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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 5 Part 3

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

Steopa walked to the building and entered through an open door. Teodor and Amanda both paused. She glanced at him. Teodor sighed.

“Yeah, we better.” He whispered.

This time, they undressed, placing their clothes under a large rock in some overgrown bushes. They changed. Not stopping at the hybrid wolf and man form. Teodor and Amanda changed to wolves.

Amanda's light fur shined in the moonlight. She padded into the entrance. Teodor followed close behind. Inside Steopa waited for them. Teodor heard the children. Steopa pointed down the hall. Amanda put her nose to the ground and sniffed. Teodor followed.

The sound of a radio became louder as they came closer to the double doors. Along with the general chatter and smell of stale food, the smell of drugs. Teodor's heart sank. These were kids, what were they doing with drugs? He thought. Amanda whined.

Teodor approached the open door. On one side of the large room, kitchen equipment sat rusting. Opposite of the kitchen, the kids gathered around a stage. Some of the kids on the stage slept.

Teodor realized, even though he was calling them children, the ages seemed to be from around six to some that were young adults. The older ones passed a joint to each other. Two were off to one side, preparing a needle for use.

A largest group of children sat around the radio, listening to the music. A young girl laid on her stomach drawing on a piece of paper with piece of burnt wood. The girl next to her looked up and grinned.


All heads, that weren't asleep or in some sort of chemical high, turned to look.

Amanda tentatively took another step into the room. One of the older boys stood up, grabbing a baseball bat as he did. “They look like wolves,” he said.

A girl about ten or eleven took a step towards Teodor and Amanda. An older girl grabbed her. The younger one shook her off. “My parents raised dogs,” she said. “They aren't growling.”

Teodor wagged his tail. A wolf would never do that, but he wanted to put the children at ease. Amanda sat down and looked around the group of children.

The brave young girl walked to Amanda, holding out her hand, palm out. Amanda leaned forward and sniffed it. The girl slowly moved her hand and pet Amanda's fur. She smiled.

“It's okay,” she said, “They're tame.”

The kids rushed over. Teodor had many hands reach out to pet him and ruffle his fur. Some of the older ones came over and joined in. The one that held the bat walked over and stood to the side. Teodor watched him.

If that boy had been a wolf, he would have been the alpha male. He had the stance of a leader. But there was more to it. He also was looking out for the rest of the children. The boy stood back for a reason. Teodor moved away from the groping hands and walked up to the leader. The boy with the bat regarded Teodor for a moment, then reached down and gave him a quick pat on the head.

“Tache,” The boy with the bat said over his shoulder. “Open that can of stew.”

“Wait, what?” A skinny, black haired boy asked.

“Just do it.”

Tache went to the back of the room and came back with an open can of beef stew. He handed it to the boy with the bat. The boy placed it on the ground in front of Teodor.

Teodor sniffed it. Even in his human form he would not eat this. The meat was over cooked, there were more potatoes than anything else, and the chemicals almost made his nose burn. But he wanted to put the kids at ease, so he stuck is muzzle in and ate a few large bites.

Amanda joined him. She glanced around with her eyes at the kids as they did so. The boy with the bat, laid his bat down and ruffled Amanda's fur.

“They seem tame,” he said. “If they come back tomorrow, we should have some meat for them.”

“Why Gunner?” an older girl asked.

The leader, Gunner, stood up. “Because having them around would be a good idea. They could warn us.”

The girl bit her lip, but nodded.

Most of the children had their turn petting Teodor and Amanda, the crowd dispersed around them. Teodor sat back and scratched his ears, he looked around at the same time. He found Trucker. Trucker slept on a large coat by the stage. He looked like the little kid he was, not the tough acting punk that had led them to The Pit.

Then he felt it. Something approached. His fur rose, unconsciously. Some of the children moved away from the windows, he could smell the fear on them, like a large stick of cinnamon. Teodor padded over to the broken window and sniffed the air.

What ever it was, had no smell. He whined. Amanda came over to him. She clawed at the windows. Behind them, Teodor could sense the children were becoming more frightened.

“Tashe, Jazz,” He heard Gunner order, “Make sure the doors are locked.

The other two boys ran out of the room. Teodor made out the shape of Steopa moving along the yard outside. By his slow, almost cat like movements, Teodor could tell Steopa was looking for what ever this thing was.

Gunner had picked up his bat. There was a scuffling of feet behind him. Some of the older children were rousting the ones that were asleep. Trucker woke up protesting. Teodor glanced behind him. All of the kids were now in a large huddle in the middle of the room.

