Sunday, August 7, 2011

#SampleSunday Chapter 11 - Patriarch

The first 300 words or so.

Rebecka got off his lap. Steopa opened his eyes and listened to the tunnel outside the vault. He heard the street above them, and the sounds of the cars leaving the parking garage. Nothing sounded unusual.

“Rebecka,” he said, “I need you to find Verina.”

Rebecka nodded. She walked into the bedroom and shut the door.

Sasha blinked his eyes. His inner eyelids disappeared. “What now?”

“We need to get rid of the bodies,” Steopa said.

Sasha rubbed his chin. “I wonder if they have someone watching this place. Where could we go?”

“There is an alcove that leads to the city's sewers, down the tunnel. We will take them there,”

“Much easier in the water,” Sasha motioned with his hands. “I just let them float away.”

“I was wondering,” Jimmy said. “How did you get here?”

“I swam.”

“All the way? Where did you come from?”

“I was hunting along Cape Cod this year. Tourist season is always good for a quick meal.”

Jimmy looked confused. “But we are so far inland, how did you get here?”

“There are ships that travel from your Eastern seaboard into the Great Lakes. I hitched a ride on one of those, and swam the rest.”

“All the way?”

Sasha chuckled. “Except for the part where I hitchhiked. She was nice too, tasted like apples.”

Rebecka came out, dressed. She stopped at her desk to pack up her laptop. “Baldman wants me to get in touch with him, too. I would like him to do his magic on the hunter's laptop. If he can break into the CIA's mainframe, he can help us with this.”

“He did?” Steopa asked.

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