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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 7

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

When Teodor told Steopa that they would have a new place in a few weeks, Steopa's expression did not change. "If that's what you need to do."

Over the next few weeks they got their new apartment ready. Bilge paid for all the fixtures, but they still had to pay for the paint and carpets. Teodor and Amanda were having fun. At night, they would go to the work farm. Nothing happened for weeks. The kids enjoyed having them around. Teodor and Amanda did the loyal dog routine for them.

The kids would play with them, and rough up their hair. But Teodor didn't mind and he could tell Amanda loved it. Gunner always had food for them. That was the only thing Teodor didn't like, the kids would give up some of their food to feed the “Wolfy-dogs”.

Their new place wasn't quite livable, yet. so they would still have to sleep at the base. They walked back to Steopa's, taking the back alleys.

"Do you think we will have the place ready by Thanksgiving?" Amanda asked.

"When's that?"

"Two weeks."

"Maybe. Why?"

"I would love to cook a real Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, stuffing, and potatoes, and everything."

Teodor chuckled. "That sounds like too much for us."

"Well, for us and Bilge, and Trucker."

Teodor shrugged. He tried to listen for any dogs. But he wasn't hearing the normal communications about who bested who, what new dogs there were, and other such nonsense. He wasn't hearing anything.

The wind picked up, blowing hard as they crossed a street to an alley on the other side. An old woman walked down the road. She held on to her hat with one hand. The other grasped around the collar of her jacket. She swayed with the wind.

Teodor and Amanda ducked into the alleyway. The old woman continued down the street.

“Was she drunk?” Amanda asked.

Teodor shook his head. “I didn't smell any on her,” he said. "I didn't smell anything."

"You're right-"

“You guys got any change.” Said a shivering voice, behind them.

Teodor turned. One of the boys from the work farm sat by the garbage cans. The one called Jazz. He hadn't even lifted his head when he asked for the money.

Amanda dug in her purse. She pulled out a dollar and bent down to hand it to Jazz. Jazz looked up for a moment. Both of his eyes were black and blue.

“What happened?” Amanda asked.

Jazz's bottom lip bled from the cut.

“I fell down,” He said.

Amanda shook her head, “It looks like someone beat you up, Ja..”

Teodor hit her foot with his.

“Ja...junior,” she said. “We could take you to the hospital.”

Jazz chuckled. “No, thank you. This aint the worst.”

He stood up, pocketing the dollar. “Thanks lady, but I can take care of myself.”

He zipped up his jacket. Teodor smelled blood on him. There was a dark, moist, patch along his side. Jazz began to walk to the mouth of the alley.

“Hey wait up” Teodor called after Jazz. “Who stabbed you?”

Jazz glanced back, but ran a way with a limp. He held onto the side of his body with the wound with his hand. Teodor ran after him.

The old woman walked toward Jazz. Teodor picked up speed. Jazz zigged around the old woman, she reached out.

Her hand stretched, her fingers curling over Jazz's shoulder. Her fingernails dug into his flesh. She threw Jazz to the ground. Teodor skidded to stop. He felt it, every part of him that was a wolf wanted to attack. She grinned. Her teeth looked like multiple daggers. She jumped on Jazz, growling. Her skin turned dark blue as her eyes turned white.

Amanda ran past Teodor. She ripped her clothes off, throwing her shirt to the ground. She howled. The old woman turned. She raised her hand. Her black and pointed fingernails elongated. The woman struck Amanda as she jumped. The blow sent Amanda backwards. She yelped in pain.

Teodor got between Amanda and the woman. She brought her hand back and struck Teodor. The blow felt as if he had been struck by a truck. He hit a set of concrete steps. He yelped in pain and landed over on his back. He rolled and crawled until he could stand.

The old women picked up Jazz. She ran her long black fingernails down his chest. Jazz screamed. She sliced his skin open, then flipped him over.

Amanda turned into the hybrid form and jumped over a car, howling. The old woman de-gloved Jazz in one pull. She picked up his corpse with one hand and threw it over her back. Then she smiled at Teodor and disappeared. Teodor ran over to the spot were Jazz had been killed. Blood covered the ground. No smell, except for Jazz's blood. He heard Amanda cry. He padded over to her.

“Why?” Amanda asked.

Teodor changed back, stretching as he did. “She's hunting those children.”

“What was it?”

“I am not sure,” He said. When I was young, there was a name, a name I havn't heard since I was a child. “It can't be.”

“Tell me.”

“I have to speak to Steopa.”