“Stay away from the door and windows,” Gunner said.

Tashe and Jazz ran back in the room, slamming the doors behind them.

It was still out there. Teodor could feel it, but he couldn't see it, or smell it. The growl formed without him realizing it. It was the only sound in the room, other than the shallow breathing of the children behind him and Amanda. Steopa had even paused on the lawn. The world went still.

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Maundbury - A nice little town.

I was sitting at my computer when a post on G+ rolled by. "Anyone want to make a horror setting?"

I was intrigued.  A few moments of quick conversation, and then this address appeared.

A little place to make into a horror setting.

What is Maundbury? Behind the scenes is a community created horror setting. Some rules were laid out: From the wikia:

"Maundbury is an experiment in shared worlds fiction: an open-source, crowd sourced Gothic Horror setting for use in fiction and gaming. Maundbury is a small New England town. The current year is 1968. Anything written or created for the Maundbury setting must be set in this year or before. Feel free to create histories, small settings (mansions, graveyards, churches, etc.) town personages past and present, etc. Try, when possible, to incorporate the work of other authors, but feel free to deviate as needed. Any original written content at the Maundbury Wiki is free to use in whole or in part, provided credit is given to Maundbury Wiki."

So that means, anyone can come and add an entry, or a picture to the town. With the understanding that anything they share, could be used by other people. Which is the point. We are creating this place so others can be inspired. Either to add to the town's strangeness or maybe make up a story that fits the town.

To the readers: This place is getting creepy. We have a haunted forest, strange faceless beings, lawmen that rule with iron fists, a couple of cults, ghosts, eccentrics, and a top notch beauty salon. And it is growing.

Right now it is in its infancy. But if you would like to check it out, please do. 
To get you started here are some of my favorite entries:

Shelly Chrisfield-Tanner
Telemark Forest
Greyhaven Port Hunting Party of 1944
Jacqueline Stoddard

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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 5 Part 2

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

Teodor looked around with his mouth opened. Steopa had not been just hanging out in the old base. He had spent his time, making the place comfortable.

“It is better than the cemeteries,” Steopa said.

Teodor nodded. Along the walls, bookcases filled with books. A curio cabinet sat in one corner with a Nazi helmet inside. Teodor smiled. Steopa had held on to a couple of things when they escaped Russia, that was one of them.

Amanda sat down on the wood and velvet couch. She looked calm. “This is really nice.”

Steopa nodded, he snapped his fingers and the candles in the room lit. Teodor and Amanda could see in the dark, just not as good as Steopa could. The low light warmed up the room. Teodor sat down next to Amanda.

“What happened?” Steopa asked.

Teodor told him, including changing in front of the humans.

Steopa laughed. “I know you are trying to live among the humans, but are you sure you can?”

“It's not that hard,” Teodor said.

Steopa didn't look convinced. Teodor brushed his hand over Amanda's hair. “How are you adjusting?” He asked.

“The hunting is good here. To the north, the neighborhood is full of people with the shroud. There are many people from the old country here. They know what to expect with a vampire.”

“Sounds like you are doing well,” Amanda said.

Steopa didn't say anything for a few moments “But there is something else on the streets. I do not know what it is, but it feels like it is trying to move into my territory.”

“Another vampire?” Teodor asked.

Steopa shook his head. “And not a werewolf either.” He pushed a long strand of his black hair away from his face. “I have felt it before, I just cannot remember where?”

Amanda stiffened. “Something from here?”

“No,” Steopa said. “Feels like something older. I have been hunting for it, but so far nothing.”

“What could it be?” Teodor asked. “We ran into Perun, he said the same thing. I hope it's not any of my famly.”

“Not a werewolf. If it hunts like we do...? I have not found a trail yet.”

Teodor remembered the newspaper article he read earlier. “It's not hunting children, is it?”

“What children?” Steopa asked.

“There has been a rash of missing children. Mostly street kids.”

“It better not be a vampire.” Steopa growled.

Teodor nodded, “Or a werewolf.”

“What could it be?” Amanda asked. “Think about poor Trucker.”

Teodor turned his head to look at Amanda. “I am sure Trucker will be fine."

“Who is he?” Steopa asked.

Teodor explained. Steopa's face was unreadable as Teodor related the story. Steopa draped his arm across the back of his chair. “There are a lot of children like him around, lately."

