Wednesday, July 6, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag Chapter 1 part 3

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They paid and left the store. The temperature fell, but this November had been warmer than expected. Teodor put his arm around Amanda's waist. They walked down the street. He smiled.

As they passed a side street. A kid came out of the alleyway and ran into both Amanda and Teodor. Teodor spun around and shouted at the kid.

Amanda yelled. “He got my records!”

Teodor ran after the kid. The kid was fast for his size. He skidded under a scaffolding. Teodor caught up with him at the building site. The kid hid underneath the metal bars. He scurried to one side. Teodor blocked him from escaping. The kid tried another route; Teodor blocked him again.

“Just give me back my albums!” Teodor said, reaching for the albums.

“Screw you!” The kid extended his middle finger.

A small crowd formed. Teodor reached into the scaffolding and grabbed the kid by his coat. The kid's hazel eyes flickered fear for just a second. His brown hair looked as if it hadn't been brushed in a few days, and Teodor could smell that he had not taken a bath for that long as well.

“My albums now!” Teodor yelled.

The kid shoved them into Teodor's chest. “Take 'em, jerk!”

He slid under the bars and ran down the street.

Teodor checked the albums. A woman dressed in a pants suit sneered. “Kids today have no respect.”

Amanda pushed her way through the crowd. She hugged Teodor. “Thanks, babe,” she said.

The crowd dispersed. Teodor and Amanda went home. When they got to Chaser's house they could hear Jefferson Airplane being blasted from the stereo. Amanda opened the door.

Chaser sat on the couch, sorting his weed on a dinner plate. The passed out bodies were gone. Teodor sat down next to Chaser. Amanda went to their bedroom. Chaser turned to look at Teodor with his eyes perpetual blood shot stare.

“You guys went out?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Teodor said.

Chaser went back to separating the stems and seeds. Amanda came back into the room, her face was red with anger.

“Who the hell broke the lock on our bedroom?” She shouted.

Chaser shrugged. “I don't know, I just woke up.”

“You slept through that?” Amanda shook with rage.

Teodor jumped up to check the room. The lock had been forced out of the door frame, breaking the wood in the process. Their boxes had been overturned and items strewn through the room. Amanda came back into the room.

“Everything here?” She asked, her lips trembling.

Teodor did a quick mental inventory. “Some of my clothes are missing,” he said.

“What about...” Amanda started to say, then she mouthed “our money.”

Teodor picked up the mattress. The seam that Teodor had stitched, had not been disturbed. He pulled it open, the bills were still pressed against the foam.

Amanda slid down the wall to the floor. “Teodor, I can't stay here much longer.” She put her head in her hands and whimpered.

Teodor came over and put his arm around her. “We leave soon, babe. We will.”

Amanda glanced towards the door. “If I find out Chaser did this,” she said, her voice on the edge of the growl. “I will take out a chunk of his leg.”

“Babe, you know what I told you about that.”

“I wasn't going to eat him,” she said. “Besides, he probably tastes like hash and bourbon.”

Teodor crawled back to the mattress and pulled out the money. “I'm gonna move this tonight,” he said. “Someplace none of the lay-a-bouts will find it.”

Amanda sighed. “This day sucks.”

“It's not the worst day.”

Amanda gave him a small smile. “No, it's not.”

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