She threw on her shirt. “Why?”

“Just trust me.”

“She looked like a normal old lady.”

“We look like normal humans, too.” Teodor said.

Amanda shook her head. “But we don't hunt humans.”

Teodor sighed. “We could. It's only because we have decided not to, that we don't hunt humans. But meat is meat.”

“That is horrid,” she said.

“But it's the truth.” He put his arm around Amanda.

She sighed and put her head on his shoulder. “Alright, lets talk to Steopa.”

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#SampleSunday Chapter 17 - Patriarch

Again, only the first 300 or so words

Teodor unlocked the bike lock they had used to secure the basement door. The hunter had been tied to the wall in the darkest part of the basement. Steopa ducked as he went down the stairs. The hunter looked up, his mouth covered with duct tape. He opened his eyes wide, then lowered his head.

Silva sat on a table, studying the hunter. On the table next to her were bungee cords and duct tape. She looked over her shoulder as Steopa approached.

“He's talkative tonight,” she said. “And speaking English too.”

He walked up to the hunter and ripped the duct tape off the man's face. “Who told you about me?”

The hunter lowered his eyes. “If I tell you, I'm dead.”

“You are dead already. Who is Simon?” Steopa asked.

The old hunter chuckled, but shook his head. “Trouble. That's what he is. We should have staked him, not worked for him. Half my crew has died.”

“He is another vampire,” Steopa said.

Silva cleaned her fingernails. “He was cursing that name earlier.”

“Simon claims you killed his sister,” the hunter said. “I think he is lying. He has another reason.”

“I know.” Steopa thought for a moment. “Did he say when or how I killed his sister?”

The hunter nodded. “You found her in Berlin.”

Steopa growled. He motioned to Silva to leave the basement. She ran up the stairs. Steopa walked over to the hunter. He placed each of his hands on a side of the old man's head. His hands were large enough to cover the old man's face. Steopa leaned close.

“He is a liar. His sister disappeared last year. He has only been a vampire for a few weeks. Do you want to know the truth about me? I was attacked on my way home to see my wife. I had been fighting Napoleon's troops. I killed that blond blydischa after she tried to feed off me. Because of her I am a vampire.”

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Big Announcement


That's right folks, I have been invited to be a special guest at EmpireCon! I will be on a panel about self publishing, holding a book signing, and also do a couple of readings. A chapter from Fledgling and Killer. Maybe, if you are good. I will read the first chapter of Patriarch too.

EmpireCon is taking place in Sycacuse, NY on October 8-9, 2011 at the Crowne Plaza.
Here is what they say:

Central New York's new Sci-Fi & Fantasy convention debuts with a full weekend of events featuring:

  • Special Guests
  • Panels & Workshops
  • Video & Table Gaming - including Magic the Gathering Standard Constructed Tournament DCI sanctioned, Prizes pool based on attendance
  • Masquerade & Cosplay
  • Live Performances
  • Live Fighting/Weapons Demos
  • Live Action & Animation Screening Rooms (including Anime Pajama Party & Up All Night Horror)
  • Dealer’s Room (FREE & open to the public)
  • LARP
  • ConSuite 

Saturday 10:00am - 10:00pm (select events to remain open after hours) 
Sunday 10:00am - 5:00pm 
General Admission: $20 Sat / $10 Sun / $25 Weekend 
Magic Tournament Entry: $25 Sun / $40 Weekend (includes con pass)
For more information contact or 315-491-0430

Full website at EmpireCon

Did you see the price there? Cheap for a con!

Its appropriate that I will be a special guest for the first time at a first time event. We will get through this together!

 I hope to see you there.

Heck if I wasn't a guest, I would be going for the LARPing.

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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 6 Part 2

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

Carol stopped the forklift. “Just put it in the office, Dad.” She called out. “Bilge, you want to drive your truck up?”

Bilge nodded. He got up, “Wait for me.”

Teodor sat back on the chair. Mr. Sansard came out of the office. “Your left hand.”

Teodor glanced down. “What about it?”

“You have a claw.”

Teodor glanced down again. Mr. Sansard had very good eyes. It was a family trait. His left thumb nail was thicker and longer than the rest of his nails. Even when he was changed, that claw was always slightly bigger.

“So?” Teodor said.

“I know what you are,” Mr. Sansard said. He made the sign of the cross as he spoke. “You stay away from my family.”

Teodor sighed. “I have no intention of harming your family.”

Mr. Sansard made another sign of the cross. But he was thinking, Teodor could tell as the old man started to chew the inside of his cheek. “Do you only change at night?”