“Really?” Amanda asked.

Steopa nodded. “When I am hunting, I see them.”

Amanda's face suddenly went dark. “And?”

Steopa tilted his head, a strange look crossed his face. “What do you mean?”

“What happens when you see them?”

Steopa sat back. “I leave them be. They are only children.”

“Come on, Amanda,” Teodor said, shaking his head. “You know Steopa and I do not hunt children.”

Amanda's shoulders fell, she took a deep breath. “It's just the thought of all those kids...”

Steopa glanced at Teodor. Then he said, “You could come with me tonight and see them.”

Teodor took Amanda's hand. “Maybe we could find Trucker and see if he is okay.”

Amanda nodded.

Steopa stood up and grabbed his long military coat off a hook on the wall. “Good, Follow me.”

They left the old base. Steopa lead the way, walking almost too fast for Teodor and Amanda. Teodor had to run to keep up.

“Steopa, what's the hurry?” he asked.

Steopa didn't answer. Teodor threw his hands in the air. They left the old base, by an entrance that had been covered up by a parking garage. Teodor chuckled. The last time he had seen this part of the city the ground had collapsed into a large hole.

Teodor recognized where they were heading. Steopa took them to the old work farm buildings. They came to the end of the street, that turned into the long drive to the old work farm. The gate that was across the road, laid on the ground. Teodor sniffed the air, there were a lot of humans around. Most of them had not had a bath in a while.

Steopa turned and walked along the ridge of the trees. Amanda took Teodor's hand, she leaned close to him. “One of my relatives is buried here,” she said. “But no one has ever found the cemetery.”

Steopa shushed her. Amanda glared at him for a moment, her eyes glowed yellow. Teodor squeezed her hand.

They moved quickly and quietly along the trees. Teodor had to shake his head in wonder watching Steopa. Steopa was so large, that he gave the impression that he would be clumsy, or walk with a heavy gate. Yet, he moved like a ballet dancer. Quiet, quickly, very light steps. The layer of fallen leaves made no sound as he walked over them.

Teodor and Amanda also made no sound. But it was not like Steopa, who seemed to find his own footing, without disturbing the ground beneath. They used a dance-like step, allowing them make the least amount of sound. A human would not make out the subtle changes in how they landed their feet on the ground. But sometimes it was with the ball of the foot, sometimes with the toes, or the sides. Which ever way made the least contact.

Steopa stopped. One of the dormitories loomed in front of them. This one had the least amount of damage to it. Teodor sniffed the air. They were close. Steopa faded into shadow.

Teodor could still see him. It wasn't with his eyes. All vampires had a unique smell to them. It was not the smell of the dead. It was the smell that places get when they are not used for a long time. The staleness of the air, the smell of slow decay. Teodor also associated a slight vodka smell with Steopa. When they had met that had been the only other liquid Steopa would drink.

That mix of smells, appeared in Teodor's mind as the outline of Steopa. He could see the shadow, but Teodor's mind filled in the details, and he could see Steopa as if he was standing in full light.

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#SampleSunday Chapter 13 - Patriarch

The first 300 or so words.

“Who is Mak?” Steopa asked as they ran over the bridge to Greenwoods.

“Makkapitew,” Perun said. “He lets Jeremiah and I live in Greenwoods. You saw him.”

“The Native American?”

Perun nodded. He jumped off the bridge and down to the bank of the river. Steopa took Rebecka's hand and they jumped. Perun bounded up the bank and into the woods.

Steopa caught up with Perun. “Who attacked you? Was it a light-haired vampire?”

Perun shook his head. “No, bald and as big as you. I doubt you ran into this one before.”

He ran up a wooded hill, jumping over the Native American vampire as he rolled down. Perun twisted in midair and landed next to the vampire.

“Mak.” Perun rolled Mak over to his back.

Mak shook his head. His brown eyes glowed red. “It is a monster.”

Steopa ran up the hill. Rebecka gasped when she got to the top. “He's right.”


The vampire in the hollow below them stood as tall as Steopa. His head and face had no hair, including no eyebrows. His muscles were unnaturally large, like they had been inflated. The beast roared.

“What type of vampire is that?” Rebecka asked.

Steopa shook his head. “I have never seen one-”

Jeremiah dodged the fist of the monster vampire. For being a heavy-set vampire, Jeremiah moved fast. He rolled and jumped to the side. The beast turned. It looked like a mountain of flesh rotating. It roared again. The noise made Steopa's fangs grow. Rebecka dropped her backpack. She growled.

