Sunday, June 26, 2011

#SampleSunday Chapter 5 - Patriarch

I am only posting the first 300 words or so of the chapters.

The secret entrance of the smugglers tunnel had opened part-way when Rebecka ran inside. Jeremiah and Jimmy glanced at each other, then at Steopa.

“You need a blood bank,” Jeremiah said.

“BRING HIM DOWN HERE.” Rebecka's voice echoed through the tunnel and out into the cemetery. Steopa smiled. Her command voice sounded stronger. He winced. The pain from the wound spread down his arm.

Jimmy lifted Steopa and attempted to move into the opening. But Jeremiah wouldn't move. Steopa fought the pain, and his body shutting down. “Listen to her,” he said, forcing the words out.

“What's down there?” Jeremiah asked.

Steopa growled. Jeremiah lifted Steopa's side. They helped Steopa down the tunnel. Rebecka left the door open. She pointed to the couch.

“Lay him there.” She jumped through the hole in the ceiling.

Jeremiah guided Steopa to the couch. Steopa looked at the wounds. The flesh had seared and blackened from the stake. His blood would fill the wound, then drip down his chest. The bones on his fingers had regrown, but muscles and sinews had not.

“You need blood,” Jeremiah said. “What the hell are we doing here?”

“Trust Rebecka,” Steopa said.

“We are in a pit and-”

Rebecka returned with the coiree. She hurried over to Steopa. “It filled, just like it did with Vincent.”

Steopa looked into the gold rimmed cup. The blood filled the shallow bowl. The large mouth of the cup would have been hard to drink from, even if he had not been injured. Steopa closed his eyes as he drank the warm, sweet blood. The more he drank, the more his body filled with warmth. He drained all the blood from the coiree. Rebecka took the cup out of his hands and placed it on the floor.

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  1. This is one of my favorite chapters in the book!!!