Teodor shook his head. Mr. Sansard did know his lore. The werewolves you had to really watch out for were the ones that could only change at night. They were the ones that could not control their hunger.

Mr. Sansard relaxed. “My Grandfather ran into one of those kind.”

“I am not that kind.” Teodor said. “But you will tell anyone?”

Mr. Sansard shook his head. “They won't believe me.”

Bilge walked back into the warehouse. He waved Teodor over. Bilge lowered the gate to the back of his truck. When Teodor came closer, Bilge asked, “What did Mr. Sansard have to talk to you about?”

Teodor shook his head. “It was nothing.”

“His mind has been going ever since his little stay in the hospital. So take what he says with a grain of salt, ya know what I mean?”

Teodor nodded, but he was certain that Mr. Sansard was in his right mind when he figured out what Teodor was. Not many people knew what to look for when they saw a werewolf in their human form. Teodor was both impressed and a bit frightened at the same time.

Bilge loaded the truck. Teodor jumped in the back of the bed and arranged the cases that Bilge handed him. It took them about a half an hour to load up the beer. Teodor jumped down. Bilge walked over to the office and paid. When he came back he was shaking his head.

“We should go,” he said. “Carol is about to lose her mind.”

Teodor wondered if that had to do with her father telling her that a werewolf was in the warehouse.

When they returned to the Pit, Amanda stood behind the bar, serving the two customers. Trucker sat at the bar as well, in front of him a coloring book and a large soda.

“Where'd you get that?” Bilge asked Trucker, as they brought in the first load.

“I got it for him.” One of the customers said. He hair had been shaved on the sides of his head, leaving one long strip of hair.

Amanda smiled. “Trucker was bored.”

The customer raised his beer mug. “And he looks like my brother, so what the hell.”

Teodor shook his head and placed a case of beer behind the bar

After they unloaded the truck, Teodor sat down at a table with Amanda to take a break. “I ran into an old guy that recognized what I am.”

She looked panicked. “Should we worry?”

“No, he's old,” he said. “And he didn't seem too frightened of me. But Trucker followed us to the factory.”

Amanda nodded. “I thought so, he's a sneaky little bastard.”

Teodor chuckled. Bilge came over to the table.

“I have to show you both something,” he said, leaning on his knuckles on the table.

They followed Bilge to the outside. He unlocked a side door that lead to a set of stairs going up. Bilge walked ahead. They made it to the first landing and he turned to continue upstairs. At the second landing, Bilge unlocked the door.

The door opened to an open wide space. Nothing inside but support columns. Except for a small room with a toliet, and a counter with a sink and range. The place was bare.

“If you want, you could fix this up,” Bilge said. “I'll rent it to you for seventy-five a month.”

Amanda stepped into the room. “Would you knock it off what we spend to fix it up, off the rent?” She asked.

“Yeah,” Bilge said.

“What about utilities?” Amanda asked.

“I'll throw them in.” Bilge said.

Amanda gave Teodor the look that told him, he better not say no.

“Well it's the best thing that came our way, yet.” Teodor said.

“Of course it means I will take full advantage of you living up here.” Bilge said. “You might not get many days off.”

Amanda took Teodor's hand, “This is nicer than where we are staying.” She whispered.

Teodor nodded.

A few hours later the bar was busy, but not full like it had been the night before. Teodor spent most of his time, cleaning up after the customers. When the late news came on, Amanda reached up and turned up the volume on the TV.

A reporter stood in front of an abandoned apartment building. “This is Laurie Johnston with a special report.”

Teodor filled up the mop bucket to clean the men's room. He has only half listening to the report, until he heard Amanda gasp.

The reporter talked to a middle aged woman. “This is becoming a problem, not just because we are talking about children that should be at home, but because winter is coming.” The middle aged woman said into the microphone. “It is very hard for an adult to survive the winter, let alone a young child.”

Teodor turned the water off and listened.

“How many children do you estimate are living on the streets?” The reporter asked.

“It is a few hundred.” The middle aged woman said. “But that amount is triple what it was last year.”

“Any reason for that?”

“There could be many. But we think the main reason is last year the census was taken using only the information that the police could give us. This year we sent student social workers to the places were the children live.”

“It's really heart breaking,” The reporter said.

“Yes, Laurie it is.”

Amanda glanced over at Teodor. She had tears welling in her eyes.

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#SampleSunday Chapter 16 - Patriarch

Only a tease, the first 300 or so words.