Perun helped Mak up the hill. Mak fingered the open wound on his chest. “He sounds like a bear.”

Perun nodded. He turned to Steopa. “He found the village. Don't ask me how.”

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Creepy Sexy

Inspiration for this post came while watching Vincent Cassel in Brotherhood of the Wolf.

Vincent Cassel Cannes

You should recognize him from Black Swan. In both films he does creepy-sexy very well. In Brotherhood of the Wolf his character comes off as a tragic figure at first. Lost of an arm in an hunting accident, and his sulking in the background, might make some watchers of the movie, wonder who this is. When it's revealed. SPOIlER: When he rapes and tries to kill his sister. He crosses the line completely into creepy.

Vampires (you knew I would come back to them) are the perfect mix of Creepy Sexy. My first brush with that was in the film Fright Night.

Fright Night

Why is there a connection between the two?


You get the same physical reactions to arousal as you do with fear. All due to a lovely little hormone call Epinephrine or you might know as adrenaline. That hormone knows we have to get our bodies ready. In the case of fear to "fight or flight" or in the other case, to make it more pleasurable. It increases our heart rates, makes out pupils bigger, makes the blood vessels larger, and weakens the immune system for a bit.

Vampires are one of the few monsters that can mix the creepy with the sexy very well. The other maybe werewolves. Although they are corpses, many of the old tales did remark on how well they looked. Yet, they are a predator, feeding on humans.

Let's say you find one coming toward you on the street. You're body knows, probably before you do, that this is trouble. The Epinephrine kicks in, getting you ready to flee or stay and fight. But you notice at the same time that person is pretty good looking. You are going to misinterpret your body's signals. You think you are attracted and the whole time your body is telling you to run.

It's that mix up of the signals that makes vampires so titillating.  You should be repulsed and yet drawn to them. Because if you are not, they are just some creepy guy that likes blood.

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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 5 Part 1

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

Trucker disappeared a few hours later. Bilge didn't look worried. He assured Amanda that Trucker often took off like that. Teodor and Amanda spent most of the day cleaning the bar. Bilge worked just as hard. Customers started to come in, slowly. Teodor noticed most of the people coming in were young. It was a welcome change from all the aging hippies that hung out at Chasers.

Teodor liked the work. He didn't mind hard work. His family never understood why he did. But then his family had bullied and frightened the local populace so badly, that if his mother ordered a woman to kill her baby; she would have.

There was a knock on the back door, Bilge went to answer it. When he came back, he tapped Teodor on the shoulder. “Go help the band move their stuff in.”

A set of double door had been propped open with beer cases. A blue van pulled up to the open doors. From the back stepped down a young man with shaggy brown hair, wearing a plain black t-shirt and jeans. He turned around and lifted up his sunglasses.

“Hey, you here to help?” He asked.

“Yeah, name's Teodor, by the way.” Teodor said, holding out his hand.

“Great, I'm Jim.” Jim said taking Teodor's hand. He shook it firmly. “Well, grab a case and start lugging.”

Teodor helped the band unload. They let him run a few of the wires, but for the most part the band took care of their own instruments. Teodor would sneak glances over and catch Amanda's eye. She seemed to be taking to the bar quick enough.

Bilge came over to Teodor early in the evening. “I got some Chinese, you want some?” he asked.

Teodor nodded, grateful for the break.

Behind the bar, Bilge laid out the take out. Teodor nibbled on the boneless ribs. Bilge leaned against the wall, shoveling vegetables and noodles into his mouth, sucking the noddles up between bites. Amanda pushed the mushrooms to the side of her foam container and ate the pieces of chicken.

Teodor noticed a photograph of five men, sitting around a table. One was Bilge. On the table in front of the men, were piles of radio and television equipment.

“So tell me,” Bilge said, after slurping. “What do you think of this hole?”

Amanda shrugged.

Teodor turned away from the photo and looked over the crowd. “Kinda of a young crowd.”

“I have alienated the people from my generation,” Bilge said. “I never cared for that peace and love crap.”

“How'd you get this place?” Amanda asked.

“It was my dad's, he died right after I got out of the navy. The only thing he left me.” Bilge looked at his watch. “Get ready, the crowd will be picking up any time now.”

They hadn't even got all the empty boxes into the garbage when the crowd started to come in. At eight, Bilge jumped up on the small stage and announced the band.

