Wednesday, June 22, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag: Chapter 1 part 1

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Amanda sat up in bed, and stifled a scream. Teodor woke himself, he sat up and reached for her, pulling Amanda close to him. He ran his hand through her sandy blond hair.

“Bad dream?” He asked.

Amanda nodded.

“The base?” He asked.

She nodded again.

Teodor kissed her forehead. “It's alright.”

Amanda hugged him and whispered. “I hate it when I have those dreams.”

Teodor laid back with her on the mattress. Amanda's cheeks were wet. He looked up at the ceiling. The crack in the ceiling had grown longer. He sighed. He didn't like the bedroom they were sharing, it was not the worst place he had ever stayed, but he wanted something better.

They currently stayed in a house, that was owned by a friend of a friend. After the disaster, Amanda ran with him. For someone that had many military connections, Amanda some how knew the right type of people to know, when you wanted to disappear. If it had been only himself, Teodor would have run to the woods, but Amanda didn't deserve that.

The bedroom held everything they owned. They had only a thin mattress on the floor. Boxes lined one wall, they held their clothes and other items. That was it. Nothing else. Teodor had lost everything decades ago. Even that little bit, was a lot, compared to what he had only a few short years ago. Teodor never needed a lot.

He could tell that he would not be going to go back to sleep. He got out of the bed, stopping to look at the full length mirror. He had to admit he looked good for being over a hundred. But when you were a werewolf, you stopped aging in your mid-twenties. Teodor brushed his black hair with his fingers. His hair has grown almost to his shoulders. His father would have beat him for looking like this.

Teodor's face had not changed for over a century. He still looked like he was only in his mid twenties. He shook his head, letting his hair fall along his long, pointed face. He flipped his hair back and shrugged, no matter what he did, it laid flat against his head.

He threw on his jeans from the night before and opened their bedroom door. He did not make a noise, and checked the hallway before he threw it open. Not so much to not wake up Amanda, but knowing the owner of this house, someone could be passed out in front of it. Today he was lucky. The nearest blacked out person laid in the archway between the kitchen and the living room.

It was a dump. He knew it. But it was safe, and most of their roommates were too high or too drunk to notice Amanda and his little odd habits. On the couch laid Chaser, The owner of the house. His parents paid for the house, paid all his bills, and gave him a large allowance to keep him quiet. He was an embarrassment to his family. So they kept him happy, as long as he stayed away. Chaser lived a constant party.

Chaser looked much older than Teodor did. His long red hair had tangled and hung over the sides of the couch, where his face laid on the cushions. He still held a bottle of whiskey in his hand. The whiskey had dripped on to the floor, staining the carpet even more. Teodor sighed. Another day in paradise.

Teodor made his way to the kitchen. Two more collapsed party goers were in there. Teodor stepped over them and opened the refrigerator. Not much for food. Except the drawer that Amanda and him kept locked. He got the key out of his pocket and unlocked it. Inside he grabbed a piece of round steak. He locked the drawer and closed the door, making sure not to wake anyone.

Teodor took the steak out to the backyard. Dawn started to break over the horizon. He chewed on the steak while watching the sun come up. Chaser had seen Teodor eat raw meat once. Teodor had to convince Chaser it was steak tartar. Truth was, he could eat cooked meat, as long as nothing was put on it. He felt better with the raw meat.

In the back of the abused lawn, grew a gnarled tree. This morning a small cloth bag hung off of it. At least eleven feet off the ground. Teodor finished the steak and walked over to the tree. He looked around, making sure no one could see him. Then he jumped. He cleared the distance with little effort. He snatched the bag and landed on the ground.

It was tied shut, with a card attached. His name was written on it, in large elegant script. Teodor smiled. His friend Steopa had stopped by during the night.

Teodor went back to the back steps and opened the bag. Steopa had been back in the base again. Teodor reached inside and pulled out the dog tags that were inside. He read the name. They were Amanda's. She had lost them when they had escaped. There was one more item in the bag. It was a clip of money. Teodor shook his head. He knew how Steopa got the money, he just wished the big guy would keep some for himself.

The door opened, and one of the partiers from the night before staggered into the door frame. He undid his fly and almost pissed on Teodor. Teodor jumped, spinning around to face the drunk man.

“What the hell!” he growled.

He growled, raising the sides of his mouth. The man started and pissed all over his own leg.

“Oh man, didn't see you there.” the drunk slurred.

Teodor took a deep breath. This drunk jerk did not understand. Where Teodor came from, if you did that to one of his family, you were dead. It was the worst insult imaginable. But this guy hadn't done it out of malice, just drunken and or high misjudgment. Teodor shook his head.

“Look before you leak,” he said.

It took a moment before the words found the part of his brain that still function. The man broke into a smile. “That's funny.”

Teodor pointed to the man's crotch. The drunk had still not zipped up his fly. “Just cover up, alright.”

He left the drunk pondering that, and went back inside the house. One of the other roommates, one that held down a job, came into the kitchen at the same time. He wore his work clothes, blue overalls, that smelt like pine.

“Hey, Jerry,” Teodor said.

Jerry waved. He opened the refrigerator, looked inside and closed it with a sigh. “Another meal at the cafe,” he said. “You want to come, I'll buy.”

“I would, but you know how Amanda hates to be here alone,” Teodor said.

Jerry nodded. He was an old friend of Chaser's, and one of the more stable people that came through the doors of this house. Even though it was the fashion for most of the men to wear their hair long, Jerry kept his brown hair short.

“They might have an opening at the yard,” he said.

Teodor sat down at the table. “Really?”

“Yeah.” Jerry nodded. “Come down today and apply, put my name in. I know you and Amanda want out of this place.”

“I'll do that,” Teodor said.

Amanda came out of their bedroom. She had dressed and pulled her blond hair back with a leather head band. The peasant blouse and painted jeans looked good on her.

“Morning Amanda,” Jerry said. “You want to go to the cafe?”

Amanda looked at Teodor.

“Jerry said he would buy,” Teodor said

“Okay.” Amanda leaned over and kissed Teodor on his forehead.

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