Another memory. Steopa rolled over on the bed as it formed in his mind. He never dreamed. Only memories would fill the daytime.

“What should I do with you?” Pavel, Steopa's father said. He sat down at the table opposite of Steopa. He poured two glasses of vodka. “I should take you outside and beat your butt.”

“Sorry, Father,” Steopa said.

“Sorry. You are lucky Jurgis did not castrate you.”

Steopa slumped down in the chair. This memory, he thought. Why this one?

“Father, we had too much to drink at the dance and we-”

“Jurgis and I have been hoping that you and Anna would like each other, but we did not expect to find both of you at the hunting cabin this morning. And not what you were doing, either.”

“Father, I-”

Pavel pushed the glass over to him. “Drink.”

Steopa curled his fingers around the glass. Pavel downed his shot.

“We have plans for you. You have to go to university. You have to come back here and take over for me. Do you want to ruin it by getting Anna pregnant?” Pavel pointed to the glass. “Drink.”

Steopa sipped the vodka. He coughed. Pavel chuckled. “We are in a precarious position here. My father came here to help build the church and stayed. To the villagers, we have always been the outsiders. And now that Lithuania is no longer and we are Russians, there are people here who view us with distrust. If the others find out what you and Anna were doing in the cabin, the rumors will be devastating.”

“That was not my intention.”

“It does not matter what your intention was, that is not what the villagers are going to think. Especially if that new priest hears about this. I forbid you to tell him about you and Anna in confession.”

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I originally was going to post this a year ago, but hid it.

I was sitting in a coffee shop the other day. Amazing when you start to write a lot, coffee shops seem to become your second home.

But in walks a woman that I do not like. The feeling is mutual. I will not go into why we do not like each other, let's just leave it at we are very cold to each other.

I'm sitting alone with my netbook. She comes in with her boyfriend. First, she flaunts him. Personally, do not care. I'm married. They take the table right behind me, in the nearly empty shop. Then she starts talking about her job. That is part of the mutual coldness. She worked for another place, prior to us working together. She never let anyone forget how we did not match her "old workers."

She really is bragging it up. I am trying to ignore her. I have this really intense scene I have to get done. So I put on my headphones. She talks louder. At this point I want to leave, I don't want to deal with the child like behavior, but the writing is spurring me on. I stay. She goes to the bathroom.

Another friend comes in, I have not seen her in awhile. I tell her about my writing. The first one comes back, and talks up her job again. My other friend turns to me and asks me AGAIN about my novels.

I know she knows. But I realize she is asking me so that miss cold can hear about it. Miss Cold stands there for a moment.

 "You write?" she asks.

Hadn't I been sitting at a table writing? "Yes, two books out now."

Miss Cold's face falls. She goes over to her boyfriend. "We have to go!"

They leave. My other friend says. "Someone is jealous."

Really? Jealous of me? What?

But I have been guilty of envy too.

Sometimes when I hear about a writer getting a #1 selling ebook on Amazon, or when I hear one that quits their job to write full time, because they are making enough in sales.  Sometimes when one is becomes a media darling and everyone talks about  him or her.  Sometimes, I get jealous and I get mad.

I try not to, but it's human nature. So what do I do? I ask myself why can't I be happy for them. Because for that moment they are doing something that seems out of my reach.

Despite the good reviews, my books don't sell. That should be enough to make most people quit, but I don't. Because there is more than money to writing. A point I have to remind myself when I start to feel that green eyed monster appear.

I have a dedicated, small fan base. I have had fan art done for me. I have met so many interesting people that I never would have both online and in real life. I have had fan letters. I have wrote and published two books.

Someone read that paragraph now and is getting mad.

Remember writing is not a competition (unless you are entering a contest). It is a way we express ourselves. I didn't write the Coiree Series to become famous. Sure that would be a great perk. But I wrote it because I had to. I shared it with the world because I knew others would like it. Not to become a media darling.

Go back to the real reason you are creating. Because you have to. And when you feel that little monster start to rise, remind yourself what makes you unique as a creator. Work on that, success will come.

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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 6 Part 1

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

The next day, while Steopa laid in his stupor, Teodor took some of the money that Amanda and him had been saving. They left the base, very careful that they were not seen, and went shopping.

As they walked down the line of shops, Teodor noticed for the first time, the amount of children on the street. Just like the bums that begged for change, it was easy to ignore the children as well. As Teodor and Amanda went into a clothing store, he saw Gunner across the street.

