Thursday, May 26, 2011

Empire Avenue


Ignore that, thank you

People that are into social media use different gauges to see how well they are viewed by others. Klout is a good example of that.

I found Empire Avenue. Its a stock market type of simulation. But you invest in other people or brands on line. So the more active they are, the more money you get. Of course you want people to in invest in you.

That is where the game becomes a great way to find out how you are perceived on line. You get scored on how much you are on line. The higher your score, the higher your share, the more likely you will be invested in.

Is it a good idea? More fun than Klout. And when you look at your daily scores you can see where you are lagging. Facebook starts to fall, you know you have to interact more. Twitter shoots up, you might be on there too much. It's the first tool, that lets you have fun too.

End my endorsement! LOL

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