Thursday, May 5, 2011

God like?

A recent conversation sparked this blog post. I am not going to argue any point in this, but I want to present this, because it is interesting.

A person told me that the same people that did not like Harry Potter books, were alright with vampires because Lazarus rose from the dead.

Huh? What?

I had never heard of this before. But this is what my friend was told. This made vampires alright to read about, but not wizards.

A quick recap of the Lazarus story:
Jesus was told that Lazarus was ill. Instead of heading off in a hurry to see him, he waits a few days. When he gets there, Lazarus is dead. Jesus raises him from the dead.

The argument is that because Lazarus was raised from the dead via Jesus. Any creature that rises from the dead, can only be risen by an act of God. Therefore vampires have been risen by an act of God.

Whereas wizards are humans acting like God.

This is an interesting twist on vampire lore. This is the first theory that makes the vampire godly creatures. Most of the lore link vampires to demons, soulless creatures. These arguments showed why vampires had to come and drink our blood. They needed our essence, our souls to survive.

But now, this same behavior can be seen as an "act of God." They have gone from being evil beings to an extension of God.

What do you think?

*My personal view: If it exists in our world, then it is not un-natural. Vampires exist for a reason.


  1. i believe that vampire exist and no they are not unnatural but they also are not a act of god, wizards are not people that are trying to be gods... it is people that have a little extra going on with them..... i think people twist things so they make thing fit into their beliefs and wishes. these people obliviously don't have a active imagination...

  2. Wizards can't all be evil. most of them were not. But so many ppl want to lump them in with what they consider evil. But taking an evil creature and making them good, still blows my mind.