Gunner sat on a bench, slightly bend over. Another younger child from the night before, sat next to Gunner. Gunner straightened up and replaced a shoe on the younger one's feet.

Teodor turned his head away. This was not right, he could feel that. Not the fact there were kids on the street, but fact there were so many of them. Even when Leningrad was being bombed, there were not that many children on the street. Or perhaps, this is the first time I really see them, Teodor thought.

They bought some clothes and changed in a public bathroom at the bus station. At the station, Teodor noticed at least two more children. These two begged for money. Teodor walked by them and dropped a dollar in the one kid's hand.

Afterwards, they stopped at a butcher shop and bought couple of steaks. The hard part was finding a place to eat them, without anyone seeing them. They ate behind a movie theater.

They found The Pit. Inside, Bilge put a pitcher of milk on a table. Trucker shoveled cereal into his mouth. Trucker's head snapped towards Teodor and Amanda as they entered. Trucker jumped off his chair and ran towards Amanda. He put his arms around her and gave her a tight hug.

“What's that for?” Amanda asked, smiling.

Trucker didn't answer, he held on to Amanda.
Bilge chuckled. “Trucker, you should let her breath.”

Teodor ruffled Trucker's hair and walked over to the bar. “Are you glad to see us?”

“Surprised,” Bilge said. “Most people that come in here for a night's work, don't come back.”

“That sucks,” Teodor said.

Bilge smiled. “Not really. Most of them I wouldn't want back.”

“What do you want us to do?” Teodor asked.

Amanda sat down with Trucker. Trucker looked his age, right now. The tough kid act dropping as fast as the regular kid came into focus. Teodor smiled.

“I need to do some shopping for the bar,” Bilge said. “I could use some help.”

“Sure, whatever you need.”

Bilge looked over Teodor's shoulder. “Amanda,” he said. “Can you stay here with Trucker? Watch the place?”

Amanda laughed at something Trucker had said, she nodded her head. “Sure.”

“Great. We are going to go get some supplies,” Bilge said. He motioned Teodor to follow.

They left out the back way. Teodor climbed in the passenger seat. The small cab held two bucket seats. Bilge got into the driver's seat. The truck smelt new. Yet, the wear and the tear on the inside, made it look like it had been used quite a lot.

“That band last night almost wiped out my beer supply,” Bilge said as he started up the truck. “And my distributor can't come by for two more days. So we are going to his competitors.”

Bilge pulled carefully out of the parking area. “Where are you and Amanda staying?” he asked.

“We have a place,” Teodor said.

Bilge watched the road intently for a moment. “Trucker followed you two last night. He told me that you went into an old factory.”

Teodor did not answer.

“You two are on the streets, correct?”

“Sort of.”

“Winter's coming, that place is gonna be colder than a witches tit in a steel bra. When we get back, I have something that will help you out.”

“What?” Teodor asked.

“I do own the entire building,” Bilge said.

Bilge drove down to an old area of warehouses along the river. He pulled in front of one. On the side of the building was the sign “Gwendoline Spirits.” Bilge got out of the truck.

“Come on,” he said. “I need another strong back.”

The door to the warehouse opened. An old man walked out. He nodded to Bilge.

“How you doing today, Mr. Sansard?” Bilge yelled.

“Okay,” Mr. Sansard said. His voice hushed and forced, as if he had a stroke.

“Your daughter in?” Bilge yelled.

“Yeah, yeah, Carol's in the back.” Mr. Sansard stared at Teodor.

“This is one of my helpers.” Bilge yelled. “Teodor Navarro.”


“Navarro,” Teodor said. “But you can call me Teodor.”



“Teodor.” Mr. Sansard said, with a sharp nod. He still had not taken his eyes off Teodor.

“We are going to see Carol, now.” Bilge said. He opened the door.

When they got inside, and closed the door behind them, Teodor recognized Mr. Sansard from the photo at the Pit. He looked much older than he did in the photograph. Teodor shook his head. “Who was that?”

“He used to run this place,” Bilge said. “Now, his daughter does.”

They walked along a concrete floor, with two white stripes painted on the floor, marking the walkway. Pallets of liquor bottles lined one side. A walk in cooler hummed. The whole place smelt of stale hops, old alcohol, and gasoline.

Bilge walked ahead to the office in the back. It looked as if it had been built as an after thought. A middle aged woman sat inside, her head in one of her hands, as she worked an adding machine with the other hand.

“Carol?” Bilge called, as they got closer.

Carol looked up. Her gray streaked black hair fell over her face for a moment. She reached up and quickly did it up in a bun, securing it with a couple of pencils on her desk.

