Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag Chapter 2 part 2

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The man pulled away from her. Amanda slapped him across the face. The brown haired one grabbed both of her arms. She struggled, swearing at them. The blond grabbed her face. She spit in his.

Teodor pushed himself between two of the men. The blond laughed at him and shoved him back. Jerry shouted something at the three. But it was too late, Teodor could not stop it the change. When he lifted his head, he was not human anymore.

Jerry bolted out of the room. Teodor stood up, as his body changed. His face elongated, his arms lengthened to match the length of his legs. Black hair sprouted all over his body. He didn't growl or howl. It wasn't painful, it was like breathing, it just happened. His clothing fell to the floor, too ripped up to be worn again.

He growled. This cause one of the three to turn his head. He jumped and swore, hitting his head on the upper cupboard. Amanda watched Teodor for a moment. Then she lowered her head.

Teodor spun the blond around. He pushed his muzzle into the man's face and growled. The blond pissed himself. Teodor heard another growl. He looked over the blond's terrified head.

Amanda lifted her head. She let the wolf come out. Her body covered with shimmering blond hair. She turned her head, snapping at the one behind her. The man that held her, stepped back. She howled. Teodor joined her. To hell with pretending to be human, he thought.

The one that hit his head, reached behind his back and pulled out a handgun. Teodor almost saw it too late. The man opened fire. Teodor stiffened, expecting the burn of silver bullets. But these were normal bullets. They hurt when they tore through his flesh, but his body healed right behind the burrowing wound.

Amanda bit the hand that held the handgun. Teodor heard the screams from the other room. Teodor howled again, this time to tell Amanda to run. To his surprise she turned and ran into the living room. Teodor followed. Amanda grabbed her records.

The party goers crowded at the other side of the living room. None of them stopped her from flipping through the albums. Teodor barked. She shoved the stereo over and ran to the kitchen. Jerry opened the door. He stood back as they rushed through.

The neighborhood dogs barking traveled from one end of the street to the other. Teodor listened. Amanda barked, telling the dogs to watch for the police. Or as they understood it, the metal boxes, with the spinning wheels, that shine many lights. Some of the dogs ran and joined them as they hurried out of the city.

At first, Teodor wanted to goto the old base, but Amanda would never go back. Outside of the city, there was another safe place. Teodor picked up speed, Amanda kept up with him. They ran to Greenwoods.

Most of the dogs left them at the bridge that crossed the river at the university. They jumped over the road block at the entrance of Greenwoods. Teodor plowed through the underbrush and let out a couple of yips of happiness.

Amanda slowed her run down to a jog. She looked down at the albums and gave Teodor a sorry look. “I should have left them.”

Teodor stopped. He shook himself and returned to his human form. He didn't bother to cover his naked body. “I should have grabbed our clothes,” He laughed.

Amanda shook off her wolf hybrid form. “Me too.”

One of the dogs that followed them, barked and jumped. Teodor knelled down. “Hey, good job.” He told the poodle mix. “Can you get us some clothes?”

Amanda laughed as the poodle ran away. “You really think she will find us any?”

“It's worth a shot,” he said, sitting down on a patch of moss. “I've had them bring me food before.”

Amanda set the albums on a stump, then sat down beside Teodor. “What now?”

“Steopa is still living in the base.”

She stiffened.

“Now, just wait. He's cleaning it up, and offered us a safe place there.”

“But that place...” She shivered.

“It would only be the upper levels.” Teodor paused, he thought he had heard something in the distance, like the breathing of someone that did not want to be discovered. He sniffed the air. Too many people had been here, for him to pick out any fresh trails. But on the edge, a familiar smell. Someone he had known.

“What is it?” Amanda asked.

“I thought I heard something.” He said.

She shook her head. “It was a squirrel or something, unless... unless he's still here."

"I thought he would have gone back to Europe."

"Like you?"

Teodor chuckled. He put his arm around her. “Do you want to take Steopa up on his offer?”

Amanda shook her head. Her blond hair looked almost white in the moonlight. “I'm not ready to go back there, yet."

“So you'd rather sit in the woods, naked?”

“Yeah, I rather sit in the woods naked.”

He kissed her cheek, then traveled to her lips.

“We could do something else.”

She stroked his back. "Yeah, we could."

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