Sunday, June 19, 2011

#SampleSunday Chapter 4 of Patriarch

I am only putting the first 300 or so words of each chapter up.

Steopa laid looking at the ceiling in the lair. The image of the young man becoming a drudge replayed through his head, until he could no longer stay in the stupor. He felt the bed move.

Rebecka rolled on her side. Her breasts slid and rested against each other on the bed. She reached over with her hand and brushed his long hair out of his face. Steopa pulled her close. He kissed her cheek then her lips. Rebecka ran her hands down his back, fingering the old scars that had never healed.

He pulled away and stroked her curls. “Do you ever...?”

“Ever what?” Rebecka laid her head on his chest.

“If we could do more?”


Steopa nodded. Rebecka lifted her head. Her brown curls fell around her face. “You mean in bed?”

Steopa nodded.



“I'm fine with this, Steopa.” She kissed his cheek and wiggled out of his arms. “I have a feeling we should check on the coiree.”

That cup, he thought. Steopa swung his legs over the bed and stood. “That would be a good idea.” He walked over to their large vault-like door.

Rebecka giggled.

Steopa turned. “What is it?”

“Jimmy's out there.”

Steopa looked down at his naked body. “Ah, yes.”

Rebecka shook her head, and reached into his wardrobe. She moved the hangers around for a moment, then handed Steopa a blue shirt. He smoothed out the sleeves.

“Is this one your favorite?” he asked.

“No that's the green one, but you haven't wore that in a while.”

“I suppose they will be looking for Jimmy?” Rebecka said as she started to dress.

“The swamp is deep,” Steopa said. “They will think he is missing in the mud. Besides, I can ask Perun to make their search difficult.”

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