Sunday, July 17, 2011

#SampleSunday Chapter 8 - Patriarch


The first 300 or so words.

A set of stairs traveled from the look-out to the bank of the river. The recent rain storms fed the river, swelling it close to flooding. The water flowed by the board walk, sloshing up on the wooden planks.

Jimmy stopped on the stairs. “It's running water.”

“Scared?” Steopa asked.

“Isn't running water suppose to harm us?” Jimmy asked.


Jimmy looked relieved, he took one step forward. The water churned along the board walk. He jumped back up the set of stairs. Under the water a humanoid shape could be seen, multiple colors flowed across it's skin. A pale green hand rose out of the water.

Steopa stifled a laugh. Rebecka gripped his arm.

Her eyes went wide. “Is that Sasha?”

Water sprayed from the river. The cascade of water stopped like a sudden rain shower. Sasha stood on the board walk. His long black hair flowed over his thin body in wet strands. His solid green eyes looked like fish eyes. He blinked. His eyes looked human. He flung his hair off his face with a webbed hand. He smiled. Instead of the small set of fangs. He had an entire row.

Rebecka slipped behind Steopa. Jimmy stared.

“Hello,” Sasha said. He spoke with a thicker accent than Steopa.

“Welcome,” Steopa said. He introduced Jimmy and Rebecka.

Sasha wrung his hair, spraying droplets of water over the wooden walkway. “By the looks on your faces, Grandfather did not explain about me.”

He wiped the water off his body. As he did, the green glow disappeared. The more water that dripped off him, the more he looked like the young man he had been when he died. The scar, from the harpoon, on his chest stood out against his pale skin.

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