Sunday, July 31, 2011

#SampleSunday Chapter 10 - Patriarch

Only the first 300 or so words.

A smell made Steopa force himself out of the stupor. He sniffed. A strange chemical odor filled the room. He sat up, careful that he did not wake Rebecka. She rolled over and wrinkled her nose. He sniffed again. His eyes watered. He shut his sense of smell down. Steopa pulled on his pants, then opened the door to the other vault room.

Sasha sprang from the couch and stared at the entrance door. Steopa's eyes watered. Even though he could no longer smell it, the fumes affected him. Jimmy coughed. He sat up and covered his mouth. Sasha pulled his shirt above his nose. Along the bottom of the outer vault door a small puff of smoke rose, followed by a longer tendril.

Steopa grabbed one of his swords off the wall. He reached out and touched the vault door. He pulled his hand back. The tips of his fingers blistered from the heat, but healed.

Sasha lowered his shirt. His nose flattened against his face, leaving two slits instead of nostrils. He opened his eyes. Another set of eyelids blinked over his solid white eyes. Sasha smiled, showing his rows of fangs. He pulled another sword off the wall. He nodded to Steopa.

Jimmy reached for another weapon. Steopa swatted his hand away. He pointed to the other room. Jimmy's shoulders sagged. He didn't move. Steopa motioned with his head and grunted. Jimmy shook his head and went into the room. Rebecka patted him on the shoulder as he slouched by her.

Steopa grasped the round handle and turned it. He paused. On the other side of the door, he heard a voice. He did not recognized the words, but he recognized it as a European dialect. The talking stopped. Steopa turned the wheel a few inches, then he heard the sound of metal scraping, like something being etched. He glanced at Sasha.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Invitation to do #WerewolfWeds

Loup garou

I have been putting up my werewolf serial The Hag for a few weeks now. Now I want to extend the invitation to other werewolf fans out there.

Simple enough. Every Wednesday* put a blog post up about werewolf. It could be a short story, a serial story, a movie or book review, or your thoughts on the werewolf myth. Then post a link on Twitter, Facebook, and/or G+, making sure to use the hashtag #WerewolfWeds.

If you don't want to be stuck with just werewolves, use the tag #WereWeds. Then any shapeshifter could be used.

I hope this will bring the werewolf fans together. And if you are like me, sometimes you run out of things to blog about, so this is a way to help out my fellow bloggers with "blogging block".

If you do this, drop me a line and I will put up a list of blogs that do #WerewolfWeds. I ask that you do the same.

Anyone else want to join in?

Hendrik Goltzius - Lycaon

* Or at least once a month.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 3

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

In the morning, Teodor woke up when the sun shone in his eyes. up. He could see his breath, but he didn't feel the cold. He rubbed his arms. His fur had grown while he has slept. Amanda rolled over in her sleep, her blond fur had came in thicker over the night.

Teodor sat up, carefully so he would not wake Amanda. A mixed-breed hound dog laid a few feet away. A pile of clothes supported it's chin. Teodor chuckled. He crawled over to the dog and took the clothes. Some of them still had clothes pins on them.

The dogs would not understand what a human needed to wear. But they had done a good job in getting a wide selection. Teodor picked through the clothes and found a shirt and pants that weren't too large. Amanda rolled over and sighed. Teodor brought some of the clothing over to her.

She looked through the pile, and found a dress that was too big for her. “I wonder what happened after we left?” She asked.

Teodor shrugged. “Who cares?”

“We're back to square one.”

“It looks that way.”

“And I am hungry.”

Teodor stood up. “I'll go see what I can find.”

He ran off into the woods. As he crossed the man made trails, he found himself in the abandoned village. On the steps of a house, with faded siding, sat a familiar face.

“Morning Teodor.”

Teodor laughed. “Perun?”

Perun laughed. His sandy brown hair hung around his shoulders. He wore a leather vest and pants. Perun would have fitted into one of Chaser's parties. Except Teodor knew that Perun would have drank all of them under the table.

“I saw you arrive last night,” Perun said.

Teodor blushed. He covered his genitals.

Perun laughed. “Don't worry, I gave you privacy.” His eyes twinkled. “You can uncover yourself, I don't care you are nude.”

“What are you doing here?” Teodor asked.

“I live here. Going to sleep soon.” Perun stood up. His feet were the only part of his body that gave away that he was not human. He stood on his toes, with his ankle high behind. They looked almost like Teodor's feet when he was in his wolf form.


“Winter's coming,” Perun said.

