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Leshy (1906)

While I am on the last legs of getting Patriarch ready for publication. I thought I would whet your whistle by introducing you to some minor characters.

The first is Perun.

I have talked about my wildman before. If you are reading my werewolf story, you have read a bit about him. But who is he? What is he?

Perun is a leshy. Or at least that is what he tells you. Wildman, greenman, are similar types of characters. So what is he doing in a vampire story. He is a friend of Steopa's and they could not be more opposite.

Perun = Life. Steopa = Death. But they get along. Perun says the most inappropriate thing at the appropriate time. Steopa is careful with what words he choses. Steopa might get tired of Perun's uncouth behavior. Perun gets annoyed with Steopa, because he will not relax. They understand each other and respect each other.

That is enough from me: Here is Perun.

What is your age?
(laughs and smiles) I have no f---ing idea.

What is a leshy?
Mak calls me a Lord of the Forest, that is close. I protect the woods I live in. Some think we are demons. Really! How could a demon want to protect the living beings? If you are lucky you can find one of us in any forest.

Some humans think we control the wild. Actually, the woods want us to keep humans out. The humans that want to harm the forest. Unfortunately, we can be harmed, by the same crap the woods can be. So there aren't many of us left.

(smile disappears) Many, but most are gone. My last wife died in 1943.

Wife? You marry?
Of course. I love women. But once in awhile, I find one woman that is extra special. Its a marriage, but nothing like the humans do. A simple little ceremony with me, her, and the woods. And then the children of course. I've been lucky to have a few.

Do you keep in touch with your family?
Most are dead.

Favorite music?
Anything I can dance to! I play a drum and sing. But it has to be the music that hits your heart, you know. The Native Americans have their drum songs. The Sami have yoiking. That is the music I can get into. Music is magic.

What do you like to drink?
What do you got! (giggles) Steopa brings me good vodka. I get beers from the college kids when they party in the woods. I love drinking. But never get drunk. Steopa says I am already. (laughs) In the past, it was common for a woodsman, or a hunter to leave me a little something. No one does anymore. And they wonder why the woods don't feel comfortable. Serves them right.

What do you do for fun?
I like to F---. I love women! And if we can spend some time alone. Best time in the world. I like to drink. I like to dance.

What kind of people do you dislike?
Any ass that thinks they can rape this land and not make amends. They are killing their mother. Ungrateful f---ers.

What do you think of Steopa? Of Rebecka?
Steopa. He's a good guy. When we first met, he was annoyed with me. But we see eye to eye on many things. I wish he would enjoy himself more. I am glad he found Rebecka, everyone needs a mate they can be with. She is perfect for him. Nice tits too.

How do you feel about the events in the novel?
Not enough of me! About time for some of this bullshit to come to the surface.

And his "theme song"

Example of yoiking, by Jonne Järvelä from Korpiklaani.

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