The band played. Teodor could not believe the noise that was coming from the stage. He glanced at Amanda, she had a wide smile on her face. The crowd did not act like any crowd Teodor had seen at a show before. They were pounding their feet, some started to shove the other people around them. Teodor watched amazed. This was wild. This was awesome.

After the concert, they cleaned up. Amanda and Teodor stayed until Bilge told them they were done. He called them over to the register and gave them their pay.

“Come back around six, tomorrow, if you want another job,” he said.

“Thanks,” Teodor said, pocketing the money.

They left the bar, Bilge locking up behind them. The temperature had dropped considerably. Even if they let their fur grow, it would still be cold. Teodor put his arm around Amanda.

“Back to Greenwoods?” he asked.

Amanda's lip trembled. “I don't think I could make it. I will try the base.”

Teodor pulled her closer. One of the hidden entrances to the base was near by. When the base had been occupied the entrance had looked like a small factory. Now it was an empty shell. Standing in the empty building felt warmer than the outide.

Teodor checked out the back door, that lead to the entrance. He walked back to Amanda, who was rubbing her arms.

“Do you think he will mind?” She asked.

Teodor shook his head. “I think the big guy is lonely, to tell you the truth.”

They went inside. Amanda grabbed on to Teodor's hand and clenched it so hard his fingers began to lose feeling. As they walked she loosens her grip. The place laid empty. Teodor heard Amanda sigh.

“See it's not to bad.” Teodor reassure her.

Amanda nodded, but her face had lost it's color. They continued down a long hallway, until they heard the moving of large pieces of metal. Teodor picked up his pace. A few years ago, this had been a gym for the people stationed on the base. Steopa pushed a large slab of metal, into the center of the room.

“Steopa!” Teodor shouted.

Steopa paused, he looked over his shoulder. “Good, you came,” he said. “Hello, Amanda.”

Amanda nodded. She let go of Teodor's hand.

“What are you going to do with all of this junk?” Teodor asked.

Steopa shrugged. “I plan to fill up the lower levels. I think that would be for the best.”

“Have you seen anything?” Amanda asked.

Steopa shook his head. “No, Everything is gone.”

“Well, we need a place to stay tonight,” Teodor said.

Steopa nodded. “Follow me.”

They followed Steopa to the other side of the base.

“Why are we heading towards the quarantine area?” Amanda asked.

“Because that is where I stay” Steopa said, ducking under a couple of air ducts. “It is the safest place.”

Steopa came to a large metal door, with a round wheel in the middle of it. He turned the wheel. The door lock slowly opened. He opened the door and stood aside to let them pass.

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#SampleSunday Chapter 12 - Patriarch

Only the first 300 or so words

Steopa left the club through the back door. He weaved around the small groups of people outside of the club. The line in front of the club had thinned. Some people milled around the doors of the two businesses that were open. A crowd stood outside Third Eye Curio's door, blocking anyone from entering. Steopa walked up to them. They moved aside as he walked past them.

Cassie looked up from the counter. She motioned with her head to the back room. The customer at the counter glanced at Steopa, then returned to looking at the crystal necklaces in the glass case. Cassie held up her hand.

“I want to talk to you,” Cassie said.

“About what?” Steopa asked.

“Later, when we aren't so busy.”

Steopa glanced around the shop. There were no empty stools at the coffee counter. A group of loud teenagers sat around the table in the back of the store. He walked around two people talking near the tarot cards. One woman looked in his direction. She stepped back and made the sign of the cross.

He stopped. She tugged on the other woman's sleeve. Her face turned white. She said a little prayer in Ukrainian. Steopa bowed his head and continued to the back room. He smiled. That has not happened for a long time; she knew what I am, he thought.

He opened the door. Rebecka looked up from her laptop. The hunter's laptop sat on the desk, its lid open and the screen saver running. A cord ran from her laptop to the satellite phone.

“Why are you smiling?” she asked.

“A woman recognized that I was a vampire.”

“And that made you smile?”

“It has not happened since Russia.” Steopa sat down next to Rebecka. “What have you found out?

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Why Not a Red Neck Vampire?

We all know the stereo-type vampire. Rich, a bit Euro-trash, suave, the outsider. But are they the most interesting types of vampires?

I think the upper-class vampire has it's place. In my own stories, Ogden fills that role quite well. But I do not think he, or other vampires of that social rank, are any more interesting.