“Like hibernate?”

“Close.” Perun came over to Teodor. “What have you been doing lately?”

“Trying to survive. I need to find some food.”

Perun nodded. He made a strange noise. Three rabbits hopped out into the clearing. “How about those?”

Teodor smiled. “Perfect. Let me get Amanda.”

Perun nodded. “I miss her. You were lucky to end up with her. I never had a chance.”

“If I remember right, if they are female, you want them.”

Perun waved his hand. “But she is your's. You don't have to worry about me.”

“What about when we met?”

“I could tell she was going to be your's, even then.”

The rabbits sat nibbling the grass. Teodor pointed to them. “Skin them, I'll be back.”

Teodor ran back to Amanda. She opened her mouth in surprise at the news Perun was in the woods. “I haven't seen him since that night. I'm surprised he stayed.”

“Me too, but then Greenwoods has everything he would want.”

“Wait, do you think he is the guy?”

“What guy?”

“The guy the co-eds try to find in the woods.”

Teodor shook his head. “What are you talking about?”

“One of Chaser's girlfriends told me that there is a guy that lives in Greenwoods, that some women have sex with.”

Teodor laughed. “I wouldn't put it pass him.”

He took Amanda's hand and walked back to the house. Perun had two of the rabbits skinned and gutted, laying on the porch, the other cooked on a spit over a small fire.

“Being a lycanthrope suits you, Amanda,” Perun said as they approached. “Your tits are perkier.”

To Teodor's surprise she did not get angry, instead she went over to Perun and kissed his hairy cheek. “Always the charmer,” she said.

Perun threw Teodor a rabbit. “Dig in.”

He handed Amanda her rabbit. She ripped a long strip of flesh off it's hind leg. “I am so used to the meat already butchered,” she said.

“This ain't so bad,” Teodor said. "I would never expected that this place existed."

“It's a nice place,” Perun said. "I keep it hidden."

“I'm surprised you didn't go back to Europe,” Teodor said.

“Why didn't you?”


Amanda wiped the rabbit blood off her face with her arm. “Did you ever want to go into the base again?” she asked.

Perun's face turned dark. Teodor thought he heard thunder. “Maybe to piss on it,” Perun said.

“Steopa's living there,” Teodor said.

“Has he lost all reason?” Perun said. He turned the rabbit on the spit. “Besides I can't go, something is wrong. I don't know what. But it's an old fear. Stalking in these woods.”

“What are you talking about?” Teodor asked.

“Something moved into the woods, I can't find it. But it's old and angry. I looked for it all summer, but now that fall is here. I have to sleep and it will still be out there.”

“What do you think it is?” Amanda asked.

“Something bad, something I haven't felt in a long time.” Perun threw some herbs on the rabbit. “Not since my homeland. Another hunter, but a sport hunter.”

Teodor noted the vile in Perun's voice.

“Where are you going now?” Perun asked.

“Not sure,” Teodor said.

“Too many in the woods now.” Perun sat back from the flames. “I would love to have you stay here, but the others would have to agree.”

Amanda glanced around at the old homes. She sighed. “Most of these places look unsafe.”

“They are, it keeps the curious away.”

“We have to find another place to stay. Winter is coming. These places don't look warm. And don't suggest the old base.”

“Well, we could go back to town.” Teodor suggested. “See what we can find.”

“Are you sure?” Perun asked. “There is plenty of room.”

Amanda gave Perun a sorry look. “I would like to have a TV, stupid I know.”

Perun shook his head, then patted Amanda's knee. “It will always be here for you.”

“Thank you.”

They finished their meals. Teodor had to admit that one rabbit tasted better than all the steaks he had eaten in the last few years. There was something about meat in which the blood had not cooled yet. It seemed to have more flavor.

Amanda made a bag out of one of the larger shirts that the dogs had brought them. She started to put her albums in the makeshift bag then she laughed.

“What is it?” Teodor asked.

“I grabbed some of Chaser's too,” she said.

“Which ones?” Teodor asked.

“Does it matter?”

Sunday, July 24, 2011

#SampleSunday Chapter 9 of Patriarch

I am only posting the first 300 or so words of each chapter.

Memories could be more vivid than reality. The wind whipped around Steopa. He looked over the familiar view of his farm. At least the farm as it had been when he had come back for the last time. Across the sky dark clouds rolled. In the distance, the clouds flashed on and off with lightning. A light mist hung in the air, but Steopa did not feel wet.

Rebecka took his hand. “Where are we?”

