Thursday, September 22, 2011

Big Announcement


That's right folks, I have been invited to be a special guest at EmpireCon! I will be on a panel about self publishing, holding a book signing, and also do a couple of readings. A chapter from Fledgling and Killer. Maybe, if you are good. I will read the first chapter of Patriarch too.

EmpireCon is taking place in Sycacuse, NY on October 8-9, 2011 at the Crowne Plaza.
Here is what they say:

Central New York's new Sci-Fi & Fantasy convention debuts with a full weekend of events featuring:

  • Special Guests
  • Panels & Workshops
  • Video & Table Gaming - including Magic the Gathering Standard Constructed Tournament DCI sanctioned, Prizes pool based on attendance
  • Masquerade & Cosplay
  • Live Performances
  • Live Fighting/Weapons Demos
  • Live Action & Animation Screening Rooms (including Anime Pajama Party & Up All Night Horror)
  • Dealer’s Room (FREE & open to the public)
  • LARP
  • ConSuite 

Saturday 10:00am - 10:00pm (select events to remain open after hours) 
Sunday 10:00am - 5:00pm 
General Admission: $20 Sat / $10 Sun / $25 Weekend 
Magic Tournament Entry: $25 Sun / $40 Weekend (includes con pass)
For more information contact or 315-491-0430

Full website at EmpireCon

Did you see the price there? Cheap for a con!

Its appropriate that I will be a special guest for the first time at a first time event. We will get through this together!

 I hope to see you there.

Heck if I wasn't a guest, I would be going for the LARPing.

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  1. BIG FAT CONGRATS, MARI! I wish I could go...I'm about to be in a position to fend for myself, finally. I hope to make it to one of the events I expect will be in your future! You are gonna be HUGE! I just know it! I'm super happy for you! :D