Sunday, July 10, 2011

#SampleSunday Chapter 7 - Patriarch

I am posting the first 300 words. Just a tease.

The next night, Steopa woke up to see Rebecka sitting on the edge of the bed. She flipped her hair back and looked over her shoulder. He sat up. She leaned back and kissed his cheek. Steopa heard muffled singing on the other side of the door.

“Jimmy's got a good voice. He woke me up,” she said.

“Did you sleep well otherwise?” he asked, kissing her forehead.

Rebecka nodded. Steopa stood up and went to his wardrobe. As he pulled out his clothes for the night, he could feel one more of his descendants coming. Sasha? How could have he gotten here so fast, he thought. He hung his head for a moment. Rebecka noticed, she curled her arms around his waist.

“What is it?”

“More family is coming. We will be running out of room. I should speak to Teodor.”

“He already has a full house. What about here? You said it was a base.”

“Most of it has been destroyed.”

“Any other ideas?”

Steopa turned. “I might talk to Perun.”

“Again, you should ask Vincent.”

“Where would they stay? In the basement?”

She winced. “I see your point. I don't think the rest of the apartments have been worked on. And that basement would not be comfortable. We'll figure it out. It will be okay.” She opened the door and left Steopa.

Steopa sat on the bed, holding his clothes. The hunters had come at night, without all the protection they needed. And they had been asking questions. Scouts? Not real hunters? Steopa wondered.

Who hired them? In the past it would have been a town or the church. Today? No one believed in vampires. Steopa rubbed his back, feeling his scars. He remembered the hunters he had run into at Saint Petersburg.

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