Steopa pointed down the hill. “This was my farm. I owned most of the land that you can see here. My father gave me half of my inheritance when I married.”

“This is Lithuania?” Rebecka asked.

Steopa nodded. “Officially, Lithuania did not exist at this time.


Steopa looked over the familiar landscape. He had been thinking of this night. He gripped Rebecka's hand harder. “The night I had to rescue my daughter.”

He pointed to the farm. Two horses, tied to a post, stood in front of the house. Even with the wind whipping around them, he could hear raised voices. “Ana, my wife, had not recovered from my death. Then she had Nastenka,” he said. “The village accused her of sleeping with the devil. I had heard rumors where I hunted. But I do not know why I came back this night, but there I am.”

His self from the memory walked across the garden. He paused outside the house.

Steopa turned to Rebecka. “If I had known, I would have came back sooner.”

“You said you had to rescue her?” she asked.

Steopa nodded. “We will move closer.”

He took Rebecka's hand and climbed down the hill. They walked up to the house. Arguing voices became louder as they came closer to his home.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


What am I talking about? Read my #SundaySample post. Okay, done?

What do you think of Sasha? A vampire that can live in water. How could I come up with him?

As Steopa explains, "He died at sea."

That's all? Basically, yes.

He died at sea, he was buried at sea. That should have destroyed the vampire. But in Sasha's case it did not. He could have been destroyed. He had been stuck in a sack and dumped off the ship. But he got out of the sack and swam. Because he changed underwater, he developed skills for surviving in water.

Think about the problems he would have. He is not the biggest predator out there. He has to other creatures that will look at him like a meal. He has to stay close to land or good tourist spots. He can leave the water. He doesn't need to stay there, but he does.

Because of the problems. He has unique abilities. One is the ability is camouflage. He can created patterns and reflective skin cells. Sparkles? No, more like a cuttlefish.

Is this still too much to take? I don't think so.

Sasha is an example of one of the rules I put down for my vampires. They are specialized predators. Most have adjusted to live and hunt in the urban centers. But I went a step further. What if they changed to fit the environment in which they found themselves at the time of death? Sasha died at sea, he changed in the water. Therefore, he can survive water.

He looks a lot better out of the water, but what if you saw this swimming toward you?

I did have a hard time finding anything remotely like him in any folklore. Until you looked past "vampire". Then there is a treasure trove of creatures that live in the water for the sole purpose of bringing humans down with them. Sometimes to kill outright. Sometimes they don't understand humans will die.

Rusalka: a female ghost of a young woman who had died in or near a lake.
Vodianoi: a male water spirit. He is malevolent, drowning swimmers. He looks like a naked man, bloated and hairy, covered in slime, covered in scales.
Grindylow: They grab little children with their long sinewy arms and drown them.
Draugr: An undead creature from Norse mythology. There are sea-draugs and land-draugs.
Bloody Bones: A boogeyman. He lives near ponds.

So I think Sasha will fit right in. There are plenty of examples of undead and other creatures that are like him. I don't think he is that odd. But I understand if some people think he is.

What do you think?

Cuttlefish videos.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag Chapter 2 part 2

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

The man pulled away from her. Amanda slapped him across the face. The brown haired one grabbed both of her arms. She struggled, swearing at them. The blond grabbed her face. She spit in his.

Teodor pushed himself between two of the men. The blond laughed at him and shoved him back. Jerry shouted something at the three. But it was too late, Teodor could not stop it the change. When he lifted his head, he was not human anymore.

Jerry bolted out of the room. Teodor stood up, as his body changed. His face elongated, his arms lengthened to match the length of his legs. Black hair sprouted all over his body. He didn't growl or howl. It wasn't painful, it was like breathing, it just happened. His clothing fell to the floor, too ripped up to be worn again.

He growled. This cause one of the three to turn his head. He jumped and swore, hitting his head on the upper cupboard. Amanda watched Teodor for a moment. Then she lowered her head.

Teodor spun the blond around. He pushed his muzzle into the man's face and growled. The blond pissed himself. Teodor heard another growl. He looked over the blond's terrified head.

Amanda lifted her head. She let the wolf come out. Her body covered with shimmering blond hair. She turned her head, snapping at the one behind her. The man that held her, stepped back. She howled. Teodor joined her. To hell with pretending to be human, he thought.

The one that hit his head, reached behind his back and pulled out a handgun. Teodor almost saw it too late. The man opened fire. Teodor stiffened, expecting the burn of silver bullets. But these were normal bullets. They hurt when they tore through his flesh, but his body healed right behind the burrowing wound.

