Sunday, August 21, 2011

#SampleSunday Chapter 13 - Patriarch

The first 300 or so words.

“Who is Mak?” Steopa asked as they ran over the bridge to Greenwoods.

“Makkapitew,” Perun said. “He lets Jeremiah and I live in Greenwoods. You saw him.”

“The Native American?”

Perun nodded. He jumped off the bridge and down to the bank of the river. Steopa took Rebecka's hand and they jumped. Perun bounded up the bank and into the woods.

Steopa caught up with Perun. “Who attacked you? Was it a light-haired vampire?”

Perun shook his head. “No, bald and as big as you. I doubt you ran into this one before.”

He ran up a wooded hill, jumping over the Native American vampire as he rolled down. Perun twisted in midair and landed next to the vampire.

“Mak.” Perun rolled Mak over to his back.

Mak shook his head. His brown eyes glowed red. “It is a monster.”

Steopa ran up the hill. Rebecka gasped when she got to the top. “He's right.”


The vampire in the hollow below them stood as tall as Steopa. His head and face had no hair, including no eyebrows. His muscles were unnaturally large, like they had been inflated. The beast roared.

“What type of vampire is that?” Rebecka asked.

Steopa shook his head. “I have never seen one-”

Jeremiah dodged the fist of the monster vampire. For being a heavy-set vampire, Jeremiah moved fast. He rolled and jumped to the side. The beast turned. It looked like a mountain of flesh rotating. It roared again. The noise made Steopa's fangs grow. Rebecka dropped her backpack. She growled.

Perun helped Mak up the hill. Mak fingered the open wound on his chest. “He sounds like a bear.”

Perun nodded. He turned to Steopa. “He found the village. Don't ask me how.”

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