In the early folklore, it was the plain everyday folk that became a vampire, your mother, sister, brother, father, child, all had the possibility of becoming a vampire. They were a problem for the poor. (Actually it did matter what social level you lived in, but most of the earliest folklore do not deal with the rich.)

One of my favorite "lower class" vampires is the vampire family from Night Watch (Nochnoy dozor). The Saushkin's seem like a quiet family. They live near Anton (a member of the Day Watch). In the novels and the movies, the vampires are Dark Others. Their actions have to cleared and okay-ed by the Day Watch. But was interesting is that vampires were considered to be the lowest form of the Others.

In the books. The son* becomes a strong vampire. But yet, wants to find a cure for his vampirism. In the movies he was used by Anton to get blood, when Anton was chasing a rouge vampire. And he had a short romance with one of the stronger magic users.

She loves him, even with his horrible hat.

They were vampires, but looked down. They couldn't do magic. Almost all vampires were label as Dark Others automatically. This was due to their need for human blood. Even though they can drink other things as well.

Another great example of a "lower-class' vampire, are the vampires of Near Dark. The group of vampires traveled through out the south and the west, hunting and causing mayhem. They behave like a dysfunctional family, even though they are not. They even travel in a RV! Sounds funny, but works like a portable tomb.

Yup, exactly the type of people I want to have a drink with.

I know the rich, noble type vampires have there place. But I like my blue collar ones too.

* They have children the normal way. The father had to turn his son because his son was about to die as an infant. the children grow normally, after they become adult, they can start to hunt.

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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 4 Part 2

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

The door opened a few minutes later by a middle aged man. His short hair had been tossled as if he had just gotten out of bed. Between his lips a thin cigar smoked. He eyed up Teodor, but spoke to Trucker.

“Who's this?” he asked.

“It's okay Bilge,” Trucker said. “They just looking for some cash, that's all.”

Bilge took a drag on his cigar. “You are a little to old to be run-a-ways.”

“We had to leave our housing situation in a hurry last night,” Teodor said.

Bilge studied Teodor. He had interesting eyes. They were blue, with flakes of green and brown. The mix of colors gave the illusion of his eyes sparkled. He turned his head to look at Trucker who tugged at Bilge's sleeve.

Trucker stood on his tip toes and whispered something in Bilge's ear. He cupped his hand around Bilge's cheek. Teodor could not make out any of the whisper. Teodor felt Amanda stiffen. But Teodor did not sense any trouble from Bilge. Instead, Bilge listened intently to Trucker, but looking at Teodor and Amanda with a strange look on his face.

Bilge stood up. “Any of you worked at a bar before?”

Both Teodor and Amanda shook their heads.

“Can you open a bottle?” Bilge asked.

“Yeah.” Teodor said.

“Come in.” Bilge stood aside.

It was a bar, there was nothing more to say about it. The cheap gray metal tables surrounded by metal chairs. A stage at the far end, and a bar that ran along one third of the wall on one side. The bathrooms were labeled; hens and cocks. The walls were paneled with cork board. Most of the cork board had pieces of broken bottles in it.

Bilge held out both of his arms, “Welcome to the Pit,” he said. “The most unappealing place in town.”

Trucker climbed up on one of the barstools. Bilge walked over to the bar and opened a soda for Trucker. “Trucker tells me that you caught him yesterday,” he said.

“Yeah, he tried to take our albums,” Teodor said.

“I'm impressed, I haven't seen anyone catch him. Here's the deal, I need help at night. This place looks like a piece of shit, but it gets full. The crowd is rough, and likes their booze. As long as I keep them in here, the cops don't bother me.”

“What do you want us to do?” Amanda asked.

Bilge pointed at Amanda, “You should stay behind the bar, safer.” Then he studied Teodor, rubbing his chin. “Too small for a bouncer. Can you just be a gofer.”

Teodor could not resist. “I could be a chipmunk if that helped.”

Bilge laughed, an economical laugh, as if he didn't want to waste much time laughing. “Alright, cash only. You have to start tonight.”

Teodor and Amanda agreed. Trucker spun around on his stool. Bilge reached over the bar and stopped Trucker. He nodded. “But if you want to start early, I open soon.”

Amanda looked down at her clothing. “I need to find something else to wear first.”

Bilge shrugged, “Believe me, the people that come here won't care.”

“Do you do this often?” Teodor asked. “Give perfect strangers jobs?”

“No, but then Trucker doesn't like too many people,” Bilge said. He tapped Trucker on the shoulder. “I have to speak to these guys, alone.”