Amanda bit the hand that held the handgun. Teodor heard the screams from the other room. Teodor howled again, this time to tell Amanda to run. To his surprise she turned and ran into the living room. Teodor followed. Amanda grabbed her records.

The party goers crowded at the other side of the living room. None of them stopped her from flipping through the albums. Teodor barked. She shoved the stereo over and ran to the kitchen. Jerry opened the door. He stood back as they rushed through.

The neighborhood dogs barking traveled from one end of the street to the other. Teodor listened. Amanda barked, telling the dogs to watch for the police. Or as they understood it, the metal boxes, with the spinning wheels, that shine many lights. Some of the dogs ran and joined them as they hurried out of the city.

At first, Teodor wanted to goto the old base, but Amanda would never go back. Outside of the city, there was another safe place. Teodor picked up speed, Amanda kept up with him. They ran to Greenwoods.

Most of the dogs left them at the bridge that crossed the river at the university. They jumped over the road block at the entrance of Greenwoods. Teodor plowed through the underbrush and let out a couple of yips of happiness.

Amanda slowed her run down to a jog. She looked down at the albums and gave Teodor a sorry look. “I should have left them.”

Teodor stopped. He shook himself and returned to his human form. He didn't bother to cover his naked body. “I should have grabbed our clothes,” He laughed.

Amanda shook off her wolf hybrid form. “Me too.”

One of the dogs that followed them, barked and jumped. Teodor knelled down. “Hey, good job.” He told the poodle mix. “Can you get us some clothes?”

Amanda laughed as the poodle ran away. “You really think she will find us any?”

“It's worth a shot,” he said, sitting down on a patch of moss. “I've had them bring me food before.”

Amanda set the albums on a stump, then sat down beside Teodor. “What now?”

“Steopa is still living in the base.”

She stiffened.

“Now, just wait. He's cleaning it up, and offered us a safe place there.”

“But that place...” She shivered.

“It would only be the upper levels.” Teodor paused, he thought he had heard something in the distance, like the breathing of someone that did not want to be discovered. He sniffed the air. Too many people had been here, for him to pick out any fresh trails. But on the edge, a familiar smell. Someone he had known.

“What is it?” Amanda asked.

“I thought I heard something.” He said.

She shook her head. “It was a squirrel or something, unless... unless he's still here."

"I thought he would have gone back to Europe."

"Like you?"

Teodor chuckled. He put his arm around her. “Do you want to take Steopa up on his offer?”

Amanda shook her head. Her blond hair looked almost white in the moonlight. “I'm not ready to go back there, yet."

“So you'd rather sit in the woods, naked?”

“Yeah, I rather sit in the woods naked.”

He kissed her cheek, then traveled to her lips.

“We could do something else.”

She stroked his back. "Yeah, we could."

Sunday, July 17, 2011

#SampleSunday Chapter 8 - Patriarch


The first 300 or so words.

A set of stairs traveled from the look-out to the bank of the river. The recent rain storms fed the river, swelling it close to flooding. The water flowed by the board walk, sloshing up on the wooden planks.

Jimmy stopped on the stairs. “It's running water.”

“Scared?” Steopa asked.

“Isn't running water suppose to harm us?” Jimmy asked.


Jimmy looked relieved, he took one step forward. The water churned along the board walk. He jumped back up the set of stairs. Under the water a humanoid shape could be seen, multiple colors flowed across it's skin. A pale green hand rose out of the water.

Steopa stifled a laugh. Rebecka gripped his arm.

Her eyes went wide. “Is that Sasha?”

Water sprayed from the river. The cascade of water stopped like a sudden rain shower. Sasha stood on the board walk. His long black hair flowed over his thin body in wet strands. His solid green eyes looked like fish eyes. He blinked. His eyes looked human. He flung his hair off his face with a webbed hand. He smiled. Instead of the small set of fangs. He had an entire row.

Rebecka slipped behind Steopa. Jimmy stared.

“Hello,” Sasha said. He spoke with a thicker accent than Steopa.

“Welcome,” Steopa said. He introduced Jimmy and Rebecka.

Sasha wrung his hair, spraying droplets of water over the wooden walkway. “By the looks on your faces, Grandfather did not explain about me.”

