Thursday, August 25, 2011

Maundbury - A nice little town.

I was sitting at my computer when a post on G+ rolled by. "Anyone want to make a horror setting?"

I was intrigued.  A few moments of quick conversation, and then this address appeared.

A little place to make into a horror setting.

What is Maundbury? Behind the scenes is a community created horror setting. Some rules were laid out: From the wikia:

"Maundbury is an experiment in shared worlds fiction: an open-source, crowd sourced Gothic Horror setting for use in fiction and gaming. Maundbury is a small New England town. The current year is 1968. Anything written or created for the Maundbury setting must be set in this year or before. Feel free to create histories, small settings (mansions, graveyards, churches, etc.) town personages past and present, etc. Try, when possible, to incorporate the work of other authors, but feel free to deviate as needed. Any original written content at the Maundbury Wiki is free to use in whole or in part, provided credit is given to Maundbury Wiki."

So that means, anyone can come and add an entry, or a picture to the town. With the understanding that anything they share, could be used by other people. Which is the point. We are creating this place so others can be inspired. Either to add to the town's strangeness or maybe make up a story that fits the town.

To the readers: This place is getting creepy. We have a haunted forest, strange faceless beings, lawmen that rule with iron fists, a couple of cults, ghosts, eccentrics, and a top notch beauty salon. And it is growing.

Right now it is in its infancy. But if you would like to check it out, please do. 
To get you started here are some of my favorite entries:

Shelly Chrisfield-Tanner
Telemark Forest
Greyhaven Port Hunting Party of 1944
Jacqueline Stoddard

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