Sunday, May 29, 2011


Here's the thing: Asking nicely and getting good reviews has only gotten me so far in selling books. I need more sales. So I have decided to resort to threats.

That's right. I am going to threaten you.

IF I can sell 100 copies of my books on Smashwords by June 30,2011. I will post a pic of me online dressed as a pirate.
I told you I would threaten you.

So heres the deal: 50 copies sold, I will put a pic up of the costume
75 copies, you get a pic of me in the hat or scarf.
100 copies I will wear the whole outfit.

It has been suggested that I should aim higher. Ok.
200 copies a VIDEO of me wearing the pirate costume walking down my street will be posted on you tube!

SEE I have to get rough, Don't think I will do it! Try me and find out.

But to make it simpler. I have two coupons out.
Each for $1 Killer: code PP46J and Fledgling with code RC23S

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