Sunday, August 14, 2011

#SampleSunday Chapter 12 - Patriarch

Only the first 300 or so words

Steopa left the club through the back door. He weaved around the small groups of people outside of the club. The line in front of the club had thinned. Some people milled around the doors of the two businesses that were open. A crowd stood outside Third Eye Curio's door, blocking anyone from entering. Steopa walked up to them. They moved aside as he walked past them.

Cassie looked up from the counter. She motioned with her head to the back room. The customer at the counter glanced at Steopa, then returned to looking at the crystal necklaces in the glass case. Cassie held up her hand.

“I want to talk to you,” Cassie said.

“About what?” Steopa asked.

“Later, when we aren't so busy.”

Steopa glanced around the shop. There were no empty stools at the coffee counter. A group of loud teenagers sat around the table in the back of the store. He walked around two people talking near the tarot cards. One woman looked in his direction. She stepped back and made the sign of the cross.

He stopped. She tugged on the other woman's sleeve. Her face turned white. She said a little prayer in Ukrainian. Steopa bowed his head and continued to the back room. He smiled. That has not happened for a long time; she knew what I am, he thought.

He opened the door. Rebecka looked up from her laptop. The hunter's laptop sat on the desk, its lid open and the screen saver running. A cord ran from her laptop to the satellite phone.

“Why are you smiling?” she asked.

“A woman recognized that I was a vampire.”

“And that made you smile?”

“It has not happened since Russia.” Steopa sat down next to Rebecka. “What have you found out?

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