“Bilge!” She said, pushing the last pencil in. “What can I do you for, today.”

“I need beer,” he said.

Carol nodded and left the office. She wore stained jeans, and blue T-shirt. “You have a helper today.”

“This is Teodor. His girlfriend and him are working at the Pit, now.”

“You guys can do better,” Carol said, winking at Bilge. “Give me your list, I'll see what I have.”

Bilge handed her a piece of paper. “Where is everyone?” He asked.

Carol took the paper. “Most are out on deliveries. There's no trucks coming for a few hours. Take a seat by the office.”

“You sure you don't want help?” Teodor asked.

“No, honey.” Carol said. “My insurance company is quite certain about that. Besides you are too cute to be running a forklift.”

Bilge chuckled.
There were folding chairs by the office. Bilge took a seat, stretching his legs out in front of him. Teodor sat down on the next one. Carol started up the forklift.

“I wish I could use this place more often,” Bilge said. “The Sansard family have had this place even during prohibition.”

Teodor only half listened. Mr. Sansard came back into the warehouse, carrying a white bag from a take out place. He stopped for a moment when he saw Teodor. But then continued on. The old man started to get on Teodor's nerves.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

#SampleSunday Chapter 15 - Patriarch

Again, only the first 300 words or so.

Sasha greeted his brother with a long embrace on the steps of Teodor's house. They went inside with Jimmy and a couple of Teodor's sons.
“Misha?” Teodor asked as he sat down on the steps of his porch. “He never leaves his home.”
“That is why I am concerned,” Steopa said. He reached over and took the bottle of vodka out of Teodor's hand.
“Yeah.” Teodor leaned back on his elbows. “I can tell. What is going on?”
“I cannot put my finger on it. We have a vampire, Adelind, that uses magic. She made a drudge out of a local football player, and he is the one sending the hunters after me. And now the coiree...”
“What's that?”
“I never told you about it.”
The screen door opened behind him. The twins, Jamie and Chuck, walked out, followed by Jimmy. Jamie pointed to the old factory.
“We're going across the street,” he said.
“Why?” Teodor asked.
“We want to show Jimmy around.”
“Yeah, they are going to show me some werewolf things,” Jimmy said.
“Really?” Teodor shook his head. “I don't know, are you sure this is a good idea?”
Chuck shrugged. “Nothing is going on in there, except Rebecka and Trucker being computer geeks. And the other two vampires are talking in Russian, ignoring us.”
“Still, be careful.”
They left. Steopa opened the vodka. “Thank you for letting us come here tonight.”
“No problem. It's crowded, but then it's always crowded here.”
A small car pulled into the driveway and its motor shut off. Andi got out of the passenger seat, while Silvia got out of the driver's side. Andi ran over to Chuck and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Then she pulled her handbag's strap over her shoulder and walked up to the porch.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Have you heard about this movie? If you have, you must keep up with horror and movie blogs. If you have not, you are missing out on a very interesting film.

The hunter  and the film makers.

Trollhunter is about a group of student film makers that are investigating poached bears. A few leads point them to a man named Hans. They think he is the poacher. They find out he is a hunter, not of bears.

A lot of comparisons are made of this film and Blair Witch Project. The biggest similarity is the hand held, found footage setting of the film. But unlike the motion sickness and claustrophobic style of Blair Witch. Trollhunter takes in the scenery. The characters are more professional in their filming style. If you watch this film you won't need motion sickness medicine.

It is labeled horror film. After watching it, I felt as if I had watched a fantasy wildlife documentary. The reason is because Hans is not hunting the trolls because he is looking for glory. He is hunting the trolls because it is his job. A dirty, smelly, ungrateful job.

Hans, the troll hunting civil servant.

As you follow the students and Hans on his nightly hunts, you find out about the trolls. The movie treats them as large (in the case of one, large hill sized) mammals. Hans hunts them, but he also respects them too. In one scene, he retells a story that shows a dark chapter in his life. He agreed to let the students film him because he wants his job to end and the public to know the truth.

Why doesn't the public know? Because the government is keeping trolls a secret. No reasons are given to why. You can assume public safety, or protecting an endangered species, but you never know the real reason. Han's boss, Finn, is a bureaucrat. Not evil, but willing to do anything to make sure the public never finds out about the trolls.

Is it a horror film? There are some scary parts. A few horrible deaths, mainly goats. You can watch this film with the lights off, you will not have to worry about nightmares.