He wiped the water off his body. As he did, the green glow disappeared. The more water that dripped off him, the more he looked like the young man he had been when he died. The scar, from the harpoon, on his chest stood out against his pale skin.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Online Beta Reader Group

How to run one with Google+

Actually when I asked for beta readers, I had no idea I would be using Google+ for it. But I am, and it has made things a lot simpler.

To set up an online beta reader group, you have to find people. Post on twitter, Facebook, on your blog, and now on G+. Have all of them contact you on the email address you use for Google+ (in my case my "official email").

When you gathered enough addresses. Save them in your email contacts under the same group. Then go to G+ and set up a circle for just the beta readers.

Whoa let me back up. I realize not all of you are on G+ and that's okay. So what is a circle? Facebook and Twitter use lists. You can add people to a list, then watch only that feed. G+ goes beyond that. A circle allows you to watch a certain group of friends and anything you share with them, should (in theory) stay within that circle. So baby pics from your sister, should stay only in your family circle.

You set up a beta reader circle. Add the address of your volunteers WHETHER THEY ARE ON G+ OR NOT! When you write a post, the ones that are not on G+ receive an email. As of right now, you still need your gmail to send out the files, but there is talk that will change.

When they respond to you, you will get an email from the people not on G+. The ones that are, can respond like with a Facebook post. Think of it as a combination of a forum and email list.

This has made my end of the beta reading so much easier. If they do fully integrate the gmail, it will be even easier. I know you could send out a mass email, using a group in the email program. So why is this easier.

  • I don't keep my email open. I keep my hootsuite and G+ open. So if I think of something, I can run a quick message out ASAP.
  • If they are on G+, they see the post in their stream. As soon as it is written. They will get a notification, so they will know it is there.
  • Allows you and them to share other items. Lets say your beta readers have no idea about some of the items you are talking about. Because you don't have time to rewrite the passage now, you can put pictures in the post and let them see. Or maybe they want to share something with you that will help you see where they are coming from.

The more I mess around with G+, the more I like what I am seeing. When it goes public, I insist my writer friends check it out. It might be just what you are looking for, a combination of networking, and idea sharing.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag Chapter 2 part 1

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

Teodor picked his way through the debris. As much as Amanda hated staying at Chaser's house, she hated coming back to the base more. She refused to join him. It would be easier if he was on all fours, but he was carrying the money.

He could smell the fire that had raged in here years ago. Teodor stopped. Someone cleaned the place. Someone that could lift support columns that weighed tons. Teodor shook his head. The one place he did not want to come back to and Steopa made it his home.

Teodor heard noises ahead of him. He climbed over more debris to see. Steopa had his back toward him, in the next room. He lifted a couch that had been bolted to the floor. The rusty bolts snapped and popped. Steopa shoved the couch to the side of the room.

Steopa the giant. He stood seven feet tall, slender for his height. But at his size made him wider than most men. Tonight, he wore his long black hair, braided back. He kicked a piece of moldy foam out of his way.

“Why are you still here?” Teodor asked.

Steopa shoved an old iron lung machine to the other side of the room. “I could be in a graveyard,” He said, turning around. “But this place is drier.”

Teodor chuckled. “I have a favor to ask. That money you have been giving us. I need to keep it somewhere safe. Someone tried to take it today.”

“Your room mates?” Steopa asked.

“Or their friends.”

“You could stay here.”

Teodor shook his head. “Amanda will not step foot in here again.”

Steopa leaned against an old x-ray machine. “None of us should.”

“Then why are you staying here?” Teodor asked.

“Because I want to make sure nothing is disturbed,” Steopa said. “Besides the hunting is good in this area. Many of the people here are from the old country, they know what it is like to have a vampire among them.”

“I'm actually enjoying not hunting,” Teodor said. “It is easier to get my meat from the grocery store. It's not warm, but I don't have to worry about getting shot.”

Steopa gave Teodor a small smile. “How is Amanda?”

“She's adjusting well, but we are living with some real jerks, you know. When they run low on money they will sell anything to get money. Even our stuff.”

“I am surprise you let them.”

“I'm trying to not change in front of anyone,” Teodor said. He blushed. “I want to keep it a secret.”

Steopa shook his head. “You are a werewolf, you do not need to hide.”

Teodor opened his mouth to argue. It took a lot of guts for Steopa to say that. Teodor and Steopa had always seemed to get along, but lately Teodor could see why vampires and werewolves sometimes didn't like to be around each other.

“Then what are you doing here?” Teodor asked. “Don't give me that you are making sure no one disturbs anything. No one knows it's here. And most of the ones that do know are dead.”

