Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture Day

I am writing this four hours before the rapture is suppose to occur. And if my online friends are any indication, England, Romania, and Scotland must be godless, because nothing happened.

I can joke about this with my friends. But the truth is, predictions like this bug me. When I did go to church and hear about this, from someone who really believed on a certain day they were going to be taken to heaven. I was bothered. Why? Why do you want the world to end?

I have known people in the past so convinced the world would end that they would try to save as many as they could. It did not matter if the end of the world was caused by a computer glitch, or that a group of children predicted it at a Catholic shrine. They shared one thing in common; they were so sure of the end that they would alter their life around that belief.

One woman I knew, bought a cabin, stocked it with enough survival gear that she could have survived world war three. She had sold her house, took a second job to pay for all of it. And tried to quit her job the day before. Work refused her request. Y2K passes, nothing happens. She comes to work the next day, not looking at anyone.

We had family members so sure the world would end, they would call me when they had see the "signs". A halo around the sun is not a sign of the end of the world, it means there are ice crystals in the air. But then everything became a sign to them. Pokemon, I am not kidding. They argued that Pokemon was a sign because it taught kids to worship the Earth, which is pagan. That TV show was corrupting millions of children to became PAGANS! And some how that was a sign of the end of the world. It made sense to them.

But if you believe this, my question is this, Why do you hate the world so much you want to see it destroyed? I know this is not a perfect place. I know there is evil in the world. But if you believe God made the world, why do you want Him to destroy His creation? "But it says the the bible..." It also says you won't know.

I feel so sorry for them. Sorry that they are in a place in their lives when all they can hope for is destruction. Sorry, that they have to feel elitist and only want to be around the small group of people that share their beliefs instead of enjoying the company of people who's views are different.

Do I believe the world is going to end? When the sun goes supernova, or if Fenrir the wolf swallows the sun.


  1. I totally agree with you on this I get so tired of all the fanatics that are hell bent on the world ending. I didn't even know about this last one till yesterday 6 hours before it was suppose to happen. Only thing that happened around that time is it started to rain.. Like it has been doing for months now lol

  2. I've studied the Bible as a Catholic when I was younger and later on as a Jehovah's Witness (but I hold God and Jesus to my heart and away from both religions now). So far what I can tell from its teachings is that there is no specific date for when the world--or more specifically--humankind is going to end. But when they poster just that all over the city and on the news, it still makes a wreck of my nerves. You can't math out the Bible when there simply is no date in it to predict/read. I feel bad for all those who have lost so much of their lives through this as well of the many who have given up on their Christianity because of one man's crazed panic spread. Rapture didn't happen, but evil won big on this in taking away even more believers in God and Jesus and those who have not yet found guidance and comfort in the Bible's true teachings.