The middle head is the only real one, the others grow in later.

There are a few funny bits. My favorite was the Polish "painting" service that is hired to help cover up the truth about the trolls. They are the only people that speak English in the film. The short scene they are in is one of the funniest. Especially if you have ever been in a situation where you had to rely on incompetent people to help you with a job.

I do recommend this movie. If you are a fan of fantasy, or large monsters, or just want to see some amazing shots of the scenery in Norway, buy this movie. It is well worth it.

The climax of the movie and also it's poster .

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 5 Part 4

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A loud thud shook the wall in front of Teodor. Amanda yipped. Something scraped the wall outside, like a rake drawn across concrete. Teodor barked and howled. Amanda joined him. She started to salivate, her hackles raised.

The scrapping stopped. A soft voice, probably too soft for the children to hear, but Teodor could make it out with his wolf ears, began to sing. He did not recognize the language. It seemed guttural, more feeling than words. A feeling that would have made a weaker wolf piss themselves. A song about fear. Children cried and hugged each other.

A long scrape across the windows, leaving four long scratches in the non broken windows. Teodor followed the scratches, barking and growling as he went.

Outside Teodor saw Steopa move. Steopa ran up the outside wall and tackled something. His arms moving in a wide arch, as if he only had a general idea where his target was. Steopa did get his arms around something, briefly. His coat became pressed to his body. But then he was thrown back. Steopa swore. A long, loud curse in Lithuanian.

Some of the children screamed. Amanda howled. Teodor sniffed the air. He could feel the presence move away. Amanda stopped howling. Teodor barke and yip at the window. He could follow it, if he was outside.

Gunner stepped away from the huddled group. “Is it gone?” He asked.

Teodor tilted his head. When ever humans spoke to him like he was a dog, he had to stop himself from answering. He whined at the window. Gunner pulled a lever to the side. The window opened outward. Just big enough for Teodor to climb through. He scratched at the wall as he scrambled out. Amanda followed closely behind. The window slammed shut behind them. Steopa stood up, still covered by shadows. He glanced back at Amanda and Teodor then ran.

It headed back to the city. Steopa took the lead. Vampires could always outrun a werewolf. Teodor had to stop, he could no longer feel what ever it was that had come to the work farm building. Amanda ran ahead, but then she turned back and whined. Teodor shook his head. Amanda changed back to her human form.

“Nothing?” She asked.

Teodor changed. “Yeah, nothing.”

Amanda stamped her foot on the ground. “What the hell was that thing?”

Teodor shook his head. He put his arm around Amanda and pulled her close. “I wish I could tell you.” he said, kissing her cheek.

“It was after those children.” Amanda growled.

“I know.”


“Because they're children with no adults around. Easy prey.”

“That's horrible.”

Teodor nodded. “Horrible, but true. There are some that would prey on the children only because of that.”

“Would you?” Amanda asked. “Have you?”

Teodor shook his head. “Why do you think I was cast out of my pack? They didn't care. I did.”

“Sorry.” Amanda said, she lowered her eyes. “It's just those kids, are on their own, they have no one.”

“But themselves.”

“Yes,” Amanda said. She shivered. “Let's go back to our clothes.
They did. As Teodor pulled on the boots. Steopa stepped out of the shadows. His face unreadable.

“I had it,” he said.

“I saw,” Teodor said, finishing lacing his boot. “Could you tell what it was?”

Steopa shook his head. He opened his overcoat. Across his chest were four deep furrows. They were now pink and healing. “It raked me.”

Teodor studied the marks. The space between them was much larger than a span of a normal hand.

“It felt like iron,” Steopa said.

“We saw nothing,” Amanda said. “I didn't smell any iron.”

“But that doesn't mean anything,” Teodor said. “We couldn't smell anything, but those children.”

Steopa looked over the large field. “It did have arms, and a head. I would say it was like a human.”

Teodor felt somewhat relieved about that. Amanda stared at Steopa for a moment.

“You don't think it was from the base, do you?” she asked.

Steopa shook his head. “There is nothing there, but me.”

“Iron? Iron fingers, perhaps?” Teodor asked.


“That sounds so familiar.”

Amanda rubbed her head. “I think I need to lay down.”

Steopa buttoned his overcoat up. “Yes, we all should rest.”

As they began to walk back to the old base. Teodor caught Amanda taking one last look at the work farm building where the children were staying. Teodor gave her a small hug, using one arm.

“It will be alright,” he said.