Steopa stood up. He glared at Teodor. “What are you saying?” He asked, a slight growl accenting his voice.

“I am saying that you should be outside,” Teodor said, trying not to yell. “I have been watching the news, there is nothing on it. Are you even hunting?”

Steopa took a step forward. “I am careful.” he said, each word spoken with weight.

Teodor shook his head. “Sorry, that was rude of me.”

There was a long pause. “Perhaps it is because we have not hunted together,” Steopa said.

“Those were some good times.”

Steopa walked over to another pile of debris. “I will keep the money here for you,” he said. Steopa moved another large piece of medical equipment. “Are you really enjoying pretending to be human?”

Teodor had to think. “There are days I missed being able to walk down the street and get respect as soon as people saw me,” he said. “But that was in the old country, where Dad still hunted the farmers for fun. I can't do that here.”

Steopa nodded. “It is very different.” he chuckled. “Have you gone to the movie theater, yet?”

Teodor nodded. “Yeah, Amanda and I go a lot.”

“Humans have strange ideas about vampires,” Steopa said.

Teodor had to agree. He glanced at his watch. Amanda didn't want him gone too long. Chaser was having another party tonight. Teodor apologized and said his goodbyes. He hurried home.

Chaser's drive way was full of cars. Teodor's stomach sank. It wasn't going to be the regular get together tonight. This one looked like it was a full blow hedonistic orgy. Teodor went around the back. Amanda was siting on the back steps. Jimi Hendrix was blasting from the stereo.

Amanda smiled relief when Teodor came around the corner. “Glad your back, babe,” she said.

Teodor sat down beside her. “How many people are in there?”

“God knows,” Amanda said. She had a glass of water in her hands. “But there are some real slimes in there.”

The screen door opened. Jerry came out. He looked down at Teodor and Amanda and sighed. “You too?” He asked. “I'm never gonna get some sleep tonight.”

“I went down to the lumberyard,” Teodor said. “Setting up an interview, this week.”

Jerry smiled. “Good. You two need to get out of here.”

“What about you?” Amanda asked.

“I would, but if my ex even smells I have my own place she will want more support,” Jerry sighed.

Amanda finished her water. “I'll be back,” she said, jumping up and going back inside.

The screen door slammed behind her. Teodor looked up at the stars. He hated how the city muted them. When he would run in the woods, the stars were his only guides. Jerry lit a cigarette. The smell almost made Teodor retch.

“Amanda told me what happened earlier,” Jerry said, taking a long drag. “If it's any consolation. I got some stuff taken too.”

Teodor shrugged. “They didn't get anything important.”

He heard a loud laugh coming from the kitchen. Teodor moved down the stairs, to avoid the cigarette smoke. There was another loud laugh. Teodor turned his head to look.

He could almost see Amanda, most of her was blocked by the door frame. There were two men standing on each side of her. By the looks of it, there was at least one more. Teodor turned around. Jerry glanced over.

The men were large, not a big as Steopa, but were much larger than Teodor. Teodor had a thin frame and build, which most people assumed made him weak. He always like to surprise them. One of the three reached over and tried to grab Amanda's head. She shoved them away.

Teodor stood up. Jerry quickly put out his cigarette. “Shit,” Jerry said under his breath.

The brown haired man, pushed Amanda against the counter. “Come on sweety, we only want some fun.” he said, in a deep voice.

The look Amanda gave him would have told anyone in their right mind to stop what they were doing. But these three had liquid courage running through their veins. Teodor opened the door. He could tell Amanda was holding back. She wanted to let the wolf out.

They had promised each other, they would not do that in front of other people. There were times it was hard. This was one of them.

Teodor walked over to the men. “Excuse me,” he said. “Amanda and I have to go.”

The blond man gave Teodor a small glance. He already filed Teodor in the part of his brain that said, not a threat. He turned to Amanda. “What do you want that shrimp for?” He asked.

Then he made his mistake. He locked his lips on Amanda's. The growl was in Teodor's throat before he could stop it. But that did not stop the assault on Amanda. He felt his teeth changed. He couldn't do it, not now, not with so many people here.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

#SampleSunday Chapter 7 - Patriarch

I am posting the first 300 words. Just a tease.

The next night, Steopa woke up to see Rebecka sitting on the edge of the bed. She flipped her hair back and looked over her shoulder. He sat up. She leaned back and kissed his cheek. Steopa heard muffled singing on the other side of the door.

“Jimmy's got a good voice. He woke me up,” she said.

