Sunday, July 24, 2011

#SampleSunday Chapter 9 of Patriarch

I am only posting the first 300 or so words of each chapter.

Memories could be more vivid than reality. The wind whipped around Steopa. He looked over the familiar view of his farm. At least the farm as it had been when he had come back for the last time. Across the sky dark clouds rolled. In the distance, the clouds flashed on and off with lightning. A light mist hung in the air, but Steopa did not feel wet.

Rebecka took his hand. “Where are we?”

Steopa pointed down the hill. “This was my farm. I owned most of the land that you can see here. My father gave me half of my inheritance when I married.”

“This is Lithuania?” Rebecka asked.

Steopa nodded. “Officially, Lithuania did not exist at this time.


Steopa looked over the familiar landscape. He had been thinking of this night. He gripped Rebecka's hand harder. “The night I had to rescue my daughter.”

He pointed to the farm. Two horses, tied to a post, stood in front of the house. Even with the wind whipping around them, he could hear raised voices. “Ana, my wife, had not recovered from my death. Then she had Nastenka,” he said. “The village accused her of sleeping with the devil. I had heard rumors where I hunted. But I do not know why I came back this night, but there I am.”

His self from the memory walked across the garden. He paused outside the house.

Steopa turned to Rebecka. “If I had known, I would have came back sooner.”

“You said you had to rescue her?” she asked.

Steopa nodded. “We will move closer.”

He took Rebecka's hand and climbed down the hill. They walked up to the house. Arguing voices became louder as they came closer to his home.

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