Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mark your calenders!

Remember last year when I pushed for Bela Lugosi Day. Well here comes two days that will be bigger than that.

May 26 and the 27th

Three horror great actors celebrate their birthdays. Best part, one is still here giving us thrills.

We need a name, something short for twitter, but something that sums up how great these men were and are.


Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and Vincent Price.

I will wait until you get your breath back.



Peter Cushing, born May 26, 1913. A mainstay of Hammer Horror films. He also protrayed the Doctor in the two Dalek films made in the sixties.

Vincent Price, born May 27, 1911. Not only an accomplished actor, but an art collector as well. Last role, the inventor of Edward Scissorhands. A fitting tribute to him.

Christopher Lee, born May 27, 1922. What can be said about him. Hammer films, that voice, and still working!

So here you are, the big ones. What I need is suggestions for a tag to celebrate their lives and influence on all of us.

Ready, set, Go!


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