Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why Not a Red Neck Vampire?

We all know the stereo-type vampire. Rich, a bit Euro-trash, suave, the outsider. But are they the most interesting types of vampires?

I think the upper-class vampire has it's place. In my own stories, Ogden fills that role quite well. But I do not think he, or other vampires of that social rank, are any more interesting.

In the early folklore, it was the plain everyday folk that became a vampire, your mother, sister, brother, father, child, all had the possibility of becoming a vampire. They were a problem for the poor. (Actually it did matter what social level you lived in, but most of the earliest folklore do not deal with the rich.)

One of my favorite "lower class" vampires is the vampire family from Night Watch (Nochnoy dozor). The Saushkin's seem like a quiet family. They live near Anton (a member of the Day Watch). In the novels and the movies, the vampires are Dark Others. Their actions have to cleared and okay-ed by the Day Watch. But was interesting is that vampires were considered to be the lowest form of the Others.

In the books. The son* becomes a strong vampire. But yet, wants to find a cure for his vampirism. In the movies he was used by Anton to get blood, when Anton was chasing a rouge vampire. And he had a short romance with one of the stronger magic users.

She loves him, even with his horrible hat.

They were vampires, but looked down. They couldn't do magic. Almost all vampires were label as Dark Others automatically. This was due to their need for human blood. Even though they can drink other things as well.

Another great example of a "lower-class' vampire, are the vampires of Near Dark. The group of vampires traveled through out the south and the west, hunting and causing mayhem. They behave like a dysfunctional family, even though they are not. They even travel in a RV! Sounds funny, but works like a portable tomb.

Yup, exactly the type of people I want to have a drink with.

I know the rich, noble type vampires have there place. But I like my blue collar ones too.

* They have children the normal way. The father had to turn his son because his son was about to die as an infant. the children grow normally, after they become adult, they can start to hunt.

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