Trucker shrugged and slid off his stool. After he had wandered to the back of the bar. Bilge leaned over the bar. “So what is your story?”

Teodor and Amanda shared a glance. Finally, Amanda spoke. “We ran into some trouble a few years back. We have been trying to get on our feet, but stupid shit happens.”

Teodor nodded, “Last night, we had a disagreement with our former room mates, we had to leave almost everything there.”

Bilge tapped his fingers on the bar. “Are these room mates gonna come looking for you?”

Amanda scoffed. “Only if they stop smoking pot long enough.”

Bilge tapped out a tune on the bar. “I think I understand,” he said. “I'll try you guys out. We'll talk more after your first night.”

Amanda glanced over to where Trucker had wandered. “What is the story with Trucker?”

Bilge opened a bottle of orange juice. “He's safer now, then before. His parents should have never had kids. He acts all tough, but he is still a kid. I can't watch him like I should, but I try.”

He poured a glass of juice. “He's still a good kid.”

Teodor looked around the bar again. “So you want us to start now?”

Bilge chuckled. “Sure, You can put your things in my office.”

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#SampleSunday Chapter 11 - Patriarch

The first 300 words or so.

Rebecka got off his lap. Steopa opened his eyes and listened to the tunnel outside the vault. He heard the street above them, and the sounds of the cars leaving the parking garage. Nothing sounded unusual.

“Rebecka,” he said, “I need you to find Verina.”

Rebecka nodded. She walked into the bedroom and shut the door.

Sasha blinked his eyes. His inner eyelids disappeared. “What now?”

“We need to get rid of the bodies,” Steopa said.

Sasha rubbed his chin. “I wonder if they have someone watching this place. Where could we go?”

“There is an alcove that leads to the city's sewers, down the tunnel. We will take them there,”

“Much easier in the water,” Sasha motioned with his hands. “I just let them float away.”

“I was wondering,” Jimmy said. “How did you get here?”

“I swam.”

“All the way? Where did you come from?”

“I was hunting along Cape Cod this year. Tourist season is always good for a quick meal.”

Jimmy looked confused. “But we are so far inland, how did you get here?”

“There are ships that travel from your Eastern seaboard into the Great Lakes. I hitched a ride on one of those, and swam the rest.”

“All the way?”

Sasha chuckled. “Except for the part where I hitchhiked. She was nice too, tasted like apples.”

Rebecka came out, dressed. She stopped at her desk to pack up her laptop. “Baldman wants me to get in touch with him, too. I would like him to do his magic on the hunter's laptop. If he can break into the CIA's mainframe, he can help us with this.”

“He did?” Steopa asked.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Changes in my personal life.

I give notice today where I work.

I wish I could say its because I can write full time. No, I am leaving to work at a store closer to home (walking distance). The money is the same, but the hours are better. The hours away from home, I should say.

I hope this helps my writing. Granted at the old job I had 90 minutes of writing time while I waited for the bus. But I could do that at home!, or walk down to the coffee shop and do it there.

And yesterday when the bus that usually picks me up, had smoke billowing out of the back and never made it out of the parking lot of the previous stop, gave me another reason why this new job will be less stressful. I do not have to rely on the bus. The bus service in town is good, but I have missed too much work due to it's schedule and drivers that don't care if I get downtown to make my connection.

As a writer, this new job should give me ample ideas for characters.  Because of where its located, I should see more colorful people. Heck when I shop there, I already have.

So here's to a new chapter of my life.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 4 Part 1

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

They walked out of Greenwoods, it was still early. Only the people that had to be to work before the rest of the working world were up. They walked past a hot dog vendor setting up his cart. The radio blasted the news.

Teodor kept one ear on the news as they passed. The hot dog vendor gave them a strange look. Teodor looked down, neither him or Amanda were wearing shoes.

“Left in a hurry, this morning?” The vendor asked.

Teodor smiled. “Something like that.”

Amanda leaned close to Teodor and whispered. “Should we ask the dogs to find us some shoes?”

Teodor turned to the hot dog vendor. “Is there a pawn shop near by?”

The vendor gave them vague directions. Teodor thanked him. He took Amanda's hand and they walked to the pawn shop. Teodor breathed a sigh of relief finding it open. The man behind the counter, wore a bandanna and a denim jacket with marine patches on it. He glanced at Teodor and Amanda, but their appearance didn't seem to surprise him.

