Sunday, May 29, 2011

#Sample Sunday

Starting today. Every Sunday I will put up the first 300 words to each chapter of Patriarch. 300 words only, so if it ends in mid sentence, sorry.

Chapter 1

A white van turned the corner at high speed, making Steopa jump back onto the curb. The filthy, melting snow splashed onto him. The car that the van had cut off, swerved and sounded the horn. Steopa reached back and laid his hand on Rebecka's shoulder.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

Rebecka patted his large hand. “You were nearly run over, not me.”

He watched the white van as it sped away from them. He took Rebecka's hand with one hand and with the other wiped the slush off his green overcoat. They walked down the street, following the van. People moved out of his way as he picked up his speed. His stature, seven feet tall and broad shouldered, would make anyone want to avoid being run down by him. But the people on the street did not see him.

Steopa and Rebecka blurred as they hurried. Shadows covered both of them as they stayed on the white van's path. Both of them kept pace with the vehicle, speeding past the pedestrians on the street as if the world had froze. Its path, turning down one street, then another and the darkened windows had piqued his attention. A shroud, the dark cloud that vampires could see, covered the van. Someone in that van wanted to die.

The van rode low to the ground. So low that if it hit a large bump, it would be damaged. The blackened windows did not allow anyone to see how many people were inside the vehicle. From the interior you could feel, before you heard, the heavy bass lines echoing from a hip hop song.
Steopa strained to hear, over the bass and engine, the heartbeats of the occupants. He heard three. The strongest, a steady beat, with a slight irregularity,

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