Sunday, July 31, 2011

#SampleSunday Chapter 10 - Patriarch

Only the first 300 or so words.

A smell made Steopa force himself out of the stupor. He sniffed. A strange chemical odor filled the room. He sat up, careful that he did not wake Rebecka. She rolled over and wrinkled her nose. He sniffed again. His eyes watered. He shut his sense of smell down. Steopa pulled on his pants, then opened the door to the other vault room.

Sasha sprang from the couch and stared at the entrance door. Steopa's eyes watered. Even though he could no longer smell it, the fumes affected him. Jimmy coughed. He sat up and covered his mouth. Sasha pulled his shirt above his nose. Along the bottom of the outer vault door a small puff of smoke rose, followed by a longer tendril.

Steopa grabbed one of his swords off the wall. He reached out and touched the vault door. He pulled his hand back. The tips of his fingers blistered from the heat, but healed.

Sasha lowered his shirt. His nose flattened against his face, leaving two slits instead of nostrils. He opened his eyes. Another set of eyelids blinked over his solid white eyes. Sasha smiled, showing his rows of fangs. He pulled another sword off the wall. He nodded to Steopa.

Jimmy reached for another weapon. Steopa swatted his hand away. He pointed to the other room. Jimmy's shoulders sagged. He didn't move. Steopa motioned with his head and grunted. Jimmy shook his head and went into the room. Rebecka patted him on the shoulder as he slouched by her.

Steopa grasped the round handle and turned it. He paused. On the other side of the door, he heard a voice. He did not recognized the words, but he recognized it as a European dialect. The talking stopped. Steopa turned the wheel a few inches, then he heard the sound of metal scraping, like something being etched. He glanced at Sasha.

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