabies bite. I had to make sure there was no easy way to become one. The ways I have used, or are going to use in the stories are based on old folk tales and myths.

7. The relationship with the vampires, depends on the vampires and werewolves. Steopa and Teodor shared some things in the past that made them friends. Vincent has no problems with werewolves. Ogden and Verina do seem to have any issues. So would there be? Possibly, if you got two in the same area that constantly crossed paths, they might not get along.

Will we see more of them? Yes. They play a small part in Patriarch. If people want a few separate novels featuring the Navarros, I have a few ideas in mind.

Like my vampires, I went to the old tales and myths to help me define them as a creature. It's amazing how much more interesting the story became and all because I needed someone to pass a message on to Steopa.


Of all the suggestions I like #3Thrillers.

What is this for?

May 26th and the 27th, we have three birthdays of great actors of horror movies. Of course they did more than horror, but most of us have a special place in our hearts for them as horror actors.

Again who?

Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and Vincent Price

What do we have to do?

Simple over those two days, I want to see tweets with the hashtag #3Thrillers. The tweets should be birthday greetings, talking about their films. Anything to show your love for some of the best actors in horror.

Do you guys think you are up to the challenge?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mark your calenders!

Remember last year when I pushed for Bela Lugosi Day. Well here comes two days that will be bigger than that.

May 26 and the 27th

Three horror great actors celebrate their birthdays. Best part, one is still here giving us thrills.

We need a name, something short for twitter, but something that sums up how great these men were and are.


Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and Vincent Price.

I will wait until you get your breath back.



Peter Cushing, born May 26, 1913. A mainstay of Hammer Horror films. He also protrayed the Doctor in the two Dalek films made in the sixties.

Vincent Price, born May 27, 1911. Not only an accomplished actor, but an art collector as well. Last role, the inventor of Edward Scissorhands. A fitting tribute to him.

Christopher Lee, born May 27, 1922. What can be said about him. Hammer films, that voice, and still working!

So here you are, the big ones. What I need is suggestions for a tag to celebrate their lives and influence on all of us.

Ready, set, Go!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

God like?

A recent conversation sparked this blog post. I am not going to argue any point in this, but I want to present this, because it is interesting.

A person told me that the same people that did not like Harry Potter books, were alright with vampires because Lazarus rose from the dead.

Huh? What?

I had never heard of this before. But this is what my friend was told. This made vampires alright to read about, but not wizards.

A quick recap of the Lazarus story:
Jesus was told that Lazarus was ill. Instead of heading off in a hurry to see him, he waits a few days. When he gets there, Lazarus is dead. Jesus raises him from the dead.

The argument is that because Lazarus was raised from the dead via Jesus. Any creature that rises from the dead, can only be risen by an act of God. Therefore vampires have been risen by an act of God.

Whereas wizards are humans acting like God.

This is an interesting twist on vampire lore. This is the first theory that makes the vampire godly creatures. Most of the lore link vampires to demons, soulless creatures. These arguments showed why vampires had to come and drink our blood. They needed our essence, our souls to survive.

But now, this same behavior can be seen as an "act of God." They have gone from being evil beings to an extension of God.

What do you think?

*My personal view: If it exists in our world, then it is not un-natural. Vampires exist for a reason.

Contest update.

The wonderful person that gets to die in the next book is: Leteia!!!!!


I do apologize for the lateness of this post. Between router problems and allergies, I have not been on the ball lately.