Amanda put the albums on the counter. Teodor gave the man a large smile. “We have some records to sell.”

“Lets see them,” he said. He rolled his seat closer to the counter and pick up the first album with a sigh.

About ten minutes later, they had sold all of Chaser's albums, walked out with fifteen dollars, and a two pairs of shoes. Teodor and her walked to the library. It seemed that everyone there was in the same boat they were. No place to go, and all day to do nothing.

Amanda looked through the fiction racks as Teodor picked through the newspapers. He wondered if the police had even been called to the party the night before. A small news article did catch his eye, about another missing child. He read the article. The young girl that had been a runaway. She disappeared outside the shelter she had stayed at. The staff insisted that the young girl had not run away again, because a couple of the other residents at the shelter saw the young girl walk away with a person.

The reporter mentioned two other missing children. The other ones had also been run aways. If he had been back at his home village, he would have thought one of his brothers was having fun. Teodor took the paper back to the table, where Amanda had a small pile of books in front of her.

He looked over the want ads and the apartment listings. Nothing jumped out at him. Amanda heard his sigh and took his hand. “If nothing else turns up, I will try to visit Steopa,” she said.

Teodor squeezed her hand. That was progress. He looked up the clock. “Lets take a walk.”

Amanda agreed. They wandered around the small shopping area on the other side of the university. Teodor knew the shops here, he had gone with Chaser a couple of time to go shopping in the head shops on this street.

Teodor spied a familiar face just ahead. It was the album stealing kid from the day before. The kid looked up, for a moment a flash of recognition, but then he went back to what ever it was he was doing.

Amanda clutched her makeshift bag closer. Teodor smirked. The kid lived on the streets, and he seemed to not care that Teodor and Amanda had found him.

Teodor got closer. “Aren't you in school?”

The kid didn't look up. He dug through the bag he had in front of him. Teodor could smell the yeast and baked goods. Stale baked goods.. It looked like it was garbage from one of the area bakeries.

“You okay, kid?” Teodor asked.

“Screw you,” The kid said. “I gave you, your stupid albums back.”

Amanda leaned close to Teodor. “He's eating garbage.”

Teodor nodded. He had seen worse. During the siege, eating garbage would have been a blessing. Teodor squatted down. “Do you want something better?”

“I don't need your charity,” The kid said.

“We don't have much to give, right now."

The kid looked up, disgusted by his search. He studied Teodor's face. Teodor didn't know what to make of the intense studying the kid gave him. Finally, the kid tilted his head. “Pizza would be awesome.”

“Okay, I'll get you a slice.”

“Two slices.”

“Two slices, but, I need you to help us out.”

The kid jumped up. “Hell no! You said pizza, nothing about helping you.”

An old lady walked slowly up the street. She stopped at a bench not far from where Teodor and the kid were talking. The kid glanced at the old lady and suddenly gave Teodor a smile. It would a been a beautiful smile, except for the filthy face it belonged to.

“Okay what ever, let's go to Mario's,” The kid said, suddenly taking Teodor's hand. “They just got their first pies out.”

They went to Mario's and bought the kid three pieces. Teodor put the plate in front of the kid. He seemed to eat the first piece in just a few bites.

“I'm Teodor and this is Amanda,” Teodor said. “What's your name?”

“Trucker,” Trucker said, with a mouth full of sausage and pepperoni.

“Cool name. Look, Trucker, you live on the street, right.”

“Damn right. I don't have any parents pushing me around anymore.”

“You must miss your parents,” Amanda said.

“Not mine,” Trucker said, starting on his second slice.

“Have you heard of any place that will hire anyone, no questions asked?” Teodor asked. There was a good chance that Trucker would not care about working. But kids like Trucker didn't survive on the streets without learning to use their ears.

“Yeah, there's a place,” Trucker said. “The owner lets me take the bottles in for money. You two in trouble?”

“We just lost our place to live,” Amanda said.

Trucker polished off the last piece. “I'll take you there.” He jumped off his seat. “And if you need a place to sleep, I know a few.”

“If you show us, I will buy you lunch every chance I get,” Teodor said.

Teodor could tell that Trucker didn't believe him, but probably because yesterday, Teodor didn't lay a hand on him, and didn't call the police. Trucker seemed to want to help them. Teodor and Amanda followed Trucker down a couple of alleys.

He stopped in front of a black building. The windows had been blacked out, and the door had a large sign, “No one under 19.” There was the lingering smell of beer and smoke. Trucker knocked on the door.