“Did you sleep well otherwise?” he asked, kissing her forehead.

Rebecka nodded. Steopa stood up and went to his wardrobe. As he pulled out his clothes for the night, he could feel one more of his descendants coming. Sasha? How could have he gotten here so fast, he thought. He hung his head for a moment. Rebecka noticed, she curled her arms around his waist.

“What is it?”

“More family is coming. We will be running out of room. I should speak to Teodor.”

“He already has a full house. What about here? You said it was a base.”

“Most of it has been destroyed.”

“Any other ideas?”

Steopa turned. “I might talk to Perun.”

“Again, you should ask Vincent.”

“Where would they stay? In the basement?”

She winced. “I see your point. I don't think the rest of the apartments have been worked on. And that basement would not be comfortable. We'll figure it out. It will be okay.” She opened the door and left Steopa.

Steopa sat on the bed, holding his clothes. The hunters had come at night, without all the protection they needed. And they had been asking questions. Scouts? Not real hunters? Steopa wondered.

Who hired them? In the past it would have been a town or the church. Today? No one believed in vampires. Steopa rubbed his back, feeling his scars. He remembered the hunters he had run into at Saint Petersburg.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to be a Panster.

Pantser: A writer that writes by the seat of their pants, no pre planning.

How can some of us writers sit down and knock out a story in a short while, without any planing? Truth is, at least for me. There is planning, but not a lot of it.

I don't sit down and make reams of notes on my ideas. I don't use a time line (I will while I am writing). What I do is think about the idea a lot. And the building blocks for the idea are already in my mind.

A great example was with my Minstrels story. The spark started when I was playing the game Brutal Legend. In the game you can set up your radio to play songs you find over the course of your adventure. For Motorhead, the tune is We Are the Road Crew. That was and is my favorite tune for cruising around the landscape. Here is the first verse if you are not familiar.

Another town another place,
Another girl, another face,
Another truce, another race,
I'm eating junk, feeling bad,
Another night, I'm going mad,
My woman's leaving, I feel sad,
But I just love the life I lead,
Another beer is what I need,
Another gig my ears bleed,
We Are The Road Crew

I had that tune bouncing in my head for a few weeks.

At the same time, my husband and I have to dig out our old D & D stuff for our oldest to use in his game. We look over the maps and notes with nostalgia. All the fond memories are now jumping around in my head.

That song and those memories must have mixed up or something in my head. I woke up one morning and started to write. I pushed out over 3000 words. In that time I had the 4 principal characters, an idea of the major plot, and a goal for the ending.

The four main characters were never in my role-playing. They were new ideas. This is what I had at the end of the first day of writing.


  • Grail: Oldest, former military, piper, knows everyone of importance, unlikely ladies man.
  • Rand: He says "former thief", string player, charmer and fast talker too.
  • Drake: drummer, red hair, pyromaniac.
  • Carey: newest member, former priest (I ended up using the term seith), singer, something tragic just happened to him.

Main plot: They are going to a music competition. But something from Carey's past may stop them. Road trip/ buddy story.

Goal for the end: Have to pull together to stop the "baddie", not necessarily by playing music.

I did use our old world from role playing for the background. But I used an area we never did anything with, except name it.

Instead of plotting it all out before I wrote again. I let my inspiration guide me through my first draft. If it helps think of it as a long, detailed, outline. I have found out, that if I stop and plot out, think about it, make notes, before I write. It never gets written. OR in the case of the Coiree Guardians, waits TEN YEARS before it comes out.

I have to write when the idea is fresh in my mind. I make notes as I go along, I make a timeline, I do research on the fly. When I am done with the first draft. I put it away. I don't look at it or the notes for at least a month. Then I read through it again. This is where I clean up the false starts, work on the characters. My first edit is like some writers first draft.

The draw back to being a panster writer, a lot of editing. I go through at least four rounds before I am happy with sending it to an editor, or even a beta reader. But I would rather re-edit a story many times, then work on it for a longer time before I write it.

Being a pantser writer allows me to get the ideas out of my mind faster. I know what I first produce is not good. But I don't mind working with it, to bring out the real gem underneath.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag Chapter 1 part 3

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

They paid and left the store. The temperature fell, but this November had been warmer than expected. Teodor put his arm around Amanda's waist. They walked down the street. He smiled.

As they passed a side street. A kid came out of the alleyway and ran into both Amanda and Teodor. Teodor spun around and shouted at the kid.

Amanda yelled. “He got my records!”

