Thursday, May 12, 2011

Werewolf. Therewolf

I have been posting a lot about vampires lately, but I have to introduce you to other creatures in the Coiree Series. This week; the werewolves.

In Fledgling; you meet Steopa's friend; Teodor Navarro. A young looking werewolf. You also met another one, briefly, Trucker. In Killer; you almost meet the entire pack.

I wasn't going to put werewolves in the story originally. Teodor was only supposed to be a character that dropped some information. But when i wrote the scene, i realized how close Steopa and Teodor seemed. I didn't want another vampire, so he became a werewolf.

First thing you noticed, they get along. Teodor and Steopa are friends. When I looked into werewolf lore, the werewolf versus vampires wasn't a common theme in a lot of the early tales. You found more tales where they worked together, or they were the same being! If a werewolf was killed, they might come back as a vampire. The enemy idea did not really come into being until Hollywood got a hold of the legend.

How did I fit them into the world of the novels?

1. I based them on actual wolves. You would think that is a no-brainer, but how many werewolves do you see or read about that act like wolves. Real wolves. Most are either the stereotypical "bad wolf" or act like dogs. Wolves have a structured family/pack life. They usually do not interact with humans. When you start to look into how different wolves are from your family dog, you realize most werewolves are not wolf based at all.

2. (small spoiler for Patriarch. Highlight with cursor if you want to see) Teodor family are "good" werewolves. I have set rules in my books. Teodor and his children do not eat living flesh. What that means, they make sure the animal is dead before they eat.  If you think about it, what living flesh could mean to a werewolf, could open up a whole section of horror.

3. They do not go after the same food, so they are not in competition with the vampires. Thank you modern life. Teodor's family buy their meat at the grocery store. They do not have to hunt. If they lived in the country they might hunt for deer or other large animals. But living in the city has made that part of their life easier.

4. Aging. Once a werewolf hits mid twenties, they stop aging. That is why Teodor looks the same age as his kids. When they do reach a certain age, they will grow old quickly. This happens if they are going to die with in the year.

5. Shape-change. This is tied into point 2. But because they eat "dead meat" they change change at will. But they still have issues. Like what to do with the clothes.

6. Born or made. You can be made. Those of you that read Killer know that. There are more ways to become a werewolf than there are to become a vampire. I stayed away from the rabies bite. I had to make sure there was no easy way to become one. The ways I have used, or are going to use in the stories are based on old folk tales and myths.

7. The relationship with the vampires, depends on the vampires and werewolves. Steopa and Teodor shared some things in the past that made them friends. Vincent has no problems with werewolves. Ogden and Verina do seem to have any issues. So would there be? Possibly, if you got two in the same area that constantly crossed paths, they might not get along.

Will we see more of them? Yes. They play a small part in Patriarch. If people want a few separate novels featuring the Navarros, I have a few ideas in mind.

Like my vampires, I went to the old tales and myths to help me define them as a creature. It's amazing how much more interesting the story became and all because I needed someone to pass a message on to Steopa.


  1. I am going to read your books soon.
    I love the idea about werewolves getting their meat from supermarkets. I suppose you could take this one step further and have them lose the ability to hunt altogether.

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