He caught Steopa giving him an odd look. Teodor shrugged. He knew that he was only saying that to reassure Amanda. But part of him also wanted those children safe as well.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

#SampleSunday Chapter 14

Only the first 300 words or so.

Something made him edgy; his fangs grew. The hair on the back of his neck rose. The sun had not set, yet Steopa shook the stupor off him. He moved his hand. The dirt rolled off him and Rebecka. In the back of his mind he could feel another of his descendants coming closer to the city, but that would not set off his fangs.

Rebecka jerked awake. “The coiree!”

An image of the coiree forced itself into Steopa's mind. He could smell burning stone. He heard a high-pitched drilling noise. Rebecka grabbed his hand. Her eyes tinged red. He felt a pain, as if a drill bored into his head.

“Someone is trying to get to the coiree,” he said.

He jumped up, pulling Rebecka as he did. The red and orange sunlight drifted down the stairs. He shielded his eyes as he ran up to the ground floor. Through the large broken window, he could see the clouds had turned red due to the sunset.

Steopa shook the dirt off his coat. “The sun is setting. We should be safe.”

Rebecka made a strange noise behind him. He turned. She held her hand up, shielding her eyes from the sun. The top of her hand looked as if it had a bruise. Steopa moved to block the sun. She lowered her hand. The bruising disappeared.

“Does that happen to you?” she asked.

“No. Are you-”

“I'm fine. It felt strange.”

She moved. A small beam of sunlight hit her face. It seemed to bruise where it shone on her cheek. He reached over and touched the area.

“It doesn't hurt,” she said.

Steopa studied the mark. It was not a bruise. She had tanned, but only where the sun had touched her. “You still surprise me,” he said.

Thursday, September 1, 2011



Leshy (1906)

While I am on the last legs of getting Patriarch ready for publication. I thought I would whet your whistle by introducing you to some minor characters.

The first is Perun.

I have talked about my wildman before. If you are reading my werewolf story, you have read a bit about him. But who is he? What is he?

Perun is a leshy. Or at least that is what he tells you. Wildman, greenman, are similar types of characters. So what is he doing in a vampire story. He is a friend of Steopa's and they could not be more opposite.

Perun = Life. Steopa = Death. But they get along. Perun says the most inappropriate thing at the appropriate time. Steopa is careful with what words he choses. Steopa might get tired of Perun's uncouth behavior. Perun gets annoyed with Steopa, because he will not relax. They understand each other and respect each other.

That is enough from me: Here is Perun.

What is your age?
(laughs and smiles) I have no f---ing idea.

What is a leshy?
Mak calls me a Lord of the Forest, that is close. I protect the woods I live in. Some think we are demons. Really! How could a demon want to protect the living beings? If you are lucky you can find one of us in any forest.

Some humans think we control the wild. Actually, the woods want us to keep humans out. The humans that want to harm the forest. Unfortunately, we can be harmed, by the same crap the woods can be. So there aren't many of us left.

(smile disappears) Many, but most are gone. My last wife died in 1943.

Wife? You marry?
Of course. I love women. But once in awhile, I find one woman that is extra special. Its a marriage, but nothing like the humans do. A simple little ceremony with me, her, and the woods. And then the children of course. I've been lucky to have a few.

Do you keep in touch with your family?
Most are dead.

Favorite music?
Anything I can dance to! I play a drum and sing. But it has to be the music that hits your heart, you know. The Native Americans have their drum songs. The Sami have yoiking. That is the music I can get into. Music is magic.

What do you like to drink?
What do you got! (giggles) Steopa brings me good vodka. I get beers from the college kids when they party in the woods. I love drinking. But never get drunk. Steopa says I am already. (laughs) In the past, it was common for a woodsman, or a hunter to leave me a little something. No one does anymore. And they wonder why the woods don't feel comfortable. Serves them right.

What do you do for fun?
I like to F---. I love women! And if we can spend some time alone. Best time in the world. I like to drink. I like to dance.

What kind of people do you dislike?
Any ass that thinks they can rape this land and not make amends. They are killing their mother. Ungrateful f---ers.

What do you think of Steopa? Of Rebecka?
Steopa. He's a good guy. When we first met, he was annoyed with me. But we see eye to eye on many things. I wish he would enjoy himself more. I am glad he found Rebecka, everyone needs a mate they can be with. She is perfect for him. Nice tits too.

How do you feel about the events in the novel?
Not enough of me! About time for some of this bullshit to come to the surface.

And his "theme song"

Example of yoiking, by Jonne Järvelä from Korpiklaani.