Teodor ran after the kid. The kid was fast for his size. He skidded under a scaffolding. Teodor caught up with him at the building site. The kid hid underneath the metal bars. He scurried to one side. Teodor blocked him from escaping. The kid tried another route; Teodor blocked him again.

“Just give me back my albums!” Teodor said, reaching for the albums.

“Screw you!” The kid extended his middle finger.

A small crowd formed. Teodor reached into the scaffolding and grabbed the kid by his coat. The kid's hazel eyes flickered fear for just a second. His brown hair looked as if it hadn't been brushed in a few days, and Teodor could smell that he had not taken a bath for that long as well.

“My albums now!” Teodor yelled.

The kid shoved them into Teodor's chest. “Take 'em, jerk!”

He slid under the bars and ran down the street.

Teodor checked the albums. A woman dressed in a pants suit sneered. “Kids today have no respect.”

Amanda pushed her way through the crowd. She hugged Teodor. “Thanks, babe,” she said.

The crowd dispersed. Teodor and Amanda went home. When they got to Chaser's house they could hear Jefferson Airplane being blasted from the stereo. Amanda opened the door.

Chaser sat on the couch, sorting his weed on a dinner plate. The passed out bodies were gone. Teodor sat down next to Chaser. Amanda went to their bedroom. Chaser turned to look at Teodor with his eyes perpetual blood shot stare.

“You guys went out?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Teodor said.

Chaser went back to separating the stems and seeds. Amanda came back into the room, her face was red with anger.

“Who the hell broke the lock on our bedroom?” She shouted.

Chaser shrugged. “I don't know, I just woke up.”

“You slept through that?” Amanda shook with rage.

Teodor jumped up to check the room. The lock had been forced out of the door frame, breaking the wood in the process. Their boxes had been overturned and items strewn through the room. Amanda came back into the room.

“Everything here?” She asked, her lips trembling.

Teodor did a quick mental inventory. “Some of my clothes are missing,” he said.

“What about...” Amanda started to say, then she mouthed “our money.”

Teodor picked up the mattress. The seam that Teodor had stitched, had not been disturbed. He pulled it open, the bills were still pressed against the foam.

Amanda slid down the wall to the floor. “Teodor, I can't stay here much longer.” She put her head in her hands and whimpered.

Teodor came over and put his arm around her. “We leave soon, babe. We will.”

Amanda glanced towards the door. “If I find out Chaser did this,” she said, her voice on the edge of the growl. “I will take out a chunk of his leg.”

“Babe, you know what I told you about that.”

“I wasn't going to eat him,” she said. “Besides, he probably tastes like hash and bourbon.”

Teodor crawled back to the mattress and pulled out the money. “I'm gonna move this tonight,” he said. “Someplace none of the lay-a-bouts will find it.”

Amanda sighed. “This day sucks.”

“It's not the worst day.”

Amanda gave him a small smile. “No, it's not.”

Sunday, July 3, 2011

#SampleSunday Chapter 6 - Patriarch

The first 300 words.

The sign for the Burgundy Rathskeller hung over the ramp to the basement entrance. Above the sign on the side of the building the faded words “Meat Processing” could be read. As they walked down the sidewalk toward the ramp, Steopa could smell blood coming from Saber Ink, the tattoo parlor. Next to it the store, Third Eye Curios, had its doors open. The smell of charcoal and mint mixed with the blood.

At the bottom of the ramp, Swen stood up behind the counter in the bouncer cage. He crossed his arms and stared at Jimmy and Jeremiah. The short sleeved shirt showed off his muscles and tattooed arms. Because of his nature of being a berserk, when Steopa saw him, Swen looked as if he could not keep his shape. He would see Swen the man, morph into the bear form and back again. Tonight, Swen looked more like a bear.

He sucked in air through his teeth and made a noise. “Vincent said you were coming, might be better if you go through the back,” he said. His eyes fixed on Jeremiah. “No guns.” He pointed to a large wall safe in the back of the cage. “Check them in, and I'll let you in.”

Jeremiah shrugged and handed over his shotgun and handgun. Swen picked up the handgun. He spun it, flicked out the clip, checked the clip, slid it back in, flipped the gun again, pulled back on the barrel, and put on the safety. He opened the chamber on the shotgun, then put it against his leg and checked the magazine. He nodded. He locked both guns inside the safe. When he returned, he eyed Jimmy. “And what is this kid's story?”

“They are with me,” Rebecka said, giving Swen a strange look. “I just want to talk to John.”